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writer:Stig Anderson
Benny Andersson (ABBA)
Björn Ulvaeus
publisher:Bocu Music Ltd.
EMI Grove Park Music, Inc.
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
Union Songs Music
Universal Music Publishing Group
Universal‐Songs of PolyGram International, Inc.
EMI Waterford Music (from 1976 to present)
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998) (from 1976 to present)
Universal/Union Songs Musikförlag AB (from 1976 to present)
premiered at:Kungliga Operan in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden (on 1976-06-18)
lyrics page: [info] [info]
Wikipedia:en: Dancing Queen [info]
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q870786 [info]
referred to in medleys:ABBA Cappella (order: 2)
later parody versions:Dancing Queer
Desperate Queen
Mamma Mi-Diorce (Mamma Mia / Dancing Queen)
later translated parody versions:Rettungssing
later translated versions:La reina del baile
Nữ hoàng đêm nay
later versions:Dancing Queen (German version)
part of:Mamma Mia!


1976Dancing Queen (single/LP/12" version)ABBA3:51
1979-09-24Dancing Queen (live, 1979-09-24: Performing Arts Theatre, Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveABBA?:??
1979-10-29Dancing Queen (live, 1979-10-29: Wiener Stadthalle, Wien, Austria)liveABBA?:??
1979-11-10Dancing Queen (live, 1979-11-10: Wembley Arena, London, England)liveABBA5:52
1980-03Dancing Queen (live, 1980-03: Japan)liveABBA5:51
1982-10-17LADY ナオコメドレー: YOU KEEP ME HANGIN’ ON / 雨 / スニーカーぶる~す / フィーリング / 愛をください / DANCING QUEEN / FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE / しあわせ芝居 / KISS OF FIRE(演奏) / ダンスはうまく踊れない / BEGIN THE BEGUINE / 100%…Soかもね! / YESTERDAY ONCE MORE / I HEAR A SYMPHONY (live, 1982-10-17: Tokyo Yūbin Chokkin Hall, Minato, Tokyo, Japan)cover, live and medley河合奈保子?:??
1992-05-21Dancing Queen (live, 1992-05-21: Forum di Assago, Milan, Italy)cover and liveU22:29
1992-06-04Dancing Queen (live, 1992-06-04: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)cover and liveU23:10
1992-06-15Angel of Harlem / Dancing Queen (live, 1992-06-15: Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)cover, live and medleyU26:30
1992-06-15Dancing Queen (live, 1992-06-15: Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)cover and liveU23:28
1992-06-15Dancing Queen (live, 1992-06-15: Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)cover and liveU23:13
1993-08-21Dancing Queen (live, 1993-08-21: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)cover and liveU22:34
1999Dancing Queen (Mamma Mia! 1999 original London cast)Louise Plowright, Jenny Galloway & Siobhán McCarthy3:44
2008Dancing Queen (live, 2008: Like a Version: Australia)cover and liveWhitley4:13
2009-01Les Danses du cinéma (live, 2009-01: Bercy, Paris)live and medleyLââm, Darmon, Luce, Lorie, Alizée, Bent, Kad, Zazie, St‐Pier, D. Halliday, Bruel, Keim, Ségara, Foly, Palmade, Goldman, Les Enfoirés15:54
ABBA Medleycover, medley and partialMini★Pops?:??
ABBA Megamix: Dancing Queen / Mamma Mia / Waterloocover and medleyStudio 994:59
Abbaturecover, instrumental and partialRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra4:13
Bridal Dancing QueencoverThe Wedding Band1:10
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalRicardo Caliente3:50
Dancing QueencoverJill Jackson3:17
Dancing QueencoverLa Santa Cecilia3:42
Dancing QueencoverThe Sugarcubes2:32
Dancing Queen (Mamma Mia! 1999 original London cast members, 2004 5th Anniversary Special Edition reprise recording)Siobhán McCarthy, Louise Plowright, Jenny Galloway & Company2:40
Dancing QueencoverCurt Görans4:00
Dancing QueencoverDaniel Whittington3:23
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalKlaus Wunderlich4:03
Dancing QueencoverPostmodern Jukebox feat. Gunhild Carling3:19
Dancing Queeninstrumental and liveJames Last with His Orchestra3:28
Dancing Queen (Sing-A-Long version)cover and instrumentalPierce Brosnan, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Dominic Cooper & Amanda Seyfried3:41
Dancing QueenThe Showtime Orchestra & Singers4:02
Dancing QueenABBA3:51
Dancing QueencoverArcano3:39
Dancing QueenABBA3:51
Dancing Queen (part of “Latino Summer Mix” DJ‐mix)coverA★Teens0:41
Dancing QueencoverA★Teens3:49
Dancing QueencoverA★Teens3:28
Dancing QueencoverA★Teens3:50
Dancing QueencoverA★Teens3:45
Dancing Queen (from “Mamma Mia”)Joanna Ampil3:49
Dancing QueenABBA3:51
Dancing QueenABBA?:??
Dancing Queen (live, 1976-08-21: Musikladen 27 TV broadcast)liveABBA?:??
Dancing Queen (part of “Music Machine” DJ‐mix)ABBA3:37
Dancing QueenABBA3:42
Dancing Queencover[unknown]4:09
Dancing QueencoverThe Real Group3:40
Dancing QueenRichard Clayderman3:46
Dancing QueenRichard Clayderman1:42
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalThe Synthesizer Rock Orchestra3:36
Dancing QueencoverBrotherhood of Man2:37
Dancing QueencoverBelinda Carlisle3:37
Dancing QueencoverBEAT CRUSADERS3:10
Dancing Queencover天上智喜 The Grace1:50
Dancing QueencoverMambo Kurt3:45
Dancing QueencoverIssa4:45
Dancing QueencoverThe Munich Philharmonic Orchestra3:51
Dancing QueencoverRaining Pleasure4:14
Dancing QueencoverRedd Kross4:51
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalRichard Clayderman3:45
Dancing QueencoverRegine Velasquez3:53
Dancing QueencoverRob ’n’ Raz DLC4:49
Dancing QueencoverRiff/Raff5:08
Dancing Queencover and liveThe Ten Tenors2:35
Dancing QueencoverSD Project3:07
Dancing QueencoverSexbomb Girls3:50
Dancing QueencoverThe Ten Tenors3:31
Dancing QueencoverWing3:50
Dancing Queen (live)cover and liveJimmy Barnes4:07
Dancing Queencover and liveBelle and Sebastian3:46
Dancing Queencover and liveMoxy Früvous?:??
Dancing Queencover and liveThe Sugarcubes2:36
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:49
Dancing QueencoverTexas Lightning3:27
Dancing QueencoverStudio 993:48
Dancing QueenABBA?:??
Dancing QueenABBA4:22
Dancing Queen (live)liveABBA4:38
Dancing QueenABBA3:36
Dancing Queen[unknown]3:25
Dancing QueenABBA4:24
Dancing QueenABBA5:49
Dancing Queen (part of “70s Grandmaster” dj-mix)ABBA2:13
Dancing Queen (part of “Grandmaster Party” dj-mix)ABBA2:14
Dancing QueenABBA3:38
Dancing Queen (live)liveABBA3:45
Dancing QueenABBA?:??
Dancing Queen (karaoke version)ABBA3:47
Dancing Queencover[unknown]4:02
Dancing QueenABBA3:48
Dancing Queen (live, 1979-11-05: Wembley Arena, London, England)liveABBA4:32
Dancing QueencoverNils Landgren Funk Unit5:21
Dancing QueencoverDressed in White3:33
Dancing QueencoverMaruça & Anastácia4:56
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalRicardo Caliente3:51
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalRicardo Caliente and Thomas Mohr3:48
Dancing Queencover and liveKylie Minogue3:48
Dancing QueenABBA3:42
Dancing QueenABBA?:??
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalOdinO3:22
Dancing QueencoverRob ’n’ Raz DLC4:11
Dancing Queencover李玟?:??
Dancing Queencover and liveEdson Cordeiro3:47
Dancing QueencoverThe Countdown Singers?:??
Dancing QueencoverCarbon 4?:??
Dancing Queencovercoba3:19
Dancing QueencoverDJ Deckstream?:??
Dancing QueencoverSymphonic Rock Project3:41
Dancing QueencoverTop of the Poppers3:43
Dancing QueencoverRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra3:42
Dancing QueenJames Last3:24
Dancing QueencoverLexy & Stephany3:58
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalRichard Clayderman?:??
Dancing QueencoverAbbacadabra3:55
Dancing QueencoverAbbacadabra5:54
Dancing QueencoverAbbacadabra6:12
Dancing QueencoverAbbacadabra4:00
Dancing Queen (part of “Dancemania 5” DJ‐mix)coverAbbacadabra2:40
Dancing QueencoverAbbacadabra5:16
Dancing QueencoverAbbacadabra7:15
Dancing QueencoverEuroteam feat. A. Gordon?:??
Dancing Queencover林志美?:??
Dancing QueenABBA3:49
Dancing QueencoverChet Lam?:??
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalJean-Claude Borelly4:03
Dancing Queencover[unknown]4:00
Dancing QueencoverCher3:43
Dancing QueenThe Musicworkers Gang3:52
Dancing QueencoverGolden Quartet3:40
Dancing QueencoverPierce Brosnan, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Dominic Cooper & Amanda Seyfried3:41
Dancing QueencoverRedd Kross?:??
Dancing QueencoverRedd Kross4:51
Dancing QueenABBA3:51
Dancing Queencover and liveLong Ashton Pantomime1:47
Dancing QueenABBA3:51
Dancing QueenABBA?:??
Dancing QueenABBA3:55
Dancing QueenABBA?:??
Dancing QueencoverTragedy?:??
Dancing QueencoverGlow?:??
Dancing QueencoverThe Real Group feat. Frida of ABBA3:41
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalEthnic Instruments3:51
Dancing QueencoverReinXeed3:34
Dancing QueenABBA3:52
Dancing QueenABBA3:53
Dancing QueenABBA3:43
Dancing QueenABBA3:50
Dancing QueenABBA?:??
Dancing QueenABBA3:53
Dancing QueenABBA3:53
Dancing QueenABBA1:33
Dancing QueenABBA3:54
Dancing QueenliveABBA4:02
Dancing QueencoverCarol Douglas1:55
Dancing QueencoverCarol Douglas3:20
Dancing QueencoverCarol Douglas3:04
Dancing QueencoverCarol Douglas3:21
Dancing QueencoverCarol Douglas3:20
Dancing QueencoverCarol Douglas3:16
Dancing QueencoverCarol Douglas3:06
Dancing QueencoverCarol Douglas3:09
Dancing QueencoverTexas Lightning3:32
Dancing Queen (live)liveABBA3:43
Dancing QueencoverSydney Gay & Lesbian Choir3:41
Dancing QueencoverLeo Moracchioli4:13
Dancing QueencoverThe Countdown Singers3:48
Dancing QueencoverThe Countdown Singers3:50
Dancing QueencoverMeryl Streep, Julie Walters & Christine Baranski4:06
Dancing QueenABBA3:51
Dancing QueencoverE-Rotic3:15
Dancing QueenThe Main Street Band and Orchestra3:41
Dancing Queen (karaoke version)coverSteps?:??
Dancing QueencoverKylie Minogue6:03
Dancing QueencoverFrank Turner3:41
Dancing QueencoverThe Hit Crew3:43
Dancing Queen (live, Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm, Sweden)liveABBA3:47
Dancing Queencover李玟3:30
Dancing QueencoverS Club 73:56
Dancing QueencoverGarageland4:46
Dancing Queencover品冠3:55
Dancing QueencoverHarambee3:26
Dancing QueencoverGlee Cast3:41
Dancing QueencoverDiablo3:45
Dancing QueencoverThe Real Group feat. Frida3:49
Dancing QueencoverA★Teens3:51
Dancing Queencover and liveU24:11
Dancing Queencover and liveU23:46
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:51
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:59
Dancing Queen (live, 1992-06-17: Indoor Sports Arena, Sheffield, UK)cover and liveU22:24
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:18
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:04
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:03
Dancing Queencover and liveU21:35
Dancing Queencover and liveU21:26
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:07
Dancing Queencover and liveU21:26
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:24
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:35
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:06
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:40
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:29
Dancing Queencover and liveU22:24
Dancing Queencover and liveU23:58
Dancing Queencover and liveU23:05
Dancing Queencover and liveU2?:??
Dancing Queencover and liveU2?:??
Dancing QueencoverThe Ten Tenors2:35
Dancing QueencoverABBARATION4:02
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalSweet Little Band3:33
Dancing Queencover and instrumentalMargus Kappel3:39
Dancing QueencoverCarol Douglas3:24
Dancing QueencoverJennifer Love Hewitt4:00
Dancing QueencoverMilo Binder3:07
Dancing QueencoverP3:48
Dancing QueencoverE-Rotic3:28
Dancing Queencover and liveKylie Minogue6:01
Dancing QueencoverSteps3:25
Dancing QueencoverSixpence None the Richer4:01
Dancing QueencoverGlow2:30
Dancing QueencoverLuka Bloom3:56
Dancing QueencoverCaroline O’Connor3:52
Dancing QueencoverDan Baird and the Sofa Kings4:35
Dancing QueencoverThe Yayhoos4:22
Dancing QueencoverGirl Authority3:36
Dancing QueencoverRajaton4:02
Dancing QueencoverAngeleyes3:09
DANCING QUEENcoverLittle Glee Monster3:42
Dancing Queen (7" Millennium mix)coverAbbacadabra3:32
Dancing Queen (7" PWL mix)coverAbbacadabra4:03
Dancing Queen (1992 version)ABBA3:47
Dancing Queen (1992 version)ABBA?:??
Dancing Queen (Almighty 12" Anthem mix)coverAbbacadabra3:52
Dancing Queen (Almighty 12" Anthem mix)coverAbbacadabra6:45
Dancing Queen (Andersson / Anderson / Ulvaeus)Richard Clayderman1:30
Dancing Queen (Back to Your Roots 12" mix)coverAbbacadabra6:15
Dancing Queen (Back to Your Roots 12")coverAbbacadabra6:17
Dancing Queen (Back to Your Roots mix)coverAbbacadabra4:03
Dancing Queen (Back to Your Roots mix)coverAbbacadabra6:15
Dancing Queen (Back to Your Roots PWL mix)coverAbbacadabra6:14
Dancing Queen (Bits n' Pieces megamix)coverAbbacadabra4:39
Dancing Queen (BTS Gold Edition mix)coverA★Teens5:18
Dancing Queen (BTS Gold Edition mix)coverA★Teens5:13
Dancing Queen (definitive mix)coverAbbacadabra6:22
Dancing Queen (definitive mix)coverAbbacadabra4:32
Dancing Queen (Definitive mix)coverAbbacadabra6:25
Dancing Queen (Definitive mix)coverAbbacadabra6:41
Dancing Queen (Definitive radio edit)coverAbbacadabra3:48
Dancing Queen (extended megamix)coverAbbacadabra9:31
Dancing Queen (extended version)coverRob ’n’ Raz DLC5:39
Dancing Queen (extended version)coverAbbacadabra7:14
Dancing Queen (extended version)coverA★Teens5:44
Dancing Queen (feat. ABBA) - Stockholm 1992 (live)cover and liveU24:03
Dancing Queen (Funkyfruit extended mix)coverAbbacadabra7:57
Dancing Queen (J.J. International mix)coverRob ’n’ Raz DLC5:56
Dancing Queen (Jumpsuit extended mix)coverAbbacadabra6:37
Dancing Queen (Jumpsuit radio mix)coverAbbacadabra4:04
Dancing Queen (Jumpsuit radio mix)coverAbbacadabra4:04
Dancing Queen (Kinky Boyz mix)coverAbbacadabra6:33
Dancing Queen (live)cover and livePaul Gilbert3:31
Dancing Queen (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)ABBA7:04
Dancing Queen (Love to Infinity mix) (part of “Ultimate Gay Anthems” DJ-mix)coverAbbacadabra4:44
Dancing Queen (Love to Infinity radio mix)coverAbbacadabra3:58
Dancing Queen (megamix)coverAbbacadabra4:22
Dancing Queen (Millennium mix edit)coverAbbacadabra3:22
Dancing Queen (Millennium mix) (part of “Dancemania presents Disco Groove” DJ‐mix)coverAbbacadabra3:00
Dancing Queen (Millennium mix)coverAbbacadabra3:23
Dancing Queen (Millennium mix) (part of “Dancemania Diamond: Millennium Hits Collection” DJ‐mix)coverAbbacadabra2:50
Dancing Queen (Millennium mix) (part of “Dancemania Best Red” DJ‐mix)coverAbbacadabra2:40
Dancing Queen (Millennium mix)coverAbbacadabra3:09
Dancing Queen (Millennium mix)coverAbbacadabra3:25
Dancing Queen (Millennium mix)coverAbbacadabra3:45
Dancing Queen (Millennium mix) (part of “Dancemania Presents Club the Earth II” DJ‐mix)coverAbbacadabra2:58
Dancing Queen (Millennium radio edit)coverAbbacadabra3:40
Dancing Queen (Musikladen, Radio Bremen)ABBA?:??
Dancing Queen (original mix)coverAbbacadabra7:11
Dancing Queen (Pierre J's Main radio mix)coverA★Teens3:28
Dancing Queen (Pierre J’s main extended mix)coverA★Teens5:46
Dancing Queen (Pierre J’s main radio mix)coverA★Teens3:27
Dancing Queen (PWL Back to Your Roots 12" mix)coverAbbacadabra6:14
Dancing Queen (PWL Back to Your Roots radio edit)coverAbbacadabra3:59
Dancing Queen (PWL mix)coverAbbacadabra6:16
Dancing Queen (radio edit)coverRob ’n’ Raz DLC4:12
Dancing Queen (radio edit) (7" mix)coverAbbacadabra3:54
Dancing Queen (ZIP version) (part of “ZIP mania” DJ‐mix)coverE-Rotic4:46
Dancing Queen Recording Session (Mr Trendsetter, SVT)ABBA?:??
Mamma Mia! Dancing QueenCaroline O’Connor3:52
Nữ hoàng đêm nay (Dancing Queen)partialNgọc Tuyết, Lê Toàn & Lê Trí4:14
Thank ABBA for the Musiccover and medleySteps, Cleopatra, Tina Cousins, B*Witched & Billie4:07
The Best of Abba (medley): Dancing Queen / Take a Chance on Me / Winner Takes It All / Thank You for the Musicinstrumental and medleyGrimethorpe Colliery Band6:28