Long-Distance Operator (Song from the "Basement Tapes" (Bob Dylan & The Band, 1967))

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  • First copyright date: 1971-01-21

The recording by The Band on the official "The Basement Tapes" release is actually from 1968-02-21: Goldstar Studios, Los Angeles, CA, USA, and is not the version recorded with Bob Dylan during the basement sessions.

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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (in 1965)
publisher:Dwarf Music (from 1971 to present)


1965-12-04Long Distance Operator (live at the Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA - December 4, 1965)liveBob Dylan3:47
1965-12-04Long Distance Operator (live: 1965-12-04)liveBob Dylan?:??
1967-06 – 1967-10Long Distance Operator ("basement tapes" sessions)Bob Dylan & The Band3:40
1967-06 – 1967-10Long Distance Operator ("basement tape" sessions)Bob Dylan & The Band3:39
Long Distance OperatorBob Dylan & The Band3:40
Long Distance Operator (1965-12-04: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA, USA)Bob Dylan?:??
Long Distance OperatorThe Band3:58
Long Distance Operator (outtake, 2018 5.1 mix)The Band4:35
Long Distance Operator (outtake)The Band4:35
Long Distance Operator (outtake)The Band4:35
Long Distance Operator (outtake)The Band3:58