Live Wire

~ Song


writer:Bon Scott (AC/DC member)
Angus Young (member of AC/DC)
Malcolm Young (Guitar player for AC/DC)
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1976-07Live Wire (live, 1976-07: “Super Pop”/“Rollin’ Bolan”, London, England, UK)liveAC/DC6:22
1977-12-07Live Wire (live, 1977-12-07: Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, NY, USA)liveAC/DC6:16
1977-12-07Live WireliveAC/DC6:17
1977-12-07Live Wire (live, 1977-12-07: Atlantic Recording Studios, New York City, New York)liveAC/DC5:46
1977Live Wire (live, 1977: Cleveland, OH, USA)liveAC/DC5:59
1978-08-08Live Wire (1978-08-08: Atlantic Record Bar, Nashville, TN, US)liveAC/DC6:26
1978-08-21Live Wire (live, 1978-08-21: Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA, USA)liveAC/DC5:10
1979-09-08Live Wire (live, 1979-09-08: Warnors Theater, Fresno, CA, USA)liveAC/DC?:??
1979-10-16Live Wire (live, 1979-10-16: Towson Stage College, Towson, MD, USA)liveAC/DC6:29
1979-10-16Live Wire (live, 1979-10-16: Towson Stage College, Towson, MD, USA)liveAC/DC6:30
1979-11-02Live Wire (live, 1979-11-02: Hammersmith Apollo, London, England, UK)liveAC/DC5:12
1979-11-02Live Wire (live, 1979-11-02: London, UK)liveAC/DC6:07
1979-12-09Live Wire (live, 1979-12-09: Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France)liveAC/DC8:04
1990-11-02Live Wirecover and liveAnnihilator5:28
2006-11-03Live Wire (live, 2006-11-03: McDonald Theatre, Eugene, OR, USA)cover and liveHell’s Belles6:31
2016-09-14Live Wire (live, 2016-09-14: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveAC/DC?:??
Life WireAC/DC5:44
Live WireliveAC/DC6:09
Live WireliveAC/DC6:25
Live WireliveAC/DC5:45
Live WireliveAC/DC6:41
Live WireliveAC/DC5:57
Live WireliveAC/DC6:01
Live WireliveAC/DC5:05
Live WireliveAC/DC6:26
Live WireliveAC/DC6:19
Live WireliveAC/DC6:26
Live WireliveAC/DC6:17
Live WireliveAC/DC6:14
Live WireliveAC/DC6:02
Live WireliveAC/DC6:04
Live WireliveAC/DC6:07
Live WireliveAC/DC5:52
Live WireliveAC/DC6:02
Live WireAC/DC5:50
Live WireliveAC/DC6:28
Live WireAC/DC5:55
Live WireAC/DC6:26
Live WireAC/DC5:52
Live WireAC/DC5:49
Live WireliveAC/DC6:29
Live WireliveAC/DC6:18
Live WireAC/DC?:??
Live WireAC/DC5:49
Live WireliveAC/DC6:15
Live Wire (live, 1979-11-02: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK)liveAC/DC5:06
Live WireAC/DC5:50
Live WirecoverLos Deltonos3:46
Live WirecoverF.B.I.?:??
Live WireAC/DC5:09
Live WireliveAC/DC4:41
Live WireliveAC/DC6:19
Live WireliveAC/DC6:30
Live WireliveAC/DC6:14
Live Wire (live TV appearance)liveAC/DC3:30
Live Wire (1979-11-12: Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)liveAC/DC?:??
Live WireAC/DC5:52
Live WireAC/DC6:07
Live WireliveAC/DC3:29
Live WireliveAC/DC?:??
Live WireliveAC/DC?:??
Live WireliveAC/DC?:??
Live WireliveAC/DC?:??
Live WireliveAC/DC?:??
Live WireliveAC/DC?:??
Live WireliveAC/DC?:??
Live WireAC/DC5:28
Live WireAC/DC?:??
Live WireliveAC/DC6:20
Live WireliveAC/DC6:30
Live WireliveAC/DC6:31
Live WireAC/DC5:47
Live WireAC/DC6:28
Live WireliveAC/DC6:04
Live Wire (live)AC/DC7:34
Live WireAC/DC5:50
Live WirecoverНокаут3:59
Live WirecoverSepalot feat. Amos4:40
Live WirecoverOjorojo?:??
Live WirecoverThe Wretched Ones5:39
Live WirecoverAC/DC?:??
Live WirecoverJens Thomas & Verneri Pohjola5:12
Live WirecoverWhitfield Crane & Claus Eichstadt5:51
Live WireliveAC/DC6:06
Live WireliveAC/DC5:22
Live WireliveAC/DC5:42
Live WireAC/DC5:06
Live WireliveAC/DC?:??
Live WireliveAC/DC6:16
Live WireliveAC/DC5:23
Live WireAC/DC6:15
Live WireAC/DC6:01
Live WireAC/DC6:00
Live WireAC/DC5:22
Live Wire - High VoltageAC/DC5:51
Live Wire (cut)liveAC/DC3:34
Live Wire (Live at the Agora Ballroom) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)liveAC/DC6:56
Live Wire (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)liveAC/DC6:24
Live Wire (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)AC/DC6:08
Live Wire (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)AC/DC6:36
Live Wire (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)AC/DC6:11
Live Wire (live)liveAC/DC6:15
Live Wire (live)liveAC/DC?:??
Live Wire (Wired remix)coverWhitfield Crane & Klaus Eichstadt4:58
Live Wire (Wired remix)AC/DC5:00
Live Wire 2AC/DC6:02
LivewirecoverBlitz Babies3:47