Delilah (Tom Jones song)

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composer:Les Reed
lyricist:Barry Mason (English songwriter)
publisher:Donna Music Ltd.
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q903546 [info]
arrangements:La nostra favola (translated)
later translated versions:Delilah
later versions:Dalila


1968DelilahTom Jones3:23
1969Delilah (live, 1969: The Flamingo Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveTom Jones4:48
1971-04-10Delilah (live, 1971-04-10: Circus Maximus at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveTom Jones4:08
1972DelilahinstrumentalRhoda Scott6:27
1993-06-12Delilah (live, 1993-06-12: Senate Square, Helsinki, Finland)cover and liveLeningrad Cowboys & The Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble4:30
1997De (That's All Right) lilahcover, live and medleyFlogging Molly8:36
2001-05-29Delilah (live, 2001-05-29: Parco Novi Sad, Modena, Italy)liveTom Jones · Luciano Pavarotti3:24
2001-07-28Delilah (live, 2001-07-28: Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, Wales)liveTom Jones2:58
2002-07-14Delilah (live, 2002-07-14: Tuska Open Air Metal Festival: Helsinki, Finland)cover and liveBruce Dickinson?:??
Delilahcover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:39
DelilahTom Jones2:40
DelilahcoverAlex Harvey4:59
Delilahcover and instrumentalRalf Willing and his Multisound-Orchestra3:23
DelilahTom Jones?:??
DelilahcoverImaginary Sound Project3:02
DelilahliveTom Jones2:39
DelilahcoverNite People?:??
DelilahcoverInkubus Sukkubus7:37
DelilahcoverLeningrad Cowboys feat. Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble4:48
Delilahcover and liveBrad Roberts4:33
DelilahTom Jones?:??
Delilah (live)cover and liveJames Reyne1:49
DelilahcoverIl Volo3:25
DelilahThe Platters3:40
DelilahcoverThe Platters3:36
Delilahcover and liveThe Sensational Alex Harvey Band5:17
Delilah (live)liveTom Jones3:13
DelilahcoverOs Fabulosos?:??
DelilahTom Jones2:37
DelilahcoverHorace Andy3:03
DelilahcoverHorace Andy3:15
DelilahcoverJohn Otway and The Big Band3:02
DelilahcoverHorace Andy3:16
Delilahcover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:39
Delilah (live)liveTom Jones2:46