lyricist:Spencer Williams (US jazz composer, pianist & singer)
composer:Spencer Williams (US jazz composer, pianist & singer) (in 1926)
publisher:EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q810176 [info]
referred to in medleys:Sleeptime Down South Medley (order: 9)


1928-12-04Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong3:21
1928-12-04Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong and His Hot Five3:16
1928-12-04Basin Street Blues (studio, 1928-12-04; matrix 402154-A)Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra3:17
1929-06-11Basin Street BluesLouisiana Rhythm Kings3:07
1931-02-09Basin Street BluesThe Charleston Chasers3:08
1931-02-09Basin Street BluescoverThe Charleston Chasers3:09
1931-07-09Basin Street Blues (1931-07-09, mx. 10728-2)Cab Calloway and His Orchestra2:57
1933-01-27Basin Street Blues (studio, 1933-01-27)coverLouis Armstrong & His Orchestra3:27
1933-01-27Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong3:54
1934Basin Street BluesThe Charleston Chasers3:12
1935-05-07Basin Street BluesLouis Prima and His New Orleans Gang3:03
1935-11-22Basin Street BluesBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:55
1936-05-08Basin Street BluesWingy Manone and His Orchestra2:49
1943-12-02Basin Street BluesinstrumentalEddie Condon4:14
1943-12-02Basin Street BluesinstrumentalEddie Condon and His Band4:14
1943-12-02Basin Street Blues No.2instrumentalEddie Condon and His Band4:22
1944-01-16Basin Street BluesliveArt Tatum3:12
1944-01-18Basin Street Blues (live, 1944-01-18: Metropolitan Opera House, New York, NY, USA)liveLouis Armstrong & Jack Teagarden4:12
1944-01-18Basin Street BluesEsquire Metropolitan Opera House Jam Session3:55
1945-04-03Basin Street BluesinstrumentalSidney Bechet & Bunk Johnson4:23
1945Basin Street BluesBoris Vian et son orchestre4:52
1946-09-05 – 1946-10-08Basin Street Blues (studio, 1946; soundtrack to film "New Orleans")Louis Armstrong3:35
1947-04-26Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars2:19
1947-06-19Basin Street BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:00
1947-10-25Basin Street Blues (live, 1947-10-25, Tabou, Paris, France)liveBoris Vian et son Orchestre du « Tabou »5:01
1947-11-25Basin Street BluesRex Stewarts Orkester3:15
1947-11Basin Street BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:36
1948-12-11Basin Street BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars3:55
1949-09-20Basin Street BluesElla Fitzgerald & Sy Oliver and His Orchestra3:13
1949-09-20Basin Street BluesElla Fitzgerald3:08
1949-09-20Basin Street BluesElla Fitzgerald3:10
1950-01-20Basin Street Bluescover and liveLouis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden & Earl Hines4:21
1951-04-01Basin Street BluesBenny Goodman Trio4:21
1951-12Basin Street BluesGeorge Williams Orchestra2:45
1952-10-18Basin' Street BluesBill Coleman5:40
1952-10-25Basin Street BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:12
1953-06-30Basin Street BluesDuke Ellington and His Orchestra5:53
1953-10-25Basin Street BluesliveSidney Bechet8:24
1953-10-25Basin Street BluescoverSidney Bechet8:14
1953-12-29Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars6:09
1954-01-23Basin Street BluesFirehouse Five Plus Two5:58
1954-03-19Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:50
1954-03-25Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong5:49
1954-03-25Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:51
1954-03-25Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong5:49
1954-11-21Basin Street BluesinstrumentalMezz Mezzrow10:17
1955-01-21Basin Street Blues (live, 1955-01-21: Crescendo Club, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:16
1956-02-22Basin Street BluesJonah Jones4:05
1956-04-19Basin Street Blues / When It’s Sleepy Time Down SouthmedleyLouis Prima4:13
1956-04Basin Street Bluesinstrumental and liveTeddy Wilson Trio5:03
1956-04Medley: Basin Street Blues / When It's Sleepy Time Down SouthmedleyLouis Prima4:19
1956-06-01Basin Street Blues (live, 1956-06-01: Medina Temple, Chicago, IL, USA)liveLouis Armstrong5:37
1956-06-01Basin Street BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:46
1956-07Basin Street BluesliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:55
1956-09-13Basin Street BluesinstrumentalThe Teddy Wilson Trio?:??
1956Basin Street BluesElla Fitzgerald3:06
1956Basin Street BluesinstrumentalTeddy Wilson Trio4:25
1957-07-06Basin Street Bluesinstrumental and liveTheTeddy Wilson Trio5:07
1958-05-22Basin Street Blues7th Ave. Stompers4:04
1958-10-08Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars7:20
1959-01-16Basin Street Blues (live, 1959-01-16: Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden)Louis Armstrong8:03
1959-02-20Basin Street BluesinstrumentalDuke Ellington & Johnny Hodges8:04
1959-05-17Basin Street Blues (live, 1959-05-17: Ljubljana, Slovenia)liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars8:04
1959-10-04Basin Street BluesliveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra7:22
1959Basin Street BluesliveRoy Eldridge & Coleman Hawkins7:14
1961-04-15Basin Street BluescoverPeggy Lee, Quincy Jones3:05
1961-06Basin Street BluesJack Teagarden5:11
1961-09-07Basin Steet BluesliveLil Hardin Armstrong and Her Orchestra4:52
1962-04-18Basin Street Blues (stereo)coverPony Poindexter3:40
1962-05-17Basin Street Blues (live, 1962-05-17: Palais des Expositions, Nice, France)Louis Armstrong6:53
1962-05-17Basin Street Blues (live, 1962-05-17: Palais des Exhibitions, Nice, France)Louis Armstrong6:44
1962-08-31Basin Street BluesliveCarol Sloane3:08
1963-04-16Basin Street BluesinstrumentalMiles Davis10:30
1963-09Basin Street Bluesinstrumental and liveJack Teagarden7:24
1963Basin’ Street BluescoverColette Magny?:??
1964-04-29Basin Street BluescoverJimmy Smith4:02
1964-04-29Basin Street BluesinstrumentalJimmy Smith4:04
1964Basin StreetliveEddie Condon6:54
1965Basin Street BluescoverThe Golden Gate Quartet2:08
1966-11-18Basin Street BluesBob Crosby and The Bob Cats?:??
1973-12-01Basin Street BluesDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:59
1976-05Basin Street BluesinstrumentalKen Colyer's Jazzmen5:24
1976-07-14Basin Street BluesinstrumentalTeddy Wilson3:50
1978-09Basin Street Bluesinstrumental and liveTeddy Wilson4:37
1979-05-21Basin Street Bluesinstrumental and liveTeddy Wilson Trio3:59
1982-01-22Basin' Street Bluesinstrumental and liveLionel Hampton6:32
1983-08-24Basin Street BluesinstrumentalJay McShann3:27
1988-01Basin Street BluesJazz Band Ball Orchestra4:24
1988-02Basin Street BluesPeggy Lee3:10
1990-02-27 – 1990-02-28Basin Street BluesinstrumentalManhattan Jazz Quintet6:35
1992-09-16Basin Street BluesliveKeith Jarrett9:09
1993-07-25Basin Street Bluesinstrumental and liveKeith Jarrett7:22
1994-11Basin Street BluesinstrumentalJohn Colianni5:38
1995-05-27Basin Street Blues (recorded for Voices: A Contemporary Choral Collection)Moses Hogan Chorale4:18
1995-09-10 – 1995-09-11Basin Street BluescoverRuby Braff & Roger Kellaway5:54
1997-09-18Basin Street BluesHenry Butler3:59
1997-12Basin Street BluesShirley Horn5:30
1998-01-17 – 1998-01-18Basin Street BluescoverUni Jazzband Halle5:27
1999-11Basin Street BluesinstrumentalBenny Bailey5:57
2007-01-12 – 2007-01-13Basin Street BluesliveWillie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis4:56
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