composer:Ted Fio Rito
lyricist:Gus Kahn
SecondHandSongs: [info]


1938-12-23I Never Knewcover, instrumental and liveKansas City Five3:11
1940-03-19I Never Knew (New York, 1940-03-19)Count Basie2:42
1942-04-17I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:46
1943-12-28I Never Knewcover and instrumentalLester Young3:17
1943-12-28I Never KnewinstrumentalLester Young Quartet3:12
1943-12-28I Never Knew (alternate take)instrumentalLester Young Quartet3:08
1945-04-03I Never KnewinstrumentalSidney Bechet & Bunk Johnson3:59
1946-05I Never KnewJohnny Mercer1:36
1952-01-03I Never KnewinstrumentalErroll Garner2:40
1956-01-17I Never Knew (take 2)instrumentalColeman Hawkins3:18
1956-01-17I Never Knew (take 5)instrumentalColeman Hawkins3:07
1956I Never KnewRita Reys with Mat Mathews and close-harmony group1:54
1957-02-15I Never KnewinstrumentalJackie McLean2:57
1957-07I Never KnewinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson3:08
1957-11-29I Never KnewinstrumentalBud Shank6:28
1958-03-07I Never KnewinstrumentalKenny Burrell & John Coltrane7:06
1958-05-14I Never KnewinstrumentalKenny Burrell12:35
1958I Never Knewinstrumental and liveSidney Bechet-Buck Clayton Sextet3:00
1961-05-19I Never Knew (original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra2:18
1963-08-15I Never KnewKenny Burrell & Coleman Hawkins5:18
1977-02I Never Knewcover and instrumentalKristian Bergheim3:29
1994-11I Never KnewinstrumentalJohn Colianni4:02
1996-04-15 – 1996-04-16I Never Knew (That Roses Grew)coverRuby Braff9:29
1997-10-11I Never KnewMark Shane & Terry Blaine9:23
2005-01I Never Knewcover and instrumentalPearl Django3:17
2006-10-18I Never KnewinstrumentalEddie Higgins5:33
I Never KnewFrank Sinatra2:16
I Never KnewKenny Burrell & John Coltrane7:05
I Never KnewJohn Coltrane7:06
I Never KnewJohn Coltrane7:07
I Never KnewFrank Sinatra2:15
I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:46
I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:47
I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:46
I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:47
I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:47
I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:47
I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:46
I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:49
I Never KnewLes Baxter and His Orchestra?:??
I Never KnewCount Basie2:41
I Never KnewMildred Bailey2:01
I Never KnewSam Donohue and His Orchestra2:57
I Never KnewThe Benny Goodman Sextet feat. Lester Young3:03
I Never KnewinstrumentalErroll Garner2:38
I Never KnewinstrumentalBuddy Rich8:48
I Never KnewPeggy Lee3:01
I Never KnewinstrumentalSidney Bechet & Martial Solal feat. Kenny Clarke3:00
I Never KnewFrank Sinatra2:17
I Never KnewBing Crosby with Buddy Cole & His Trio1:46
I Never KnewFrank Sinatra2:16
I Never KnewinstrumentalErroll Garner2:40
I Never KnewinstrumentalGeorge van Eps2:34
I Never KnewLouis Armstrong2:47
I Never Knew (Fio)Bing Crosby with Buddy Cole & His Trio2:37