writer:Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden vocalist)
Steve Harris (Iron Maiden bassist)
Adrian Smith (UK guitarist/songwriter, Iron Maiden)
publisher:Universal Music - Z Tunes LLC
Zomba Music Publishing (music publisher - add no releases here!) (1988)
SecondHandSongs: [info]


1988-02 – 1988-03Can I Play With MadnessIron Maiden3:32
1992-08-22Can I Play With Madness (live, 1992-08-22: Monsters of Rock, Donington Park, Castle Donington, England)liveIron Maiden3:33
1992-09-02Can I Play With Madness (live, 1992-09-02: Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, Netherlands)liveIron Maiden4:42
2003-11-24Can I Play With Madness (live, 2003-11-24: Westfallenhalle Arena, Dortmund, Germany)liveIron Maiden3:30
Can I Play with Madnesscover and instrumentalVitamin Piano Series3:46
Can I Play With MadnesscoverTerra Sur4:11
Can I Play With MadnesscoverSteve Overland3:23
Can I Play With Madnesscover and instrumentalThomas Zwijsen3:33
Can I Play With MadnesscoverAnton Maiden3:44
Can I Play With MadnesscoverMoksha5:51
Can I Play With Madness (live, 1988-11: NEC Arena, Birmingham, England)liveIron Maiden3:25
Can I Play With MadnesscoverScott Lavender3:46
Can I Play With MadnesscoverAnton Maiden3:44
Can I Play With MadnesscoverAnton Maiden?:??
Can I Play With MadnesscoverMark Slaughter, Bruce Kulick, Marco Mendoza & Aynsley Dunbar4:17
Can I Play With MadnesscoverDriving Mrs. Satan3:34
Can I Play With Madness?coverSupersilent4:05
Can I Play With Madness?Iron Maiden3:35