Forever Young (Alphaville song, “I want to be forever young”)

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BMI: 436747

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orchestrator:Wil Malone
lyricist:Marian Gold
composer:Marian Gold
Bernhard Lloyd
Frank Mertens (German synthpop keyboardist Frank Sorgatz)
publisher:Downtown DMP Songs
Rolf Budde Musikverlag (aka Budde Music)
lyrics page: [info]
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q1437264 [info]
referred to in medleys:4 Chords (Unicante 2013 version)
later parody versions:Für immer Punk
later translated versions:Für immer jung (Bushido/Karel Gott version)
has revision:Young Forever


1985-07-13Forever Young (live, 1985-07-13: Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK)livePatti LaBelle6:05
Forever PunkcoverKBO!3:49
Forever YoungcoverTones and I5:49
Forever Young (Alphaville Cover)coverCybo feat. Esper Fiction4:16
Forever YoungcoverDune & The London Session Orchestra3:59
Forever YoungcoverRebekka Bakken5:43
Forever Youngcover and instrumentalDavid Monte Cristo4:23
Forever Young (part of “SuperDance 90’s: Ninety’s Party” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Space'C?:??
Forever YoungcoverDJ Space4:09
Forever YoungcoverDJ Space'C?:??
Forever YoungcoverTiffany3:26
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:30
Forever Young (“Shine On” edit)Laura Branigan3:28
Forever YoungLaura Branigan3:58
Forever Youngcover and liveBrandi Carlile4:46
Forever YoungcoverHitboutique?:??
Forever YoungAlphaville3:47
Forever YoungAlphaville3:45
Forever YoungAlphaville?:??
Forever YoungAlphaville?:??
Forever YoungAlphaville3:45
Forever YoungAlphaville & Gregor Meyle3:19
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:40
Forever Youngcover and instrumentalHarry Holland & Dieter Reith3:49
Forever Youngcover周華健4:00
Forever YoungcoverDJ 7 and The Sound Generators3:43
Forever Young (part of “The Clubber’s Bible Winter 2003” DJ-mix)coverInteractive3:18
Forever YoungcoverAvalon feat. Slender Flame5:49
Forever YoungcoverThe Spaceband3:56
Forever YoungcoverLuna74:36
Forever Young (part of “Central Nervous System Two: The Brain” DJ‐mix)coverInteractive2:48
Forever YoungAlphaville3:45
Forever YoungAlphaville?:??
Forever YoungAlphaville3:46
Forever YoungcoverSebastian James Hekneby2:06
Forever YoungAlphaville3:42
Forever YoungliveBob Dylan5:31
Forever YoungcoverStephen Chalk4:04
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:42
Forever YoungcoverBlogbusters3:11
Forever YoungAlphaville3:46
Forever YoungAlphaville6:10
Forever YoungAlphaville3:46
Forever Youngcover and instrumental8-Bit Misfits3:47
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:29
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:28
Forever YoungAlphaville?:??
Forever YoungcoverJeff Scott Soto4:13
Forever YoungAlphaville3:41
Forever YoungAlphaville3:45
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:28
Forever YoungcoverJari Sillanpää3:58
Forever YoungcoverKim Wilde3:55
Forever Youngcover and liveEmmerson Nogueira4:36
Forever YoungcoverSpirit Animal3:35
Forever YoungAlphaville8:29
Forever YoungcoverBlutengel4:48
Forever YoungAlphaville?:??
Forever Young (part of a “The Disco Boys, Volume 10” DJ‐mix)Alphaville4:37
Forever YoungpartialAlphaville2:38
Forever YoungAlphaville4:23
Forever YoungAlphaville3:39
Forever YoungliveAlphaville5:44
Forever YoungAlphaville5:51
Forever Young (DJ mix, “MoS: Trance Classics”)coverInteractive4:15
Forever YoungcoverDJ Space'C4:06
Forever YoungcoverLaura Branigan3:58
Forever YoungcoverAxel Rudi Pell4:09
Forever Young (DJ mix from “MoS: The Annual 2003”)coverInteractive4:32
Forever Young (part of a “MoS: Dance Nation Anthems” DJ‐mix)coverInteractive4:00
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:40
Forever Young (part of “Euphoric Clubland 2” DJ‐mix)coverInteractive2:59
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:45
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:40
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:28
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:45
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:40
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:29
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:29
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:40
Forever Young (part of “Turn Up the Bass Megamix 1995” DJ‐mix)coverInteractive1:15
Forever Young (part of “Hit Mix ’95” DJ‐mix)coverInteractive1:48
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:29
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:42
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:02
Forever YoungcoverInteractive5:06
Forever Young (part of “Grandmix: The 90’s Edition 2” DJ‐mix)coverInteractive1:48
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:35
Forever YoungcoverInteractive?:??
Forever YoungcoverInteractive2:58
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:20
Forever Young (part of “Megadance Mix 1995, Vol. I” DJ‐mix)coverInteractive2:00
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:17
Forever YoungcoverInteractive1:36
Forever YoungcoverInteractive2:34
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:41
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:29
Forever YoungcoverInteractive5:30
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:38
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:46
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:39
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:37
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:29
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:39
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:31
Forever YoungAlphaville3:40
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:26
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:57
Forever YoungcoverInteractive4:00
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:16
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:29
Forever YoungAlphaville3:45
Forever YoungcoverInteractive4:04
Forever YoungcoverYouth Group4:31
Forever YoungcoverPaul Michiels4:29
Forever YoungcoverTangerine Dream5:41
Forever YoungcoverWayne Wonder3:42
Forever YoungcoverFire & Ice6:10
Forever YoungcoverDJ Company4:08
Forever YoungcoverRebekka Bakken5:42
Forever YoungcoverMarc De Siau4:23
Forever YoungcoverAtrocity3:50
Forever YoungcoverElla3:47
Forever YoungcoverTune Up!5:16
Forever YoungcoverSkam3:55
Forever YoungcoverEmmerson Nogueira2:55
Forever YoungcoverGregorian4:33
Forever YoungcoverNot Available2:44
Forever YoungcoverB-Charme3:55
Forever YoungcoverStoned3:18
Forever YoungcoverF.O.N.?:??
Forever YoungcoverGregorian3:29
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:24
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:47
Forever YoungcoverJamaica Soundsystem3:50
Forever YoungcoverSara Burnett3:54
Forever YoungcoverForever Young3:56
Forever YoungcoverInteractive2:53
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:27
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:46
Forever Young (part of a “30 Years of Central Station Records: The Hard Years” DJ‐mix)coverInteractive3:06
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:40
Forever YoungcoverInteractive3:43
Forever YoungcoverKatie Hasty3:01
Forever YoungAlphaville3:42
Forever YoungAlphaville?:??
Forever Young (2-4 Grooves remix) (part of “Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 47” DJ‐mix)coverBlogbusters4:11
Forever Young (2‐4 Grooves radio edit)coverBlogbusters3:10
Forever Young (Alphaville)coverJeff Scott Soto4:13
Forever Young (Bill Hamel club mix)Alphaville7:39
Forever Young (Chapter 9 mix)coverInteractive6:48
Forever Young (Chill 'n' Force remix)coverInteractive6:00
Forever Young (club mix) (part of “Clubmix Ibiza, 2002” DJ-mix)coverInteractive2:19
Forever Young (club mix)coverInteractive5:06
Forever Young (club mix)coverBad Influence2:46
Forever Young (Cocktail Twins 12" Remix)coverInteractive6:50
Forever Young (Cream & Candy Second Impression remix)coverInteractive7:03
Forever Young (Deep mix)coverDJ Space'C4:00
Forever Young (demo 2)Alphaville3:46
Forever Young (demo remix)Alphaville4:45
Forever Young (edit)coverYouth Group3:26
Forever Young (Euromix)coverDJ Space'C4:30
Forever Young (Euromix)coverDJ Space'C?:??
Forever Young (extended mix)coverInteractive6:00
Forever Young (extended remix)Alphaville6:11
Forever Young (extended version)coverInteractive6:01
Forever Young (F.A.F. mix)Alphaville4:58
Forever Young (F.A.F.'s Diamons in the Sun mix)Alphaville3:57
Forever Young (Factory mix)Alphaville4:21
Forever Young (Flip & Fill edit)coverInteractive5:38
Forever Young (Flip & Fill remix)coverInteractive5:39
Forever Young (Flip & Fill remix) (part of “Cream Trance Anthems 2003” DJ-mix)coverInteractive3:08
Forever Young (Flip & Fill remix)coverInteractive3:57
Forever Young (German version)coverCell3:12
Forever Young (Hamel album mix)Alphaville4:54
Forever Young (Hamel album mix)Alphaville4:45
Forever Young (Hamel album mix)Alphaville4:58
Forever Young (Hamel club mix)Alphaville7:40
Forever Young (International club mix)coverDJ Space'C4:08
Forever Young (Kosmonova edit)coverInteractive3:28
Forever Young (Kosmonova radio edit)coverInteractive3:28
Forever Young (Kosmonova remix)coverInteractive3:06
Forever Young (Kosmonova remix)coverInteractive5:29
Forever Young (live version)liveAlphaville5:50
Forever Young (live)cover and liveManuel Richter4:10
Forever Young (original ’94 version)coverInteractive3:40
Forever Young (original 12" Mix)coverInteractive5:59
Forever Young (original demo 1983)Alphaville4:43
Forever Young (Original Demo 1983)Alphaville?:??
Forever Young (original mix) (part of “MoS: Anthems 90s, 2 (AU)” DJ-mix)coverInteractive3:43
Forever Young (original mix) (radio edit)coverInteractive2:56
Forever Young (Original Recipe) (station edit)coverInteractive3:42
Forever Young (Perplexer remix)coverInteractive5:07
Forever Young (radio Edit [red Jerry Mix])coverInteractive3:40
Forever Young (radio edit)coverInteractive3:41
Forever Young (radio edit)coverTemperance3:52
Forever Young (radio edit)coverInteractive3:41
Forever Young (radio edit)coverInteractive3:00
Forever Young (Radio Edit)coverInteractive3:40
Forever Young (radio edit) (original ’94 version)coverInteractive3:40
Forever Young (radio mix)coverInteractive3:41
Forever Young (radio mix)coverInteractive3:43
Forever Young (radio mix)Stefano Prada feat. Alphaville3:25
Forever Young (radio mix)coverInteractive3:42
Forever Young (Rave mix)Alphaville3:39
Forever Young (Red Jerry 12" Mix)coverInteractive6:25
Forever Young (Red Jerry mix)coverInteractive4:33
Forever Young (Remix - Extended version)Alphaville6:12
Forever Young (single mix)coverTune Up!3:15
Forever Young (special dance mix)Alphaville6:08
Forever Young (Special Dance Mix)Alphaville6:12
Forever Young (special dance version)Alphaville6:12
Forever Young (Special dance version)Alphaville6:06
Forever Young (Special Extended Dance Mix)Alphaville6:12
Forever Young (special extended mix)Alphaville6:11
Forever Young (Sunset Regime mix)coverRamos & Sunset Regime?:??
Forever Young (Ultra Flirt remix) (part of “Tunnel Trance Force, Volume 46” DJ-mix)coverBlogbusters2:14
Forever Young (unplugged)Alphaville4:31
Forever Young (Version Rapide)Alphaville3:51
Forever Young 2001coverInteractive3:44
Forever Young 2001Alphaville7:28
Forever Young 2001 (F.A.F. mix)Alphaville4:55
Forever Young 2001 (Factory mix)Alphaville4:20
Forever Young 2002coverInteractive?:??