lyricist and composer:A. Frank Beddoe
Wikidata:Q2059705 [info]
later translated versions:יופי של מקצוע


1961 – 1962Copper Kettle (live, 1961/1962)cover and liveJoan Baez2:44
1963Copper Kettle (1963: Radio Station CFQC AM)coverJoni Mitchell2:19
1964-11-01Copper KettleliveThe Country Gentlemen3:01
1970-03-03Copper Kettle (without overdubs, Self Portrait)coverBob Dylan3:36
1971-01-18Copper KettleliveThe Country Gentlemen3:10
Copper KettlecoverBobby Womack3:19
Copper KettlecoverZachary Lucky5:05
Copper KettleThe Country Gentlemen2:53
Copper KettlecoverBob Dylan3:32
Copper KettlecoverJoan Baez2:44
Copper KettlecoverOscar Brand?:??
Copper KettlecoverBob Dylan3:35
Copper KettlecoverJoan Baez2:35
Copper Kettle (extract)cover and partialBob Dylan0:29
Copper Kettle (The Pale Moonlight)coverTony Joe White4:16
Copper Kettle (The Pale Moonlight)coverBob Dylan3:34