Credited to Thelonious Monk, Cootie Williams, and Bernard Hanighan. Williams added a short instrumental interlude to Monk's composition, and Hanighan wrote lyrics; neither the interlude nor the lyrics are commonly performed.

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lyricist:Bernie Hanighen
composer:Thelonious Monk
Cootie Williams
publisher:Advanced Music
Advanced Music corp.
Productions et Éditions Cinématographiques Françaises
Thelonious Music
Thelonious Music Corporation (Publisher, affiliated to BMI.)
Ultra Empire Music
Warner Bros. Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (1996–2019)
Warner/Chappell North America Limited (formerly incorporated as Marmalade Music Ltd., from 1968/09/19–1999/11/09)
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VIAF ID:VIAF: 178813638 [info]
Wikidata:Q383357 [info]
later translated versions:Autour de minuit (lyrics translated by Claude Nougaro)
Autour de minuit (lyrics translated by Boris Vian)
is based on:I Need You So
is the basis for:Eine kleine Mitternachtmusik
arrangements:’Round Midnight (for saxophone quartet, Müller-Irion)
’Round Midnight (Art Ensemble of Chicago arrangement)


1944-08-22’round Midnight (1944-08-22, mx: T-450)instrumentalCootie Williams and His Orchestra3:16
1946-02-06’round About Midnight (1946-02-07, mx. GRC-1005-A)Tempo Jazz Men featuring Gabriel on trumpet2:47
1946-02-07’round About Midnight (1946-02-07, mx. GRC-1005-A)Tempo Jazz Men featuring Gabriel on trumpet2:47
1947-11-21'round Midnight (1947 Blue Note studio recording, matrix # BN321-1)instrumentalThe Thelonious Monk Quintet3:12
1947-11-21’round About Midnight (studio, mono, 1947-11-21: WOR Studios, New York City, NY, USA)Thelonious Monk3:10
1947-11-21’round Midnight (studio, stereo, 1947-11-21: WOR Studios, New York City, NY, USA)Thelonious Monk?:??
1948-02-28'round About MidnightliveDizzy Gillespie8:45
1948-07-26'Round MidnightDizzy Gillespie8:48
1948-07-26'Round MidnightDizzy Gillespie3:46
1950-05-15 – 1950-05-16’Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:07
1951-03-31'Round Midnightcover, instrumental and liveCharlie Parker3:30
1951-09-18'Round MidnightMilt Jackson2:58
1951-09-18Round About MidnightinstrumentalModern Jazz Quartet2:59
1953-01-23'Round About Midnightcover and instrumentalMary Lou Williams4:15
1953-01-23'Round About Midnight (alternate take)cover and instrumentalMary Lou Williams2:44
1953-01-23Round About MidnightMary Lou Williams4:35
1953-01-23Round About Midnight (alternative take)Mary Lou Williams2:51
1953-01-30'Round About Midnight (studio session, 1953-1-30: WOR Studios, NY, US)coverMiles Davis7:05
1953-01-30'Round About Midnightcover and instrumentalCharlie Parker7:07
1953-01-30'Round Midnight (studio session, 1953-01-30: WOR Studio, New York, US)instrumentalMiles Davis7:06
1953-01-30’Round MidnightinstrumentalMiles Davis7:05
1953-01-30Round About MidnightMiles Davis7:03
1953-04-23'round About MidnightJimmy Raney Quintet5:17
1953-04-23'Round About MidnightStan Getz5:22
1953-04-23’Round MidnightinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet5:18
1953-09-13'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis and the Lighthouse All‐Stars5:48
1953-09-13’round Midnight (live, 195x: USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis5:46
1954-03-13'round MidnightAl Haig5:21
1954-06-04’Round Midnight (live, 1954-06: Paris, France)Thelonious Monk5:18
1954-06-04’Round Midnight (incomplete) (live, 1954-06: Paris, France)instrumental and partialThelonious Monk2:56
1954-06-07’round About Midnight (studio, 1954-06-07, solo piano)Thelonious Monk5:16
1954-12'Round MidnightinstrumentalRichard Twardzik Trio3:49
1954'Round MidnightinstrumentalRichard Twardzik3:33
1954'Round MidnightinstrumentalRichard Twardzik Trio3:49
1954Round About MidnightinstrumentalDick Twardzik Trio3:32
1955-06-14'round MidnightBob Cooper3:21
1955-06-20'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveBarney Kessel5:52
1955-07-17Round About Midnight (live, 195x: USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis6:11
1956-02-26'round MidnightClifford Brown8:27
1956-02'round About MidnightJane Fielding3:40
1956-05-28'round About MidnightSacha Distel3:31
1956-05-31'Round About Midnightinstrumental and liveKenny Dorham7:45
1956-06-18’round About MidnightcoverBabs Gonzales & His Orchestra3:37
1956-08-03'Round MidnightcoverArt Farmer & Donald Byrd6:38
1956-09-10’Round Midnight (mono, studio session, 1956-9-10: Columbia Studio, New York, US)cover and instrumentalMiles Davis5:57
1956-09-30Round Midnight (mono)Sonny Clark?:??
1956-10-26'Round About Midnight (studio session, 1956-10-26: RVG Studio, NJ, US)coverMiles Davis5:24
1956-10-26’Round Midnightcover and instrumentalMiles Davis, Miles Davis & The Modern Jazz Giants5:26
1956-11-25'Round About MidnightinstrumentalKenny Clarke's Sextet2:57
1956'Round MidnightMiles Davis Quintet5:54
1956Around Midnight (live, 1956: Europe)liveMiles Davis6:04
1956Round About MidnightSacha Distel3:31
1956Round About MidnightMiles Davis Quintet5:54
1957-01-11’round MidnightHazel Scott3:01
1957-04-05’Round Midnight (studio, 1957-04-05; solo piano recording for Riverside, master take 7)Thelonious Monk6:43
1957-04-05’Round Midnight (in progress)Thelonious Monk21:59
1957-04-15Medley: Lover Man / Willow Weep for Me / 'round Midnightcover, instrumental and medleyCal Tjader Quartet7:00
1957-06'Round MidnightcoverJoy Bryan3:13
1957-07-04'Round MidnightJimmy Smith Trio with Lou Donaldson6:26
1957-08-13’Round MidnightThelonious Monk and Gerry Mulligan8:29
1957-11 – 1957-12Round About MidnightcoverThe Fletcher Henderson All Stars, Rex Stewart4:28
1957-12-08Round About Midnight (live)instrumental and liveMiles Davis5:36
1957-12-18Round About Midnight (live)instrumental and liveMiles Davis4:53
1957Round About MidnightThe Fletcher Henderson And All Stars?:??
1958-04-02Ballad Medley: ’Round Midnight / You Don’t Know What Love Is / How Can We Be Wrong? / Lullaby of the Leaves / Yesterdaysinstrumental and medleyThe Buddy DeFranco Men11:24
1958-04-09'Round MidnightinstrumentalThe Gil Evans Orchestra4:08
1958-06-25'Round MidnightinstrumentalMichel Legrand3:00
1958-06-25‘Round MidnightMiles Davis & Bill Evans3:01
1958-06-27'Round MidnightMel Tormé3:13
1958-06-30‘Round MidnightliveMiles Davis Sextet5:07
1958-07-06’Round Midnight (live, 1958-07-06: Newport Jazz Festival, Freebody Park, Newport, RI, USA)liveThelonious Monk Trio4:33
1958-07-09’Round Midnight (live, 1958-07-09: Five Spot, New York, NY, USA)liveThelonious Monk Quartet6:18
1958-08-09’round Midnight (live, 1958-08-09: Spotlite Lounge, Washington, DC, USA)cover and liveMiles Davis5:16
1958-08-24Round About MidnightDizzy Reece4:46
1958 – 1960'Round MidnightcoverSun Ra and His Astro Infinity Arkestra3:55
1959-03-14’Round MidnightArt Pepper3:35
1959-04-20’Round About Midnight (live, 1959-04-20: Sunset Auditorium, Carmel, CA, USA)cover, instrumental and liveThe Cal Tjader Sextet6:08
1959-10-05'round MidnightThe Wes Montgomery Trio4:49
1959-10-05'Round MidnightWes Montgomery Trio4:58
1959-10'round MidnightinstrumentalWes Montgomery with Melvin Rhyne4:56
1959-11-28Round MidnightliveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers10:03
1959-12'round MidnightinstrumentalTeddy Wilson2:57
1959'round MidnightcoverBill Evans5:37
1959Round MidnightinstrumentalArt Pepper3:36
1960-03-21’Round Midnight (live, 1960-03-21: Olympia, Paris, France)cover and liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane5:37
1960-03-21Round About Midnight (live, 1960-03-21: Olympia, Paris, France)instrumental and liveMiles Davis featuring John Coltrane5:39
1960-03'Round MidnightcoverStan Getz3:07
1960-04-09’round Midnight (live, 1960-04-09: Kurhaus, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Netherlands)liveThe Miles Davis Quintet featuring John Coltrane5:49
1960-04-13'round Midnight (stereo)coverThe Modern Jazz Quartet3:51
1960-04-13'Round MidnightliveThe Modern Jazz Quartet3:51
1960-04-13'Round MidnightliveThe Modern Jazz Quartet3:49
1960-04-28’Round Midnight (studio, 1960-04-28; sextet recording for Riverside, first released 1986)Thelonious Monk7:58
1960-04-29’Round Midnight (live, 1960-04-29: The Black Hawk, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveThelonious Monk12:06
1960-05-27'Round MidnightliveThe Modern Jazz Quartet4:09
1960-05-30Round About MidnightcoverMartial Solal5:25
1960-09-14'Round About Midnight (live, 1960-09-14: Birdland, NY, USA (2001 RVG remaster))instrumental and liveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers9:44
1960-09-14’Round About Midnightinstrumental and liveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers9:48
1960-10-11Round About Midnight (live, 1960-10-11: Olympia, Paris, France)instrumental and liveMiles Davis and Sonny Stitt5:41
1960'Round MidnightliveMiles Davis Quintet6:17
1961-01-26'round MidnightinstrumentalRay Bryant3:54
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