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writer:Jimmy Page
Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin)
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1970-01 – 1970-08FriendspartialLed Zeppelin3:14
1970-05 – 1970-06My Oh My [AKA Friends] (takes 1-2)partialLed Zeppelin1:27
1970Friends (1970, Bron-Yr-Aur Cottage, Wales)liveLed Zeppelin1:18
1971-09-29Friends (live, 1971-09-29: Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan)liveLed Zeppelin5:55
1972-03Friends (Bombay, India, March 1972) (live, 1972-03: Bombay, India)liveLed Zeppelin4:36
1972-03Friends (rehearsing the tune)Led Zeppelin31:26
1972-03Friends (take 1)Led Zeppelin0:16
1972-03Friends (take 2)Led Zeppelin4:36
1972-03Friends (take 3)Led Zeppelin4:30
1972-03Making of Friends I (1972-03: Bombay Symphony Orchestra, Bombay, India)partialLed Zeppelin7:04
1972-03Making of Friends II (1972-03: Bombay Symphony Orchestra, Bombay, India)partialLed Zeppelin12:36
1972-07Friends (1972-07: Studio Session, Bombay, India)Led Zeppelin4:45
1990-05-12Friendscover and liveStone4:53
1994-08FriendsliveJimmy Page & Robert Plant4:37
2001-12-17Friends (live, 2001-12-17: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveElliott Smith5:00
2001-12-20Friends (live, 2001-12-20: Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, USA)cover and liveElliott Smith4:27
2001-12-20Friends (live, 2001-12-20: Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, USA)cover and liveElliott Smith3:10
2012-07-12FriendsliveRobert Plant presents Sensational Space Shifters5:15
FriendsLed Zeppelin0:18
FriendscoverMarco Benevento4:15
FriendscoverLed R3:37
FriendsLed Zeppelin1:39
FriendsLed Zeppelin3:53
FriendsLed Zeppelin0:50
FriendsLed Zeppelin2:55
FriendsLed Zeppelin11:43
FriendsLed Zeppelin3:22
FriendscoverMen and Volts4:07
FriendsLed Zeppelin1:37
FriendsLed Zeppelin3:28
FriendsLed Zeppelin2:02
FriendsLed Zeppelin4:40
FriendsLed Zeppelin1:20
FriendsLed Zeppelin3:14
FriendsLed Zeppelin1:21
FriendsLed Zeppelin3:57
FriendsLed Zeppelin?:??
FriendsLed Zeppelin2:06
FriendsLed Zeppelin2:12
FriendsLed Zeppelin2:11
FriendscoverPain Killer3:00
FriendscoverAmy Anelle & The Shishi Valley Boys?:??
FriendsLed Zeppelin1:31
Friendscover and instrumentalLondon Philharmonic Orchestra, Peter Scholes5:42
FriendscoverQuelques Fiers Mongols5:45
FriendsLed Zeppelin3:53
FriendsLed Zeppelin3:09
FriendsLed Zeppelin4:30
Friends (1:13)Led Zeppelin1:14
Friends (Bombay Orchestra)Led Zeppelin4:27
Friends (Bombay Rehearsals)Led Zeppelin31:39
Friends (final mix take 1 including vocals)Led Zeppelin4:43
Friends (final mix take 2 including vocals)Led Zeppelin4:31
Friends (final vocal mix take 1)Led Zeppelin4:50
Friends (final vocal mix take 2)Led Zeppelin4:30
Friends (instrumental take)instrumentalLed Zeppelin2:02
Friends (instrumental take)instrumentalLed Zeppelin4:24
Friends (Olympic Studios mix)Led Zeppelin3:39
Friends (rehearsal session)Led Zeppelin31:26
Friends (rehearsal takes)Led Zeppelin31:26
Friends (Rehearsal, Part 1)Led Zeppelin4:14
Friends (Rehearsal, Part 2)Led Zeppelin14:34
Friends (Rehearsal, Part 3)Led Zeppelin7:07
Friends (Rehearsal, Part 4)Led Zeppelin2:08
Friends (Rehearsal, Part 5)Led Zeppelin3:22
Friends (rehearsal)Led Zeppelin3:43
Friends (rehearsal)Led Zeppelin1:26
Friends (take 1)Led Zeppelin4:30
Friends (take 1)Led Zeppelin0:17
Friends (take 2)Led Zeppelin12:59
Friends (take 3)Led Zeppelin4:34
Friends (take 5)Led Zeppelin4:52
Friends (take 11)Led Zeppelin4:40
Friends (takes 1 & 2)Led Zeppelin4:47
Friends (track – no vocal)instrumentalLed Zeppelin3:43
Friends (vocal take 1)Led Zeppelin4:55
Friends (vocal take 2)Led Zeppelin4:26
Friends #2Led Zeppelin1:18