’Round About Midnight (aka “’Round Midnight”)

~ Song


lyricist:Bernie Hanighen
composer:Thelonious Monk
Cootie Williams
publisher:Advanced Music corp.
Productions et Éditions Cinématographiques Françaises
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (1996–2019)
Warner/Chappell North America Limited (formerly incorporated as Marmalade Music Ltd., from 1968/09/19–1999/11/09)
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Wikidata:Q383357 [info]
later translated versions:Autour de minuit (lyrics translated by Claude Nougaro)
Autour de minuit (lyrics translated by Boris Vian)
is the basis for:Eine kleine Mitternachtmusik
arrangements:’Round Midnight (for saxophone quartet, Müller-Irion)


1945-02-06'round MidnightTempo Jazzmen?:??
1947-11-21’Round Midnight (1947 Blue Note studio recording, matrix # BN321-1)Thelonious Monk Quintet3:12
1948-02-28'round About MidnightliveDizzy Gillespie8:45
1948-07-26'Round MidnightDizzy Gillespie8:48
1948-07-26'Round MidnightDizzy Gillespie3:46
1951-03-31'Round Midnightcover, instrumental and liveCharlie Parker3:30
1951-09-18'Round MidnightMilt Jackson2:58
1951-09-18Round About MidnightinstrumentalModern Jazz Quartet2:59
1953-01-23'Round About Midnightcover and instrumentalMary Lou Williams4:15
1953-01-23'Round About Midnight (alternate take)cover and instrumentalMary Lou Williams2:44
1953-01-23Round About MidnightMary Lou Williams4:35
1953-01-23Round About Midnight (alternative take)Mary Lou Williams2:51
1953-01-30'Round About Midnight (studio session, 1953-1-30: WOR Studios, NY, US)coverMiles Davis7:05
1953-01-30'Round About Midnightcover and instrumentalCharlie Parker7:07
1953-01-30'Round Midnight (studio session, 1953-01-30: WOR Studio, New York, US)instrumentalMiles Davis7:06
1953-01-30’Round MidnightinstrumentalMiles Davis7:05
1953-04-23’Round MidnightinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet5:18
1953-09-13'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis and the Lighthouse All-Stars5:48
1953-09-13’round Midnight (live, 195x: USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis5:46
1954-03-13'round MidnightAl Haig5:21
1954-06-04’Round Midnight (live, 1954-06: Paris, France)Thelonious Monk5:18
1954-06-04’Round Midnight (incomplete) (live, 1954-06: Paris, France)instrumental and partialThelonious Monk2:56
1954-06-07’Round About Midnight (studio, 1954-06-07, solo piano)Thelonious Monk5:16
1954-12'Round MidnightinstrumentalRichard Twardzik Trio3:49
1954'Round MidnightinstrumentalRichard Twardzik Trio3:49
1954'Round MidnightinstrumentalRichard Twardzik3:33
1954Round About MidnightinstrumentalDick Twardzik Trio3:32
1955-06-14'round MidnightBob Cooper3:21
1955-06-20'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveBarney Kessel5:52
1955-07-17Round About Midnight (live, 195x: USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis6:11
1956-02-26'round MidnightClifford Brown8:27
1956-02'round About MidnightJane Fielding3:40
1956-05-28'round About MidnightSacha Distel3:31
1956-05-31'Round About Midnightinstrumental and liveKenny Dorham7:45
1956-06-18’round About MidnightcoverBabs Gonzales & His Orchestra3:37
1956-08-03'Round MidnightcoverArt Farmer & Donald Byrd6:38
1956-09-10’round Midnight (mono, studio session, 1956-9-10: Columbia Studio, New York, US)cover and instrumentalMiles Davis5:57
1956-09-30Round Midnight (mono)Sonny Clark?:??
1956-10-26'Round About Midnight (studio session, 1956-10-26: RVG Studio, NJ, US)coverMiles Davis5:24
1956-10-26’Round Midnightcover and instrumentalMiles Davis, Miles Davis & The Modern Jazz Giants5:26
1956-11-25'Round About MidnightinstrumentalKenny Clarke's Sextet2:57
1956'Round MidnightMiles Davis Quintet5:54
1956Round About MidnightSacha Distel3:31
1957-04-05’Round Midnight (studio, 1957-04-05; solo piano recording for Riverside, master take 7)Thelonious Monk6:43
1957-04-05’Round Midnight (in progress)Thelonious Monk21:59
1957-04-15Medley: Lover Man / Willow Weep for Me / 'round Midnightcover, instrumental and medleyCal Tjader Quartet7:00
1957-06'Round MidnightcoverJoy Bryan3:13
1957-08-13’Round MidnightThelonious Monk and Gerry Mulligan8:29
1957-11 – 1957-12Round About MidnightcoverThe Fletcher Henderson All Stars, Rex Stewart4:28
1957-12-08Round About Midnight (live)instrumental and liveMiles Davis5:36
1957-12-18Round About Midnight (live)instrumental and liveMiles Davis4:53
1957Round About MidnightThe Fletcher Henderson And All Stars?:??
1958-04-02Ballad Medley: ’Round Midnight / You Don’t Know What Love Is / How Can We Be Wrong? / Lullaby of the Leaves / Yesterdaysinstrumental and medleyThe Buddy DeFranco Men11:24
1958-04-09'Round MidnightinstrumentalThe Gil Evans Orchestra4:08
1958-06-25'Round MidnightinstrumentalMichel Legrand3:00
1958-06-27'Round MidnightMel Tormé3:13
1958-06-30‘Round MidnightliveMiles Davis Sextet5:07
1958-07-06’Round Midnight (live, 1958-07-06: Newport Jazz Festival, Freebody Park, Newport, RI, USA)liveThelonious Monk Trio4:33
1958-07-09’Round Midnight (live, 1958-07-09: Five Spot, New York, NY, USA)liveThelonious Monk Quartet6:18
1958-08-09’round Midnight (live, 1958-08-09: Spotlite Lounge, Washington, DC, USA)cover and liveMiles Davis5:16
1958-08-24Round About MidnightDizzy Reece4:46
1958 – 1960'Round MidnightcoverSun Ra and His Astro Infinity Arkestra3:55
1959-03-14’Round MidnightArt Pepper3:35
1959-04-20’Round About Midnight (live, 1959-04-20: Sunset Auditorium, Carmel, CA, USA)cover, instrumental and liveThe Cal Tjader Sextet6:08
1959-10-05'round MidnightThe Wes Montgomery Trio4:49
1959-10-05'Round MidnightWes Montgomery Trio4:58
1959-10'round MidnightinstrumentalWes Montgomery with Melvin Rhyne4:56
1959-11-28Round MidnightliveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers10:03
1959-12'round MidnightinstrumentalTeddy Wilson2:57
1959Round MidnightinstrumentalArt Pepper3:36
1960-03-21’Round Midnight (live, 1960-03-21: Olympia, Paris, France)cover and liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane5:37
1960-03-21Round About Midnight (live, 1960-03-21: Olympia, Paris, France)instrumental and liveMiles Davis featuring John Coltrane5:39
1960-03'Round MidnightcoverStan Getz3:07
1960-04-13'round Midnight (stereo)coverThe Modern Jazz Quartet3:51
1960-04-13'Round MidnightliveThe Modern Jazz Quartet3:51
1960-04-13'Round MidnightliveThe Modern Jazz Quartet3:49
1960-04-28’Round Midnight (studio, 1960-04-28; sextet recording for Riverside, first released 1986)Thelonious Monk7:58
1960-04-29’Round Midnight (live, 1960-04-29: The Black Hawk, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveThelonious Monk12:06
1960-05-27'Round MidnightliveThe Modern Jazz Quartet4:09
1960-05-30Round About MidnightcoverMartial Solal5:25
1960-09-14'Round About Midnight (live, 1960-09-14: Birdland, NY, USA (2001 RVG remaster))instrumental and liveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers9:44
1960-09-14’Round About Midnightinstrumental and liveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers9:48
1960-10-11Round About Midnight (live, 1960-10-11: Olympia, Paris, France)instrumental and liveMiles Davis and Sonny Stitt5:41
1960'Round MidnightliveMiles Davis Quintet6:17
1961-01-26'round MidnightinstrumentalRay Bryant3:51
1961-01-27Round About MidnightThe Joe Harriott Quintet6:32
1961-02-07'round MidnightinstrumentalEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Johnny Griffin5:27
1961-02-11'Round MidnightliveElla Fitzgerald3:31
1961-04-01’Round About MidnightcoverGrant Green7:04
1961-04-15’Round Midnight (live, 1961-04-15: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands)instrumental and liveThelonious Monk7:18
1961-04-15’Round Midnight (live, 1961-04-15: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveThelonious Monk6:51
1961-04-22'Round MidnightinstrumentalMiles Davis7:42
1961-04-22'Round Midnight (live, 1961-04-22: Blackhawk Supper Club, San Francisco, CA, USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis7:29
1961-05-08’Round MidnightcoverGeorge Russell Sextet6:34
1961-05-08’Round MidnightGeorge Russell Sextet6:34
1961-05-08Round MidnightinstrumentalGeorge Russell Sextet6:37
1961-05-10’Round About Midnight (live, 1961-05-10: Casino, Bern, Switzerland)liveThelonious Monk Quartet8:00
1961-05-13'Round About MidnightliveArt Blakey and The Jazz Messengers feat. Wayne Shorter10:59
1961-05-15'Round MidnightliveThe Jazztet10:11
1961-05-16’Round Midnight (live, 1961-05-16: Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden)liveThelonious Monk Quartet6:58
1961-05-17’Round Midnight (live, 1961-05-17: Odd Fellow Palæet, Copenhagen, Denmark)liveThelonious Monk6:29
1961-05'round MidnightliveCarmen McRae4:59
1961-08-19'Round MidnightliveWes Montgomery2:31
1961'Round MidnightliveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers11:49
1962-01-31'Round MidnightBud Powell6:03
1962-06'Round Midnight (take 2)instrumentalMilt Jackson6:50
1962'round MidnightinstrumentalSam Jones5:31
1963-02-09’Round About Midnight (live, 1963-02-09: Birdland, New York, NY, USA)liveThelonious Monk7:31
1963-02-09’Round MidnightBill Evans6:33
1963-03-04'Round MidnightMcCoy Tyner6:22
1963-05-14'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio9:07
1963-05-14'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio8:50
1963-05-29’round MidnightSarah Vaughan3:35
1963-07-07'round MidnightinstrumentalMartial Solal3:38
1963-12-02'Round MidnightcoverGerald Wilson Orchestra5:13
1964-02-26'round MidnightAndy Bey and the Bey Sisters3:27
1964-07Around MidnightliveGeorge Russell Sextet6:33
1964-08-21'Round MidnightliveKenny Dorham7:41
1964-09'round MidnightliveGeorge Russell Sextet7:39
1964-10-31’Round Midnight (live, 1964-10-31: It Club, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveThelonious Monk6:32
1964-11-03 – 1964-11-04’Round About Midnight (live, 1964-11: Jazz Workshop, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveThelonious Monk9:10
1964-11-03 – 1964-11-04’Round Midnight (live, 1964-11: Jazz Workshop, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveThelonious Monk6:07
1964-11-03 – 1964-11-04’Round Midnight (live, 1964-11: Jazz Workshop, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveThelonious Monk6:28
1964 – 1966'Round About MidnightinstrumentalJan Johansson3:59
1965-01-30Round MidnightliveDollar Brand6:27
1965-02-03'Round MidnightinstrumentalBill Evans Trio6:42
1965-03-27’Round Midnightinstrumental and liveWes Montgomery9:26
1965-10-22'Round About Midnight (live, 1965-12-22: Plugged Nickel, Chicago, IL, USA (set 2))instrumental and liveMiles Davis8:42
1966-01'Round MidnightliveThe Jazz Crusaders6:05
1966-03-18’Round About Midnight (live, 1966-03-18: Paris, France)liveThelonious Monk6:48
1966-03-28 – 1966-03-29Round MidnightcoverCal Tjader3:10
1966-04-15’Round Midnight (live, 1966-04-15: Oslo, Norway)liveThelonious Monk6:32
1966-09-01'Round MidnightinstrumentalRay Bryant6:08
1966-09'Round Midnightcover and instrumentalJimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery7:19
1967-08'Round MidnightinstrumentalBill Evans6:07
1967-11-02'Round Midnight (live, 1967-11-02: Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark)instrumental and liveMiles Davis Quintet7:17
1967’Round MidnightThe Maynard Ferguson Orchestra3:46
1968-06-24 – 1968-06-25'round MidnightcoverLouis Van Dyke4:22
1968-11-19’Round Midnight (studio, 1968-11-19, solo piano, includes false start)instrumentalThelonious Monk4:13
1968-11-19’Round Midnight (studio, 1968-11-19, solo piano)Thelonious Monk3:51
1969-03-26Round MidnightinstrumentalBill Evans Trio?:??
1969-07-25'Round About Midnight (live, 1969-07-25: La Pinède, Juan-les-Pins, France)cover and liveMiles Davis8:51
1969-07-25'Round MidnightliveMiles Davis Quintet8:59
1969-09-16'Round MidnightinstrumentalIllinois Jacquet6:56
1969-10-27'Round Midnight (live, 1969-10-27: Rome, Italy)cover and liveMiles Davis?:??
1969-12'round Midnightcover and liveBill Evans6:37
1970-09-24 – 1970-09-26’round Midnight (live, 1970-09-2x: The Lighthouse Cafe, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA)liveThe Joe Henderson Quintet9:03
1971-08-04'round MidnightJoe Henderson12:35
1971-09-25Round About MidnightTete Montoliu5:35
1971-10-20’Round Midnight (live, 1971-10-20: Sala Grande del Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Milan, Italy)liveDizzy Gillespie & Thelonious Monk8:05
1971-10-29’Round Midnight (live, 1971-10-29: Congress Hall, Warsaw, Poland)liveDizzy Gillespie & Thelonious Monk8:05
1971-11-07’Round Midnight (live, 1971-11-07: Böblingen, Germany)liveDizzy Gillespie & Thelonious Monk7:35
1971'round MidnightliveSarah Vaughan5:25
1972'round Midnightinstrumental and liveRené Thomas6:53
1972’Round MidnightinstrumentalKenny Burrell5:13
1973-02-13'round MidnightGene Ammons8:02
1973-03-27'Round MidnightinstrumentalRhoda Scott7:29
1973-06-12Round MidnightKarin Krog3:32
1973-09-24'Round Midnight (live, 1973-09-24: Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan)liveSarah Vaughan5:41
1973'round About MidnightliveKarin Krog6:59
1973'Round MidnightinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson4:48
1974-11-13’round Midnight (live, 1974, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)instrumental and liveStan Getz7:47
1974-11-25'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveThe Modern Jazz Quartet7:39
1974-12-22'round Midnightlive笠井紀美子 & Cedar Walton Trio3:04
1974-12-23'round Midnightinstrumental and liveCedar Walton7:01
1975-06-12'round About MidnightManfred Schoof, Akira Sakata, Yosuke Yamashita, Takeo Moriyama5:45
1975-07-03'Round MidnightliveThelonious Monk Quartet6:54
1975-07-03'Round MidnightliveThelonious Monk Quartet7:40
1975-09-09 – 1975-10'round MidnightcoverThe Singers Unlimited3:26
1975-11-28Round About MidnightinstrumentalJoe Sample / Ray Brown / Shelly Manne4:37
1975’Round MidnightliveSarah Vaughan5:55
1976-04-12'round Midnightinstrumental and liveBarry Harris Trio5:57
1976-04-21Round MidnightinstrumentalFrank Rosolino11:07
1976-12Round Midnightinstrumental and liveDexter Gordon13:06
1977-01-18 – 1977-01-19’Round MidnightHank Jones6:33
1977-02'Round About MidnightBuddy Rich6:48
1977-05-18'round MidnightinstrumentalJimmy Rowles5:49
1977-10-06'Round About MidnightThe Great Jazz Trio6:13
1977-12-03'round About MidnightFreddie Redd8:04
1977Round Midnightinstrumental and liveBuddy Rich & His Orchestra?:??
1978-03Round About MidnightinstrumentalEnrico Rava3:44
1978-04'round About MidnightinstrumentalJackie McLean With The Great Jazz Trio9:09
1978-09-08Round About MidnightArt Pepper6:46
1978-10-10'Round MidnightliveStan Getz Quartet9:28
1979-01-03'round About MidnightinstrumentalTed Curson10:06
1979-01-20'Round MidnightinstrumentalAnthony Braxton3:47
1979-01'Round MidnightSlide Hampton4:35
1979-05-08Round About MidnightliveTete Montoliu16:41
1979-09-05Round MidnightRachel Gould, Chet Baker5:05
1979-09'Round MidnightinstrumentalChet Baker5:13
1979-09'Round Midnight (vocal version)Chet Baker5:10
1980-03Round MidnightinstrumentalMax Roach3:45
1980-05'round MidnightKenny Burrell6:19
1980-10'Round 'Bout Midnightinstrumental and liveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers with Wynton Marsalis6:59
1980-12-26Round MidnightliveSun Ra and the Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra8:05
1981-03Round About MidnightinstrumentalBennie Wallace6:48
1981-05'Round About MidnightGiorgio Gaslini1:44
1981-07-28'round Midnightcover and instrumentalHerbie Hancock6:42
1981-08'Round MidnightliveMal Waldron & Steve Lacy12:36
1981-11-01Round About MidnightliveMal Waldron6:24
1981-11'Round Midnightcover and instrumentalChick Corea / Miroslav Vitous / Roy Haynes5:11
1982-04-07'round MidnightliveNancy Wilson / Joe Henderson / Chick Corea / Stanley Clarke / Lenny White8:56
1982-04-13 – 1982-04-14'Round MidnightinstrumentalArt Pepper and George Cables5:43
1982-04-13 – 1982-04-14'Round MidnightArt Pepper and George Cables5:43
1982-04-28'round MidnightMilt Jackson4:54
1982-05-25'Round About MidnightMichel Petrucciani and Lee Konitz15:48
1982-07-24'Round 'Bout MidnightliveAnthony Braxton4:45
1982'Round MidnightliveSteve Lacy & Mal Waldron9:13
1983-08-10 – 1983-08-11'round MidnightcoverFumio Karashima Trio With Larry Coryell?:??
1983-12-11Round MidnightliveSun Ra and His Arkestra8:40
1984-01-03'Round MidnightSteve Kuhn5:43
1984-01-20'round Midnightinstrumental and liveJoe Pass6:33
1984-04'Round MidnightKenny Barron6:28
1984-08-08'Round MidnightBobby Watson7:57
1984-08'Round About MidnightThe Great Jazz Trio6:13
1985-01Round MidnightGeri Allen6:09
1985-04-04Round MidnightJohn Hicks8:17
1985-04-21'round MidnightinstrumentalCedar Walton Quartet4:46
1985-04-21'round MidnightinstrumentalCedar Walton4:50
1985-11-20'round MidnightcoverManhattan Jazz Quintet?:??
1985Round MidnightinstrumentalDexter Gordon7:46
1985Round MidnightDexter Gordon6:28
1986-02-26'round MidnightinstrumentalJessica Williams5:47
1986-03Round About MidnightcoverHelen Merrill, Gordon Beck, Stéphane Grappelli & Steve Lacy5:55
1986-04-21'round Midnightcover and liveManhattan Jazz Quintet11:58
1986-10'Round MidnightinstrumentalKenny Burrell6:40
1986-11-30 – 1986-12-03'Round 'Bout Midnightcover and instrumentalBarney Wilen4:20
1986-11-30 – 1986-12-03'Round 'Bout Midnightcover and instrumentalBarney Wilen4:31
1986-12-23'round About MidnightClifford Jordan8:24
1986-12'Round MidnightinstrumentalChet Baker10:19
1986-12Round MidnightChet Baker7:38
1987-02-07'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveDizzy Gillespie9:53
1987-02'Round MidnightBarney Kessel5:45
1987-03Round MidnightcoverSir Roland Hanna5:52
1987-04 – 1987-05'Round Midnight (I)Walter Davis Jr.4:48
1987-04 – 1987-05Round Midnight (II)Walter Davis Jr.5:20
1987-07-29 – 1987-08-01'Round MidnightcoverCourtney Pine3:22
1987-10-24Round About Midnightcover and liveArchie Shepp & Horace Parlan11:03
1987-11'Round About MidnightCharlie Haden with Chet Baker, Enrico Pieranunzi, Billy Higgins11:36
1987-12-22'Round MidnightBobby Enriquez5:40
1988-01-30 – 1988-02-01'Round MidnightCarmen McRae6:34
1988-01-30 – 1988-02-01'Round Midnight (alternate version)Carmen McRae7:13
1988-11-19'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveRan Blake & Anthony Braxton11:06
1989-03-23'Round MidnightinstrumentalMax Roach & Dizzy Gillespie1:42
1989-06-30’Round Midnightcover, instrumental and liveCharlie Haden, Joe Henderson & Al Foster12:00
1989-06'Round MidnightinstrumentalRed Holloway/Clark Terry Sextet4:35
1989-08-02'Round MidnightFrank Morgan5:57
1989-08-19 – 1989-08-20'round MidnightcoverChris Hunter8:41
1989-10-01Round About MidnightArchie Shepp & Richard Davis17:02
1990-03'Round MidnightcoverDegas, Weiser, Rodach3:58
1990-07-10'Round MidnightliveCarmen McRae9:35
1991-02-11Round MidnightinstrumentalEnrico Pieranunzi Trio4:05
1991-02-15’round Midnightinstrumental and liveCedar Walton, Ron Carter, Billy Higgins5:36
1991-03-26'Round MidnightJoe Henderson8:46
1991-04-02'round MidnightliveJackie McLean11:16
1991-06'round About MidnightcoverHeinz Sauer, Bob Degen6:06
1991-09-08Collage of Thelonious Monk: 'Round Midnight / Friday the Thirteenth / Ruby My Dearinstrumental, live and medleyJaki Byard7:41
1991-09’round MidnightLee Konitz feat. Barry Harris8:38
1991-10-16'Round MidnightinstrumentalT.S. Monk7:28
1991-12-02Round MidnightNick Brignola3:13
1992-09 – 1992-11'Round Midnightcover and instrumentalBruce Cameron3:41
1992-10'round MidnightinstrumentalBenny Golson10:13
1993-11 – 1994-08'round MidnightKnut Kristiansen5:13
1994-04-18Round Midnightcover, instrumental and liveMichel Petrucciani & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen7:49
1994-06'round MidnightinstrumentalPaul Motian and the Electric Bebop Band6:55
1994-09'round MidnightinstrumentalJan Lundgren Trio, Herb Geller?:??
1994-10-06 – 1994-11-20'Round MidnightJames Carter6:07
1994-11'round MidnightCarmen Lundy5:57
1994-12'round MidnightHarold Land3:47
1995-07Midnight Round / ‘Round MidnightmedleyJane Ira Bloom5:39
1996-01-03 – 1996-01-04'Round MidnightcoverDanilo Pérez5:26
1996-05-12’Round MidnightcoverThe Bill Evans Trio8:00
1996-11-25 – 1996-11-27'Round MidnightcoverLaurent de Wilde7:26
1997-12'Round MidnightErnie Watts5:30
1999-07-05'Round MidnightliveKeith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette6:45
2000-06-02'round MidnightBarry Harris Trio8:16
2001-05-12Round About MidnightcoverSteve Reid Trio7:04
2002-01’Round MidnightTill Brönner, Die 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker5:23
2002-03-13 – 2002-03-14'Round MidnightinstrumentalEddie Henderson7:13
2002-07-16'Round MidnightinstrumentalEric Reed5:22
2002-08-12'round MidnightGeorge Robert, Kenny Barron8:10
2003-07-18Round MidnightliveBilly Cobham Feat. Kenny Barron & Ron Carter10:59
2003-11-15Round Midniteinstrumental and liveAnthony Braxton13:03
2004-04-10 – 2004-04-12'round MidnightcoverStefano Di Battista7:10
2004-04Round MidnightDenise Donatelli7:46
2004-10-11 – 2004-10-12Round MidnightHeinz Sauer / Michael Wollny5:30
2005-02-17 – 2005-02-18Round MidnitecoverRashied Ali Quintet7:40
2006-02-19Round MidnightcoverPeter Sommer, Eric Gunnison, Ken Walker, Todd Reid5:58
2006-10-18Round MidnightEddie Higgins Quintet featuring Scott Hamilton, Ken Peplowski6:52
2006-12’round MidnightSonny Fortune6:51
2007-03‘Round MidnightinstrumentalKeith Jarrett, Charlie Haden9:33
2009-06Round MidnightinstrumentalPat Martino7:52
2011-03’Round MidnightGeorge King4:38
2011-06-28 – 2011-06-29Round Midnightcover, instrumental and liveKenny Werner10:30
2011-11-11 – 2011-11-14Round MidnightBlechbläserquintett des Deutschen Symphonie‐Orchesters Berlin3:44
2012-09 – 2012-12'round MidnightcoverGiacomo Gates4:55
2013-08Ballad Medleyinstrumental and medleyTommy Smith / Brian Kellock8:55
2013-09-10'Round MidnightinstrumentalEric Reed4:07
2014-10-30'round MidnightcoverTim Warfield3:47
2015-10-16'round MidnightcoverMichaela Steinhauer, Alexey Kruglov, Roman Stolyar5:31
2017-04’round MidnightLaurent de Wilde4:46
2017-06-02 – 2017-06-03Round MidnightJoey Alexander5:47
2017-10-13Round Midnight (Live)liveMiho Hazama7:53
2017-12-10 – 2017-12-12'round MidnightcoverLaurent Fickelson2:58
2018-05-28’Round MidnightFrank Kimbrough, Scott Robinson, Rufus Reid, Billy Drummond5:24
2018-10-07 – 2018-10-10Round MidnightDorothee Oberlinger, Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca5:15
'round About MidnightMilt Jackson2:57
'round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:59
'round About Midnight (live: Europe)cover and liveMiles Davis5:36
'round About MidnightcoverDuck Baker5:44
'round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis7:05
'round About MidnightDizzy Gillespie Jazzmen2:53
'Round about MidnightEllis Marsalis10:28
'Round About MidnightCharlie Parker5:06
'Round About MidnightCharlie Parker6:30
'Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:13
'Round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis8:16
'Round About Midnight (live)liveMiles Davis & John Coltrane5:47
'Round About MidnightWes Montgomery9:30
'Round About MidnightWes Montgomery6:30
'Round About MidnightKenny Dorham7:45
'Round About MidnightWes Montgomery10:03
'Round About MidnightMiles Davis & John Coltrane5:21
'Round About MidnightinstrumentalClifford Brown & Sonny Rollins5:46
'Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:09
'Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker4:22
'Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:27
'Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:35
'Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:26
'Round About MidnightMiles Davis8:08
'Round About MidnightJan Johansson3:55
'Round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis8:08
'Round About MidnightCarmen McRae4:55
'Round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis7:06
'Round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:56
'Round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis6:01
'Round About MidnightcoverGrant Green7:04
'Round About MidnightKurt Rosenwinkel Trio9:08
'Round About MidnightCharlie Parker6:27
'Round About MidnightliveCharlie Parker6:20
'Round About MidnightCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie3:14
'Round About MidnightCharlie Parker6:26
'Round About MidnightCharlie Parker3:12
'Round About Midnight (Chet Baker Version)Gotan Project?:??
'Round About Midnight (Gotan Project Meets Chet Baker)Gotan Project7:24
'Round About Midnight (Gotan Project Meets Chet Baker)Gotan Project7:07
'Round About Midnight (Gotan Project Meets Chet Baker)Gotan Project7:24
'round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:22
'round MidnightCharlie Parker5:10
'round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:57
'round Midnight (Carnegie Hall)coverMiles Davis8:46
'round Midnightcover and liveMiles Davis5:44
'round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:58
'round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:59
'round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:58
'round MidnightliveWes Montgomery7:12
'round MidnightJudy Niemack7:44
'round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:55
'round MidnightinstrumentalChet Baker10:20
'round MidnightinstrumentalBarney Kessel5:53
'round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:48
'round MidnightcoverJohn Klemmer8:46
'round MidnightcoverMiles Davis4:52
'round MidnightCootie Williams and His Orchestra?:??
'round MidnightcoverMiles Davis7:06
'round MidnightcoverJoe Jackson6:46
'round MidnightMarge Dodson4:29
'round MidnightCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie3:43
'round MidnightStan Tracey, Bobby Wellins3:38
'round MidnightBud Powell5:30
'round MidnightCharlie Parker5:04
'round Midnightcover and liveMiles Davis7:43
'round MidnightAlan Barnes & John Horler7:44
'round MidnightinstrumentalDorothy Ashby4:52
'round MidnightinstrumentalRay Bryant7:00
'round MidnightSarah Vaughan3:32
'round MidnightCharlie Parker5:05
'round MidnightCarmen McRae4:31
'round MidnightCal Tjader6:07
'round MidnightClaire Martin5:23
'round MidnightJulie London2:52
'round MidnightSun Ra Arkestra6:39
'round MidnightCharlie Parker5:13
'round MidnightKarita Mattila, Jukka Eskola, Ville Herrala, Mika Kallio, Timo Lassy, Peter Lerche, Kirmo Lintinen, Mikko Mustonen3:30
'round MidnightinstrumentalUrbie Green And His Big Band3:15
'Round MidnightBuddy Greco3:57
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:55
'Round MidnightinstrumentalJoe Beck & Ali Ryerson3:12
'Round MidnightCootie Williams and His Orchestra3:16
'Round MidnightMel Tormé2:41
'Round MidnightHilton Ruiz5:44
'Round MidnightinstrumentalBill Evans6:32
'Round Midnightcover and instrumentalMiles Okazaki5:11
'Round MidnightinstrumentalStanley Jordan5:09
'Round MidnightRichie Beirach6:13
'Round MidnightAirmen of Note3:24
'Round MidnightMalachi Thompson4:43
'Round MidnightSupersax3:32
'Round MidnightinstrumentalChick Corea9:13
'Round MidnightEllis Marsalis6:53
'Round MidnightMilt Jackson2:58
'Round MidnightThe Lewis Sisters3:49
'Round Midnightcover and instrumentalJimmy McGriff5:46
'Round MidnightMarian McPartland6:24
'Round MidnightcoverAndy Summers5:42
'Round MidnightRon Grainer2:22
'Round Midnightcover and instrumentalLes Spann5:32
'Round MidnightCharlie Haden, Lee Konitz & Brad Mehldau12:49
'Round Midnightcover and liveCassandra Wilson7:58
'Round MidnightCassandra Wilson5:58
'Round Midnightcover and instrumentalChristy Baron5:05
'Round MidnightArt Pepper5:43
'Round MidnightcoverFred Hersch3:43
'Round MidnightAntoine Hervé10:52
'Round MidnightcoverRoland Dyens7:34
'Round MidnightJoanie Sommers3:50
'Round MidnightTeddi King3:18
'Round MidnightcoverDidier Lockwood & Christian Escoudé7:24
'Round MidnightCharlie Rouse16:22
'Round MidnightNueva Manteca8:32
'Round MidnightinstrumentalChick Corea?:??
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:12
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker4:52
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:03
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker4:51
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:10
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker4:50
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:06
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:13
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker4:50
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker3:11
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker4:52
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:16
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:09
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker4:21
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:04
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker3:43
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker3:21
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:04
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:10
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker3:12
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:05
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker?:??
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker?:??
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:34
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:56
'Round Midnightcover and liveMiles Davis6:18
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:58
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:59
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis6:19
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis & Sonny Rollins7:07
'Round Midnight (WOR Studio, New York, US: 1953-1-30)coverMiles Davis7:11
'Round MidnightinstrumentalCharlie Parker5:02
'Round MidnightinstrumentalCharlie Parker3:00
'Round Midnightcover and instrumentalMiles Davis6:17
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:11
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker4:49
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:08
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:13
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:12
'Round MidnightinstrumentalBill Evans6:36
'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker5:04
'Round MidnightinstrumentalBilly Taylor10:34
'Round MidnightinstrumentalChet Baker10:20
'Round Midnight (Lighthouse Café, Hermosa Beach, California, US: 1953-9-13)coverMiles Davis5:51
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:53
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis?:??
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:57
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:56
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:57
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:56
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:13
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:36
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis7:07
'Round MidnightcoverMichel Legrand feat. Miles Davis2:59
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:26
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:55
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:54
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:22
'Round Midnightcover and liveMiles Davis5:44
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:57
'Round Midnightcover and liveMiles Davis6:17
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis6:19
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:44
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:54
'Round Midnightcover and liveMiles Davis7:33
'Round Midnightcover and liveMiles Davis5:47
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:34
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:27
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:44
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:51
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:13
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:44
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:38
'Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:57
'Round MidnightLaurindo Almeida / Bud Shank3:55
'Round MidnightcoverJoan Chamorro presenta Magalí Datzira5:37
'Round MidnightinstrumentalJessica Williams6:35
'Round MidnightWes Montgomery4:55
'Round MidnightWes Montgomery4:56
'Round MidnightWes Montgomery4:56
'Round MidnightWes Montgomery4:57
'Round MidnightWes Montgomery9:21
'Round MidnightWes Montgomery4:56
'Round MidnightWes Montgomery4:57
'Round MidnightBetty Carter3:21
'Round MidnightBobby McFerrin & Chick Corea8:00
'Round MidnightSarah Vaughan2:52
'Round MidnightSarah Vaughan?:??
'Round MidnightSarah Vaughan7:16
'Round MidnightSarah Vaughn5:48
'Round MidnightSarah Vaughan3:41
'Round MidnightSarah Vaughan3:34
'Round MidnightSarah Vaughan6:31
'Round MidnightSarah Vaughan5:44
'Round MidnightSarah Vaughan7:19
'Round MidnightCarmen McRae6:32
'Round MidnightJune Christy3:54
'Round MidnightJune Christy3:57
'Round MidnightinstrumentalEd Thigpen5:29
'Round MidnightKenny G6:25
'Round MidnightinstrumentalClare Fischer8:52
'Round MidnightcoverGlenn Walters3:39
'Round MidnightcoverÉvidence?:??
'Round MidnightMarian McPartland4:52
'Round MidnightcoverBill Ramsey & Paul Kuhn3:26
'Round MidnightBetty Carter5:54
'Round MidnightcoverMaysa4:37
'Round MidnightliveWynton Marsalis7:00
'Round MidnightDennis Rowland7:11
'Round MidnightChick Corea7:22
'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveEnrico Rava Quintet featuring Massimo Urbani12:03
'Round MidnightUte Lemper, Bruno Fontaine6:09
'Round MidnightEric Reed8:22
'Round MidnightcoverChaka Khan feat. The London Symphony Orchestra4:03
'Round Midnight (stereo)liveChris Connor3:49
'Round MidnightCharlie Parker3:48
'Round MidnightcoverJune Tabor3:57
'Round MidnightArmando Trovajoli5:19
'Round MidnightcoverKarrin Allyson5:52
'Round MidnightinstrumentalStan Getz9:00
'Round MidnightcoverJorge Garrido Monk Trío8:43
'Round MidnightcoverAngá Diaz2:08
'Round MidnightBud Powell5:08
'Round MidnightBud Powell5:08
'Round MidnightBud Powell5:08
'Round MidnightBud Powell5:06
'Round MidnightBud Powell6:00
'Round Midnight ('Round Midnight)Herbie Hancock4:03
'Round Midnight (1955 version) (live: Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, RI, USA)cover and liveMiles Davis6:11
'Round Midnight (1967 version) (live: Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, RI, USA)cover and liveMiles Davis6:41
'Round Midnight (Rendezvous mix)coverSarah Vaughan5:00
'Round Midnight (Rendezvous mix)Sarah Vaughan5:00
'round Midnight (Rendezvous version)Sarah Vaughan2:59
'Round Midnight (reprise)Fred Hersch1:38
'round Midnight (solo piano)instrumentalThe Ted Rosenthal Trio4:55
'Round Midnight (take 1)instrumentalMilt Jackson6:50
'Round Midnight (Theme)instrumentalCharlie Parker0:18
'Round Midnight / The Theme (live, 1960-03-22: Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden)cover and liveMiles Davis7:15
'Round Midnight: 'Round MidnightMichael Chertock3:06
‘Round MidnightMAST?:??
‘Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis, John Coltrane & Red Garland?:??
‘Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis & Bill Evans3:01
‘Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis7:07
‘Round Midnightcover and liveMiles Davis11:12
’round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis With The Erwin Lehn Orchestra4:43
’round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:54
’Round About MidnightGotan Project meet Chet Baker7:14
’Round About MidnightcoverHelge Schneider4:31
’Round About MidnightinstrumentalSonny Rollins7:07
’Round About MidnightcoverMiles Davis7:05
’Round About MidnightThelonious Monk3:13
’Round About MidnightThelonious Monk5:15
’Round About MidnightThelonious Monk5:18
’Round About MidnightThelonious Monk4:11
’Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker6:39
’Round About Midnight (Chet Baker version)Gotan Project7:20
’round Midnightcover and liveMiles Davis?:??
’round MidnightcoverMiles Davis?:??
’round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:56
’round MidnightWes Montgomery7:22
’round Midnight (WOR Studio, New York, US: 1953-1-30)coverMiles Davis7:07
’round MidnightKenny Burrell & The Jazz Guitar Band6:39
’round MidnightWes Montgomery9:30
’round Midnightcover and instrumental国府弘子4:48
’round MidnightinstrumentalMiles Davis Quintet5:54
’round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:36
’round MidnightcoverMiles Davis feat. John Coltrane5:56
’round MidnightHazel Scott3:01
’round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:58
’round MidnightinstrumentalMiles Davis5:27
’round MidnightMiles Davis Quintet with John Coltrane and Red Garland5:55
’round MidnightKenny Rankin3:47
’Round Midnight (live, 1963-03-05: Stockholm, Sweden)Thelonious Monk9:20
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk7:02
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk7:01
’Round MidnightJoey Alexander6:51
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk?:??
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk6:52
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk6:39
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk3:52
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk3:10
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk3:51
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk3:51
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk6:35
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk2:38
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk3:11
’Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis2:34
’Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:54
’Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:08
’Round MidnightCharlie Parker5:07
’Round Midnight (live: Victoria Theatre, London, England)instrumental and liveArt Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, Al McKibbon, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Stitt, Kai Winding8:17
’Round MidnightinstrumentalTito Puente and His Latin Ensemble2:41
’Round MidnightHerbie Hancock4:19
’Round MidnightArt Pepper3:35
’Round MidnightVance Gilbert4:32
’Round MidnightcoverAnn Hampton Callaway5:57
’Round MidnightcoverLinda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra4:20
’Round MidnightAmy Winehouse3:49
’Round Midnight (live, 1968: Village Vanguard, New York, NY, USA)Thelonious Monk2:15
’Round MidnightinstrumentalFriedrich Gulda6:51
’Round MidnightinstrumentalThe Jazztet10:14
’Round MidnightBobby McFerrin with Chick Corea7:57
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk3:51
’Round MidnightThelonious Monk Quintet3:16
’Round MidnightMaurice André5:42
’Round MidnightSarah Vaughan3:39
’Round MidnightcoverJulie London2:54
’Round MidnightDakota Staton3:02
’Round MidnightSonny Rollins4:02
’Round MidnightJacintha6:15
’Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis, John Coltrane & Red Garland5:56
’Round MidnightcoverMiles Davis5:57
’Round Midnight (in progress)Thelonious Monk25:23
’Round Midnight (live at Newport 1955)cover and liveMiles Davis6:01
’round Midnight [Prestige edition]coverMiles Davis & John Coltrane5:28
’Round Midnight #1coverJoel Frahm with Brad Mehldau7:34
’Round Midnight #3coverJoel Frahm with Brad Mehldau4:40
`Round MidnightMiles Davis feat. John Coltrane5:58
Bossa Nova Do Brazil: Round About MidnightinstrumentalBaden Powell5:34
Four in One / 'Round About Midnightinstrumental and medleyAlexander von Schlippenbach6:22
I Loves You Porgy / 'Round MidnightmedleyDeborah Brown5:38
Medley, Part 3: 'Round Midnightinstrumental and liveJazz at Carnegie All-Stars?:??
Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:11
Round About MidnightMiles Davis8:53
Round About MidnightMiles Davis5:40
Round About MidnightJohn Coltrane5:46
Round About MidnightMilt Jackson & The MJQ2:59
Round About MidnightcoverPatrick Husson2:53
Round About MidnightcoverTatevik Oganesyan7:01
Round About MidnightDizzy Gillespie2:58
Round About Midnight (live, 1960-10-11: L'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, Paris, France)liveMiles Davis5:41
Round About MidnightMiles Davis7:04
Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:12
Round About MidnightMiles Davis Quintet5:22
Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:09
Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:06
Round About MidnightGotan Project feat. Chet Baker?:??
Round About MidnightcoverGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:10
Round About MidnightMiles Davis Sextet7:07
Round About MidnightGotan Project feat. Chet Baker5:58
Round About MidnightMiles Davis8:45
Round About MidnightGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:20
Round About MidnightAlexander von Schlippenbach?:??
Round About Midnight (part of “Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café, Volume 5” DJ-mix)Gotan Project meets Chet Baker7:06
Round About MidnightMiles Davis6:00
Round About Midnightcover山下洋輔 & 山本邦山5:22
Round About MidnightMiles Davis7:09
Round About MidnightMiles Davis5:20
Round About MidnightMiles Davis7:03
Round About MidnightcoverHelge Schneider6:48
Round About Midnight (Meets Chet Baker)Gotan Project7:13
Round About MidniteGotan Project meets Chet Baker7:32
Round Midnightcover and instrumentalJoyce3:36
Round MidnightcoverThe Hot Club of San Francisco5:32
Round MidnightcoverMarco Lohre & Markus Jedowski5:40
Round MidnightcoverTiit Paulus & Jaak Sooäär?:??
Round MidnightcoverHerbie Hancock5:37
Round MidnightThelonious Monk Quintet3:09
Round MidnightThelonious Monk3:11
Round MidnightcoverBlay Ambolley?:??
Round MidnightcoverBrigitte Escobar2:58
Round MidnightinstrumentalErnie Watts Quartet11:05
Round MidnightRandy Brecker with DR Big Band7:52
Round MidnightThe MacEwan Big Band7:14
Round MidnightKenny G6:27
Round MidnightField Stark3:48
Round MidnightcoverLes Brünettes3:04
Round MidnightSarah Vaughan3:37
Round MidnightCharlie Brown3:33
Round Midnightcover and instrumentalDavid Wilson4:35
Round MidnightcoverFantasy .Inc5:24
Round MidnightinstrumentalSonny Simmons4:05
Round MidnightcoverMikel Laboa3:14
Round MidnightBettye LaVette4:44
Round Midnightcover and instrumentalVienna Art Orchestra4:44
Round MidnightCarol Kidd3:10
Round MidnightcoverThe Miles Davis Quintet5:57
Round MidnightcoverThe Noel Freidline Quintet6:55
Round Midnightcover and liveThe Natalie Smith-Phelps Quartet10:34
Tributo a MonkmedleyEnrique Villegas19:38
Около Полуночиcover and instrumentalДжаз-ансамбль Под Руководством Олега Куценко4:18