lyricist and writer:Suzanne Vega
composer:Suzanne Vega (in 1982)
publisher:Waifer Songs Ltd.
Warner Chappell North America
WB Music Corp. (1929–2019)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q202915 [info]
referred to in medleys:Polka Your Eyes Out (order: 2)
later translated parody versions:Aamupalahumppa
later translated versions:Dep De Dö Dep
has revision:Tom’s Diner (reprise)


1985-10-14Tom’s Diner (live, 1985-10-14: Uni Theatre, Bremen, Germany)liveSuzanne Vega2:24
1986-04-24Tom's Diner (live, 1986-04-24: Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands)liveSuzanne Vega?:??
1987-08-14Tom’s Diner (live, 1987-08-14: “The Warfield”, San Francisco, CA, United States)liveSuzanne Vega3:10
1987-11-20[introduction] / Tom's Diner (live, 1987-11-20: “Rheingoldhalle”, Mainz, Germany)liveSuzanne Vega3:27
1991-03-15Tom’s Diner (live, 1991-03-15: The Borderline, London, UK)cover and liveR.E.M.2:04
1991-06-06Medley (inc Toms Diner / Back To Life / Groovers In The Heart)cover, live and medleyBarenaked Ladies2:47
1991Toms DinercoverIvo Perelman3:26
1993-05-18Tom's Diner (live, 1993-05-18: Zürich 1993: Albisgüetli, Zürich, Switzerland)liveSuzanne Vega3:05
1993-05-18Tom’s Diner (live, 1993-05-18: Zürich 1993: Albisgüetli, Zürich, Switzerland)liveSuzanne Vega3:09
2000-02-25Neon (live, 2000-02-25: Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA, USA)cover, instrumental, live and partialJohn Mayer8:50
2001-08-18Tom’s Diner (live: KBCO Studios, Boulder, CO, USA)Suzanne Vega2:24
2002-02-24Tom’s Diner (live, 2002-02-24: “Fabrik”, Hamburg, Germany)liveSuzanne Vega?:??
2002-03-07Tom’s Diner (live, 2002-03-07: Les Inrocks, Le Bataclan, Paris, France)liveSuzanne Vega?:??
2003-08-29Tom’s Diner (live, 2003-08-29: The Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY, United States)liveSuzanne Vega3:23
2004-06-13Tom's Diner (live, 2004-06-13: Seaclose Park, Newport, IOW, UK)liveSuzanne Vega3:20
2004-07-15Tom’s Diner (live, 2004-07-15: Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland)liveSuzanne Vega4:35
2004-07-15Tom’s Diner (live, 2004-07-15: Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland)liveSuzanne Vega3:32
2005-03-12 – 2005-03-13Tom’s Diner (live, 2005-03-12 / 2005-03-13: Zénith, Paris, France)cover and liveJenifer4:12
2006-07-08Tom’s Diner (live, 2006-07-08: Tanz- und Folkfest Rudolstadt, Rudolstadt, Germany)liveSuzanne Vega3:01
2007-10-14Tom’s Diner (live, 2007-10-14: Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany)liveSuzanne Vega?:??
2007-11-21Tom's Diner (live, 2007-11-21: Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO, USA)liveSuzanne Vega6:21
2007-11-21Tom's Diner (live, 2007-11-21: Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO, USA)liveSuzanne Vega?:??
2008-07-22Tom's DinerliveSuzanne Vega5:15
2010-11-14Tom's Diner (live, 2010-11-14: Housing Works Bookstore, New York City, NY, USA)liveSuzanne Vega5:10
2011-02-05Tom's Diner (live, 2011-02-05: Hering Auditorium, Fairbanks, AK, USA)liveSuzanne Vega5:08
2012-10-16Tom's Diner (live, 2012-10-16: Barbican Hall, London, UK)liveSuzanne Vega4:06
Pour the MilkcoverRobbie Doherty & Keees.2:52
Tom's DinerSuzanne Vega?:??
Tom's DinerSuzanne Vega2:08
Tom's Diner (live)liveSuzanne Vega4:36
Tom's DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega3:39
Tom's DinerliveSuzanne Vega7:02
Tom's DinerSuzanne Vega?:??
Tom's DinerSuzanne Vega5:13
Tom's DinercoverBingo Players2:37
Tom's DinerSuzanne Vega4:36
Tom's DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega?:??
Tom's DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega5:10
Tom's DinerSuzanne Vega feat. DNA3:37
Tom's DinerDNA5:10
Tom's DinerliveSuzanne Vega3:06
Tom's Dinercover and liveR.E.M.2:10
Tom's DinerDNA3:39
Tom's DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega3:51
Tom's Diner (part of “The Buzz Chart #5” DJ-mix)coverKenny Blake2:24
Tom's DinerliveSuzanne Vega?:??
Tom's DinerliveSuzanne Vega3:09
Tom's DinercoverBingo Players3:52
Tom's DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega3:49
Tom's DinerDNA3:50
Tom's Diner (part of a “The Weekend, Volume 2” DJ‐mix)DNA feat. Suzanne Vega3:38
Tom's Diner (a cappella)D.N.A. feat. Suzanne Vega2:10
Tom's Diner (After Lunch remix)coverBingo Players5:11
Tom's diner (club mix)coverKenny Blake6:52
Tom's Diner (club mix)Kenny Blake feat. Suzanne Vega6:53
Tom's Diner (club mix)coverKenny Blake1:55
Tom's Diner (Digital Bass edit)DNA6:47
Tom's Diner (DM mix)Suzanne Vega2:13
Tom's Diner (DM mix)Suzanne Vega?:??
Tom's Diner (live dub)liveKenny Blake feat. Suzanne Vega6:52
Tom's Diner (live)liveSuzanne Vega2:30
Tom's Diner (live)liveSuzanne Vega3:54
Tom's Diner (original version)Suzanne Vega2:09
Tom's Diner (radio edit)coverBingo Players2:38
Tom's Diner (radio edit)coverKenny Blake3:38
Tom's Diner (radio edit)Kenny Blake feat. Suzanne Vega3:39
Tom's Diner (radio edit)coverBingo Players2:37
Tom's Diner (radio edit)coverBingo Players2:37
Tom's Diner (rap)coverAfter One4:03
Tom's Diner (reprise)D.N.A. feat. Suzanne Vega2:40
Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega cover)coverNoise Generator2:12
Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega)coverLane Lines3:27
Tom's Diner RapcoverAfter One3:18
Tom's Diner RapcoverAfter One3:59
Tom's Diner RapcoverAfter One5:03
Tom's Diner Rap (12" version)coverAfter One5:12
Tom's Dinner (part of “Ultimix@6” DJ‐mix)coverBingo Players2:25
Tom's DinnerliveSuzanne Vega3:08
Tom's DinnercoverKenny Blake4:54
Tom’s DinercoverGiorgio Moroder feat. Britney Spears3:33
Tom’s DinercoverDJ Deckstream3:54
Tom’s Diner (part of “DJ Spinbad Live in Japan” DJ-mix)Suzanne Vega0:29
Tom’s Diner (live, 2002-2003: United States)liveSuzanne Vega2:20
Tom’s DinerSuzanne Vega2:06
Tom’s DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega5:29
Tom’s Diner (part of “Much Dance 90s” DJ-mix)DNA feat. Suzanne Vega4:26
Tom’s DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega5:31
Tom’s Diner (part of a “Club MTV Party to Go, Volume One” DJ‐mix)DNA feat. Suzanne Vega5:08
Tom’s Diner (part of “Breakdown: The Very Best Euphoric Old Skool” DJ‐mix)DNA feat. Suzanne Vega2:52
Tom’s Diner (part of “Grandmix: The 90’s Edition 2” DJ‐mix)DNA feat. Suzanne Vega1:45
Tom’s Diner (part of a “In the Mix, Volume 8” DJ‐mix)DNA feat. Suzanne Vega2:16
Tom’s DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega5:22
Tom’s DinerDNA5:20
Tom’s DinerDNA3:45
Tom’s DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega3:42
Tom’s DinerDNA feat. Suzanne Vega3:43
Tom’s Diner (part of “100% Pure Old Skool Club Classics” DJ-mix)DNA feat. Suzanne Vega3:50
Tom’s DinercoverBingo Players3:54
Tom’s DinerSuzanne Vega4:34
Tom’s DinercoverKenny Blake3:38
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