Over the Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz)

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publisher:Swan's Wing Press (music of Daniel Powers)
lyricist:Yip Harburg (in 1938)
composer:Harold Arlen (in 1938)
arranger:Daniel Powers
premiered by:Judy Garland (in 1939)
publisher:EMI Feist Catalog Inc.
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EMI Music Publishing (S.E. Asia) Ltd., Taiwan
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Leo Feist Music
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part of:Academy Award for Best Original Song (number: 12) (order: 6)
lyrics page:http://j-lyric.net/artist/a051fb4/l01b505.html [info]
https://genius.com/Judy-garland-over-the-rainbow-lyrics [info]
https://lyrics.fandom.com/wiki/Judy_Garland:Over_The_Rainbow [info] (until 2020-09-21)
SecondHandSongs:https://secondhandsongs.com/work/5316 [info]
Songfacts:https://www.songfacts.com/facts/judy-garland/over-the-rainbow [info]
Wikidata:Q161402 [info]
later translated versions:Har'ey DungDaq vogh 'oH (Over The Rainbow)
L’Arc en ciel (Somewhere Over the Rainbow, du film “Le Magicien d’Oz”)
Ovan regnbågen
Pāri varavīksnei (Over the Rainbow)
Sateenkaaren tuolla puolen
虹の彼方 (Japanese Version of Over the Rainbow)
later versions:Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Marusha rave version of “Over the Rainbow”)
part of:The Wizard of Oz (1942 Arlen/Harburg musical)
The Wizard of Oz (1939 film soundtrack)
is the basis for:MAIN THEME (Rainbow Islands)
arrangements:12 Songs: Over the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow (arr. Dave Stapleton)
Over the Rainbow (for choir, Pickard)


1938-10-07Over the RainbowJudy Garland2:41
1938-10-07Over the RainbowJudy Garland6:50
1938-10-07Over the RainbowJudy Garland2:47
1938-10-07Over the Rainbow (film version first released in 1956)Judy Garland2:13
1938-10-07Over the Rainbow (original MGM soundstage version first released in 1939-09)Judy Garland2:43
1938-10-07Over the RainbowJudy Garland2:11
1938-10-07Somewhere Over the Rainbow (original MGM soundstage version first released in 1939-09)Judy Garland2:48
1939-07-28Over the RainbowJudy Garland2:42
1939-07-28Over the RainbowJudy Garland with Orchestra2:50
1939-12-21Over the RainbowcoverAl Bowlly with orchestra conducted by Ronnie Munro3:07
1939-12-29Over the RainbowcoverVera Lynn feat. Arthur Young3:16
1943-07-04Over the Rainbow (broadcast recording, 1943-07-04)liveJudy Garland4:16
1945-05-01Over the RainbowcoverFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra3:19
1945-05-01Over the Rainbow (original studio master)Frank Sinatra3:16
1945-05-01Over the Rainbow (original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:16
1945Over the RainbowFrank Sinatra3:18
1946-01-02Over the RainbowcoverFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra3:16
1947-12-13Over the RainbowStan Kenton and His Orchestras?:??
1948-09-30Over the RainbowliveJudy Garland with Al Jolson and Oscar Levant0:48
1949-01Over the RainbowcoverStéphane Grappelli & Django Reinhardt2:46
1949-10-18Over the RainbowinstrumentalJames Moody and His Cool Cats2:52
1949-10-18Over the RainbowinstrumentalJames Moody?:??
1951-04-19Over the Rainbowcover and instrumentalDon Byas Quartet2:49
1951-05-01Over the RainbowcoverBud Powell2:59
1951-10-08Over the RainbowinstrumentalShorty Rogers & His Giants3:02
1952-02-24Over the Rainbow (live, 1952-02-24: The Palace Theater, New York, NY, USA)liveJudy Garland5:23
1952-04-18Over the RainbowinstrumentalPaul Smith?:??
1952Over the RainbowcoverRosemary Clooney3:26
1953-01-28Over the RainbowStan Kenton and His Orchestra3:05
1953-01-28 – 1953-01-30Over the RainbowcoverStan Kenton3:03
1953-12-28Over the RainbowinstrumentalArt Tatum3:44
1953Over the RainbowcoverRita Reys with the Lars Gullin Quartet2:45
1954-02-19Over the RainbowMaynard Ferguson3:03
1954-04-12Over the RainbowinstrumentalJames Moody and His Band3:06
1954-06-29Over the Rainbowcover and instrumentalClaude Williamson Trio3:22
1954-08-06Over the RainbowinstrumentalCount Basie2:50
1955-03-14Over the RainbowinstrumentalErroll Garner10:39
1955-07-03Over the Rainbowcover and instrumentalArt Tatum3:10
1955-10-27Over the Rainbow (alternate take)Sarah Vaughan3:31
1955-10-27Over the Rainbow (original LP mono mix)coverSarah Vaughan3:30
1955-12-16Over the RainbowinstrumentalStan Getz5:25
1955-12-16Over the RainbowinstrumentalStan Getz5:28
1955-12-16Over the RainbowinstrumentalStan Getz5:26
1956-01-22Over the RainbowinstrumentalThe Modern Jazz Quartet3:57
1956-08Over the RainbowinstrumentalThe Marty Paich Quartet feat. Art Pepper2:22
1956-11-03Over the Rainbowinstrumental and liveHal McKusick4:05
1956-11-03Over the Rainbowinstrumental and liveThe Hal McKusick Quartette3:55
1956Over the RainbowinstrumentalThe Marty Paich Quartet feat. Art Pepper2:20
1957-02-05Over the RainbowinstrumentalDonald Byrd & Gigi Gryce8:18
1957-02-18Over the Rainbow (take 3 - alternate)instrumentalLee Morgan, Wynton Kelly, et. al.4:34
1957-02-18Over the Rainbow (take 4 - Master)instrumentalLee Morgan, Wynton Kelly, et. al.4:20
1957-04-07Over the RainbowDizzy Gillespie4:38
1957-08Over the RainbowinstrumentalRusty Bryant3:13
1957-09Over the RainbowinstrumentalThe Ed Higgins Trio?:??
1957-10-03Over the Rainbowcover and instrumentalJohn T. Williams Septet2:28
1957-11-29Over the RainbowinstrumentalBud Shank4:19
1958Over the RainbowCaterina Valente3:00
1959-07-14 – 1959-08-09Over the RainbowinstrumentalOscar Peterson2:18
1959Over the RainbowHarold Nicholas et son orchestre2:00
1960-08-01Over the RainbowcoverAretha Franklin with The Ray Bryant Combo2:39
1960-09-27Over the RainbowcoverRichard Williams8:44
1960Over the RainbowcoverElla Fitzgerald4:16
1961-01Over the RainbowinstrumentalSam Jones6:39
1961-04-23Chicago (live, 1961-04-23: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)instrumental, live and partialJudy Garland4:55
1961-04-23Over the Rainbow (live, 1961-04-23: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveJudy Garland5:46
1961-04-23Overture: The Trolley Song / Over the Rainbow / The Man That Got Away (live, 1961-04-23: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)medleyJudy Garland5:44
1961-04-23Swaneeinstrumental and liveJudy Garland7:31
1961Over the RainbowSarah Vaughan2:59
1962-01-05Over the Rainbowcover and instrumentalChet Baker3:30
1963-07-29Over the RainbowliveSarah Vaughan3:40
1964-03-11Over the RainbowinstrumentalBen Webster4:43
1964-11-07Over the Rainbowcover, instrumental and liveErroll Garner5:00
1964-11Encores: Swanee / Chicago / Over the Rainbow / San Francisco (live, 1964-11: London Palladium, London, England)liveJudy Garland and Liza Minnelli15:14
1964Over the RainbowLorez Alexandria3:59
1965-01-31Over the Rainbowinstrumental and liveBen Webster5:37
1965-01-31Over the RainbowinstrumentalBen Webster5:38
1965-10-21Over the Rainbow (mono)coverPatti Labelle & The Bluebelles2:55
1965-10-21Over the Rainbow (stereo)coverPatti LaBelle & The Bluebelles2:46
1965Over the RainbowinstrumentalKai Winding2:00
1966-12-18Over the Rainbowcover and instrumentalByard Lancaster4:35
1967-05-19Over the Rainbowinstrumental and liveThe Maynard Ferguson Sextet3:50
1969-01Over the RainbowliveJudy Garland4:59
1970-01-09Over the RainbowcoverLou Donaldson7:11
1973-09-24Over the Rainbow (live, 1973-09-24: Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan)liveSarah Vaughan7:22
1974-07-04Over the RainbowinstrumentalStéphane Grappelli and Earl Hines3:51
1976-12-09Over the Rainbow (live, 1976-12-09: Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan)liveRainbow?:??
1977-07-28Over the Rainbowcover and liveArt Pepper6:52
1978-01-31Over the Rainbow (live, 1978-01-31: Niigata Kenmin‐Kaikan Dai‐Hall, Niigata, Niigata, Japan)liveRainbow0:25
1978-01-31Over the Rainbow (live, 1978-01-31: Niigata Kenmin‐Kaikan Dai‐Hall, Niigata, Niigata, Japan)liveRainbow2:18
1978-09-25Somewhere Over the RainbowliveSun Ra Arkestra7:35
1978Over the RainbowinstrumentalTommy Flanagan4:21
1979-07-16 – 1979-07-23Over the Rainbowcover, instrumental and liveArt Pepper10:59
1979Over the Rainbowcover and instrumentalSun Ra5:13
1980-01-18Over the Rainbow (live, 1980-01-18: Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden)liveRainbow1:40
1980-09-08Over the Rainbow (live, 1980-09-08: Malmö, Sweden)liveRainbow2:54
1980-12-26Over the Rainbowcover and liveSun Ra and the Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra4:01
1980-12-27Over the Rainbowcover and liveSun Ra and the Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra2:35
1980Tomorrow Never Knowscover and partialPhil Collins4:47
1980 – 1981Somewhere Over the Rainbow (live, 1980/81: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)cover and liveTom Jones2:58
1981-07-03Over the Rainbowcover and liveArt Pepper with Duke Jordan7:34
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