Movin’ On

~ Song


writer: Sara Dallin
Mike Stock (of Stock Aitken Waterman)
Pete Waterman
Keren Woodward
publisher: All Boys Music Ltd.
Mike Stock Publishing Limited
Warner/Chappell Music, Ltd. (1996–present)
Wikidata: Q6926992 [info]
later translated versions: MOVIN’ ON (Japanese version)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Movin' On Bananarama 3:30
Movin' On cover Steps 3:31
Movin' On Bananarama 3:30
Movin' On (part of “Fred Deakin Presents: The Triptych” DJ-mix) Bananarama 2:12
Movin' On Bananarama 4:38
Movin' On Bananarama 3:28
Movin' On Bananarama 3:32
Movin' On Bananarama 4:35
Movin' On (7" mix) Bananarama 3:31
Movin' On (Bumpin mix) Bananarama ?:??
Movin' On (Bumpin' mix) Bananarama 5:23
Movin' On (The Spag-A-Nana Dub) Bananarama ?:??
Movin' On (Wayne G & Porl Young club mix) cover Obsession 7:58
Movin'on (Bumpin' mix) Bananarama 6:16
Movin’ On Bananarama 4:37
Movin’ On Bananarama ?:??
Movin’ On Bananarama 3:32
Movin’ On Bananarama 4:34
Movin’ On Bananarama 4:35
Movin’ On (7‐inch A) Bananarama 3:26
Movin’ On (2012 version) Bananarama 3:24
Movin’ On (Bumpin’ mix) Bananarama 6:14
Movin’ On (Bumpin’ Mix) Bananarama 6:15
Movin’ On (Movin’ mix) Bananarama 8:51
Movin’ On (NRG mix) Bananarama 5:21
Movin’ On (On ‘Top of the Pops’) Bananarama ?:??
Movin’ On (original 12‐inch mix) Bananarama 7:34
Movin’ On (Straight No Chaser) Bananarama 4:33
Movin’ On (The ‘Norty’ Banana mix) Bananarama 6:19
Movin’ On (The Spag‐A‐Nana dub) Bananarama 6:17