writer:Ferras Alqaisi
Oscar Holter
Max Martin
Kiari Cephus (Atlanta rapper, member of Migos)
Katy Perry
Quavious Marshall (US rapper)
Kirsnick Ball (Atlanta rapper, member of Migos)
publisher:Crown and Scepter Music Publishing
Huncho YRN Music
Kobalt Music Publishing Limited
Quality Control QC Pro
Reservoir Media Management Inc
Silent Assassin YRN
Universal Music Corp. (USA, affiliated with ASCAP)
Unsub Pub LLC
Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
When I’m Rich You’ll Be My Bitch
Wolf Cousins
YRN Piped Up Ent
Wikipedia:en: Bon Appétit (song) [info]


Bon appetitKaty Perry feat. Migos3:48
Bon appétitKaty Perry feat. Migos3:47
Bon appétitKaty Perry feat. Migos3:47
Bon AppétitKaty Perry feat. Migos3:49
Bon appétit (3LAU remix)Katy Perry feat. Migos3:04
Bon appétit (instrumental)Katy Perry feat. Migos3:41
Bon appétit (Martin Jensen remix)Katy Perry feat. Migos2:57
Bon Appétit (Martin Jensen remix)Katy Perry feat. Migos2:52
Bon appétit (MUNA remix)Katy Perry3:21