composer: Vince Clarke (songwriter)
lyricist: Vince Clarke (songwriter)
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Wikidata: Q3035664 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1983 Don’t Go cover and instrumental Star Inc. 1:32
2007-04-25 Don’t Go (live, 2007-04-25: Le Grand Rex, Paris, France) cover and live Nouvelle Vague 4:29
2007-12-07 Don’t Go (live, 2007-12-07: Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal) cover and live Nouvelle Vague 4:10
2009-02-05 Don’t Go (live, 2009-02-05: Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro, Portugal) cover and live Nouvelle Vague 4:29
Don't Go cover and instrumental Laser Starsound Orchestra 3:59
Don't Go cover Terminal Choice 3:32
Don't Go cover LaUD23 6:37
Don't Go (part of “Clubplanet Party Mix” DJ-mix) Yazoo 1:19
Don't Go (part of live at Thomas & Mack Center DJ mix) Yazoo 3:02
Don't Go Yaz ?:??
Don't Go Yazoo 3:06
Don't Go cover André Visior 3:10
Don't Go cover and instrumental Star Inc. 1:31
Don't Go (live, 1982-01-22: Dominion Theater, London, UK) live Yazoo 3:11
Don't Go cover Spray 3:17
Don't Go cover Bypass Unit 5:52
Don't Go cover Atrocity 3:04
Don't Go cover Rosetta Stone 3:28
Don't Go (a cappella) Yazoo ?:??
Don't Go Yazoo ?:??
Don't Go Yazoo 2:41
Don't Go Yazoo 1:23
Don't Go (part of a “FabricLive 24: Diplo” DJ‐mix) Yazoo 2:26
Don't Go Yazoo 2:45
Don't Go (live, 2008) live Yazoo 5:56
Don't Go '99 Yazoo 3:22
Don't Go (5.1 mix) Yazoo 3:11
Don't Go (2008 remaster) Yazoo 2:56
Don't Go (Class X remix) Yazoo 6:08
Don't Go (Digital Blonde instrumental mix) Yazoo 8:39
Don't Go (extended version) Yazoo 8:25
Don't Go (Grey & Frost club mix) (part of “DJ Networx, Vol. 16” DJ-mix) cover André Visior 2:24
Don't Go (HcCarbo DubStep remix) Yazoo 4:49
Don't Go (live, 1982-07-15: Top of the Pops) live Yazoo 2:45
Don't Go (live, 1982-07-24: Saturday Live) live Yazoo 2:56
Don't Go (live, 1982-08-12: Top of the Pops) live Yazoo 2:52
Don't Go (MT's dub) Yazoo 7:30
Don't Go (Musicfactory Mastermix) Yazoo 4:52
Don't Go (promotional video) Yazoo 2:50
Don't Go (Razormaid mix) Yazoo 6:09
Don't Go (re-re-mix) Yazoo 8:24
Don't Go (re-re-mix) Yazoo 4:19
Don't Go (Re-remix) Yazoo 4:20
Don't Go (Todd Terry Freeze mix) Yazoo 6:12
Don't Go 99 Yazoo 4:21
Don't Go! cover Mery Zeta 2:59
Don’t Go Yazoo 2:26
Don’t Go cover S.O.S.Y.A. 2:43
Don’t Go Yazoo 3:28
Don’t Go Yazoo ?:??
Don’t Go Yazoo 2:22
Don’t Go (part of DJ-mix “Mastermix: Flashback 1979–1983”) Yazoo 0:47
Don’t Go cover Nouvelle Vague 3:44
Don’t Go cover André Visior 3:25
Don’t Go cover André Visior 5:16
Don’t Go cover The Orobians 3:37
Don’t Go Yazoo 3:03
Don’t Go (part of “MoS: 80s Mix” DJ-mix) Yazoo 2:32
Don’t Go (original radio edit) cover Starting Rock feat. Diva Avari 3:28
Don’t Go Yazoo 2:50
Don’t Go (12” mix) Yazoo 8:27
Don’t Go (12″ mix) (part of a “Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 2” DJ‐mix) Yazoo 3:39
Don’t Go (live) live Yazoo 3:18
Don’t Go (remix) Yazoo 4:07
Don’t Go (Rian Treanor remix) Yazoo ?:??
Don’t Go (Todd Terry’s radio mix) Yazoo 3:22
Don’t Go (vocal + dub version) Yazoo 8:27