writer:Eddie Clarke (Motorhead guitarist)
Ian Fraser Kilmister (“Lemmy” from Motörhead)
Phil Taylor (former Motörhead drummer)
publisher:Motor Music Ltd (Motörhead publisher)
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Wikidata:Q2526077 [info]
later parody versions:AIDS in Space
later translated parody versions:Sorvarihumppa
later translated versions:Ás de espadas
De schoppen aas
L'ass de picch


1980-08-04 – 1980-09-15Ace of Spaces (CCN remix) (single edit)Motörhead3:23
1980-08-04 – 1980-09-15Ace of SpadesMotörhead2:47
1980-08-04 – 1980-09-15Ace of Spades (The CCN mix)Motörhead5:18
1980-08-04 – 1980-09-15Ace of Spades (The CCN remix) ("Juliana's Tokyo" Mix)Motörhead3:38
1980-08-04 – 1980Ace of SpadesMotörhead2:51
1980-08-04 – 1981Ace of SpadesMotörhead2:46
1980Ace of Spades (studio outtake)Motörhead3:03
1981-03-28Ace of Spades (live, 1981-03-28: Queens Hall, Leeds, England)liveMotörhead2:49
1981-03-30Ace of Spades (live, 1981-03-30: Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England)liveMotörhead3:00
1982-03-22Ace of Spades (live, 1982-03-22: Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England)liveMotörhead4:05
1984-10-13Ace of Spades (live, 1984-10-13: Kerrang! Wooargh Weekender, Ladbrokes Holiday Village, Caister-on-Sea, England)liveMotörhead2:53
1984Ace of Spades (live, 1984: CBGB, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveReagan Youth?:??
1984Ace of Spades (CBGB's)cover and liveBattalion of Saints3:09
1985-06-26Ace of Spades (live, 1985-06-26: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England)liveMotörhead2:51
1985-06-26Ace of Spades (live, 1985-06-26: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England)liveMotörhead2:43
1986-08-16Ace of Spades (live, 1986-08-16: Monsters of Rock England, Donington Park, Castle Donington, England)liveMotörhead2:55
1986-08-30Ace of Spadescover and liveStone2:19
1987-12-23Ace of Spades (live, 1987-12-23: Brixton Academy, London, England)liveMotörhead3:08
1988-07-02Ace of Spades (live, 1988-07-02: Giants of Rock, Ahveniston moottorirata, Hämeenlinna, Finland)liveMotörhead2:52
1991-03-11Ace of Spades (live, 1991-03-11: Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany)liveMotörhead3:55
1992-12-10Ace of Spades (live, 1992-12-10: Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany)liveMotörhead4:01
1993-07-03Ace of Spades (live, 1993-07-03: Roskilde Festival, Festivalpladsen, Roskilde, Denmark)liveMotörhead?:??
1993 – 1994Ace of SpadescoverJever Mountain Boys3:01
1995-12-14Ace of Spades (live, 1995-12-14: Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood, CA, USA)liveMotörhead2:58
1996-12-23Ace of Spades (live, 1996-12-23: Biskuithalle, Bonn, Germany)liveMotörhead4:08
1998-05-21Ace of Spades (live, 1998-05-21: Docks, Hamburg, Germany)liveMotörhead4:49
2000-10-22Ace of Spades (live, 2000-10-22: Brixton Academy, London, England)liveMotörhead4:23
2000-10-22Ace of Spades (live, 2000-10-22: Brixton Academy, London, England)liveMotörhead4:22
2000-11-27Ace of Spades (live, 2000-11-27: Pontushallen, Luleå, Sweden)liveMotörhead?:??
2001-08-04Ace of Spades (live, 2001-08-04: Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)liveMotörhead3:03
2002Ace of Spades (live)cover and liveSodom2:44
2004-08-15Ace of Spades (live, 2004-08-15: Jolly Joker, Braunschweig, Germany)liveMotörhead?:??
2004-12-07Ace of Spades (live, 2004-12-07: Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany)liveMotörhead4:36
2004-12-07Ace of Spades (live, 2004-12-07: Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany)liveMotörhead4:33
2005-03-27Ace of Spades (live, 2005-03-27: Ogden Theater, Denver, CO, USA)liveMotörhead?:??
2005-06-16Ace of Spades (live, 2005-06-16: Hammersmith Apollo, London, England, UK)liveMotörhead5:23
2008Ace of Spades (2008)Motörhead?:??
2010-11-16Ace of Spades (live, 2010-11-16: O2 Apollo Manchester, Manchester, England)liveMotörhead?:??
2010Ace of Spades (slow / acoustic version)Motörhead3:24
2011-02-28Ace of Spades (live, 2011-02-28: Best Buy Theater, New York, NY, USA)liveMotörhead?:??
2011-04-09Ace of Spades (live, 2011-04-09: Teatro Caupolicán, Santiago, Chile)liveMotörhead5:22
2011-04-09Ace of Spades (live, 2011-04-09: Teatro Caupolicán, Santiago, Chile)liveMotörhead5:22
2011-07-10Ace of Spades (live, 2011-07-10: Sonisphere UK, Knebworth House, Stevenage, England)liveMotörhead5:17
2011-07-10Ace of Spades (live, 2011-07-10: Sonisphere UK, Knebworth House, Stevenage, England)liveMotörhead5:16
2011-08-06Ace of Spades (live, 2011-08-06: Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)liveMotörhead4:55
2011-08-06Ace of Spades (live, 2011-08-06: Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)liveMotörhead4:56
2014-11-04Ace of Spades (live, 2014-11-04: O2 Apollo Manchester, Manchester, UK)liveMotörhead?:??
2014Ace of Spades (live, 2014)liveMotörhead3:45
2015-11-20 – 2015-11-21Ace of Spades (live, 2015-11: Zenith, Munich, Germany)liveMotörhead?:??
2015-11-20 – 2015-11-21Ace of Spades (live, 2015-11: Zenith, Munich, Germany)liveMotörhead3:50
2015Ace of SpadescoverUgly Kid Joe2:45
2017-11Ace of Spades (Motörhead Cover) (live, 2017-11: The Unicorn, Camden, London, UK)cover and liveIron Bastards2:47
Ace of SpadescoverThe Chaos Engine3:09
Ace of SpadescoverThe Bad Shepherds3:47
Ace of SpadescoverAardvarks2:42
Ace of SpadesliveThe Presidents of the United States of America0:48
Ace of SpadescoverBlood for Blood4:03
Ace of SpadescoverMambo Kurt2:44
Ace of SpadescoverResolution2:17
Ace of SpadescoverSodom?:??
Ace of SpadescoverOmnitron2:09
Ace of Spadescover and liveManzer3:54
Ace of Spadescover and liveJustice2:54
Ace of SpadescoverKobra and the Lotus3:40
Ace of SpadescoverSodom2:38
Ace of SpadescoverBody Count3:00
Ace of Spades (the making of – clip)partialMotörhead3:13
Ace of Spades (live, 1981-01-15: Musikladen 59 TV broadcast)liveMotörhead?:??
Ace of SpadescoverJohn D. Prasec2:49
Ace of SpadesliveSodom2:49
Ace of SpadesliveSodom2:29
Ace of SpadescoverUnleashed2:55
Ace of SpadescoverThe Yawpers2:54
Ace of SpadescoverPretty Boy Floyd2:43
Ace of SpadescoverHayseed Dixie2:22
Ace of SpadescoverAlltheniko2:53
Ace of SpadescoverThe Storyteller2:42
Ace of SpadescoverRiotgun?:??
Ace of SpadesMotörhead2:44
Ace of SpadesMotörhead3:00
Ace of SpadesMotörhead2:48
Ace of SpadescoverAvulsed2:34
Ace of SpadescoverAbattoir3:00
Ace of Spadescover and liveWeen3:07
Ace of SpadescoverUnion Avenue2:12
Ace of Spades (live)cover and liveUnion Avenue2:15
Ace of SpadescoverThe Webb4:24
Ace of SpadescoverLisa LeBlanc2:35
Ace of SpadescoverLeo Moracchioli2:48
Ace of SpadescoverLeo Moracchioli2:53
Ace of SpadescoverThe Twang3:06
Ace of SpadescoverCoal3:53
Ace of SpadescoverBrady Harris3:02
Ace of SpadescoverExtrema2:40
Ace of SpadescoverTorment2:30
Ace of Spadescover[unknown]2:53
Ace of SpadescoverBullet for My Valentine2:33
Ace of SpadescoverThe Rezidudes2:34
Ace of SpadescoverThe Les Clöchards feat. MC Saggy Balls3:05
Ace of SpadescoverBlue Meanies2:31
Ace of SpadescoverBjørn Berge2:40
Ace of SpadescoverAcid Drinkers3:02
Ace of SpadescoverThe Twistin’ Tarantulas2:37
Ace of SpadescoverAssert?:??
Ace of SpadescoverWaveGroup Sound3:07
Ace of SpadescoverSickness2:34
Ace of SpadescoverImpaler2:48
Ace of SpadesMotörhead2:47
Ace of SpadescoverMachetazo2:33
Ace of SpadescoverMorthor2:36
Ace of SpadescoverThe Twang2:09
Ace of SpadescoverS.U.M.P.3:20
Ace of SpadescoverNecrodeath2:40
Ace of SpadescoverJon Cougar Concentration Camp2:46
Ace of SpadescoverDrain STH5:02
Ace of Spadescover and liveSkeptical Minds4:01
Ace of SpadescoverBattalion of Saints2:22
Ace of SpadescoverRobert Haglund2:47
Ace of Spades (live, 2017: Saint Vitus Bar, New York, NY, USA)cover, live and medleyMutoid Man + Royal Thunder?:??
Ace of SpadescoverFaff‐Bey2:43
Ace of SpadescoverBathory5:13
Ace of SpadescoverBoy Division1:36
Ace of SpadescoverSun Eats Hours2:23
Ace of SpadescoverMedieval3:14
Ace of SpadescoverDiamond Rexx3:21
Ace of SpadescoverRasputina2:34
Ace of Spades (live)liveMotörhead4:25
Ace of SpadescoverVictimizer?:??
Ace of SpidescoverBleeding Rectum2:24
Eight of SpadescoverAnal Beard3:08
PiquecoverThe Very Small Orchestra2:42