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writer:Eddie Cooley
John Davenport (songwriter Otis Blackwell)
publisher:Carlin Music Corp.
Chrysalis Songs
Fort Knox Music
Fort Knox Music Co
Fort Knox Music Inc.
Jay & Cee Music
Lark Music Ltd.
Trio Music
Trio Music Co., Inc.
Trio Music Company
lyrics page:http://lyrics.wikia.com/Little_Willie_John:Fever [info]
SecondHandSongs:https://secondhandsongs.com/work/886 [info]
Wikidata:Q919452 [info]
later parody versions:The Leader! (The Totally Free Mix)
later translated parody versions:Fieber
later translated versions:Docteur (Fever)
Trent'-neuf de fièvre
later versions:Visor


1956FeverLittle Willie John2:42
1956FeverSandra Meade2:42
1958-05FevercoverPeggy Lee3:21
1960-04-03FevercoverElvis Presley3:33
1960-04-03FevercoverElvis Presley?:??
1960-04-03FevercoverElvis Presley3:35
1960-04-03Fever (take 1)coverElvis Presley3:43
1960-04-03Fever (Take 1)coverElvis Presley?:??
1960-04-03Fever (Takes 2-3)coverElvis Presley?:??
1960-04-03Fever (Takes 4/M)coverElvis Presley?:??
1960-04-03 – 2014-04-10FeverElvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra feat. Michael Bublé4:26
1960FeverinstrumentalGene Harris & The Three Sounds2:15
1961-03-08FeverlivePeggy Lee2:54
1961-04FeverBuddy Greco2:25
1961-09-19FeverinstrumentalKing Curtis2:45
1963-07-16 – 1963-07-26FeverinstrumentalKenny Burrell & Jimmy Smith5:37
1963Fever / Comin’ Home Babycover and instrumentalThe Ernie Freeman Combo5:59
1964-08FevercoverSarah Vaughan2:48
1966-10-25FeverinstrumentalThe Three Sounds2:39
1969-05-06Chaoscover and medleyThe Doors3:06
1970-04-10Fever (Light My Fire continued)cover, live and partialThe Doors0:23
1970Fevercover and instrumentalCertain Lions & Tigers3:00
1972-08-03FevercoverElvis Presley2:33
1972-08-04FevercoverElvis Presley4:54
1972-08-11Fever (live, 1972-08-11: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley2:48
1972-08-11Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:55
1972-08-12Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:13
1972-08-12Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:55
1972-09-04Fever (live, 1972-09-04: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley3:28
1973-01-12Fever (live, 1973-01-12, Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, HI, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley2:34
1973-01-12Fever (The Alternate Aloha version)cover and liveElvis Presley2:35
1973-01-14Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:47
1973-01-14Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:46
1973-01-14Fever (live, 1973-01-14: Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, HI, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley2:50
1973-01-14Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:50
1973-01-14Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:41
1973-02-03Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:28
1973-09-03Fever (live, 1973-09-03: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley3:03
1974-01-27 – 1974-02-01Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:50
1974-03-01Fevercover and liveElvis Presley?:??
1974-03-14Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:06
1974-03-17Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:05
1974-03-18Fever (live, 1974-03-18: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley3:04
1974-03-18Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:03
1974-03-19Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:08
1974-03-20Fever (live, 1974-03-20: Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley3:07
1974-05-11Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:10
1974-05-12Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:09
1974-05-13Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:05
1974-05-21Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:05
1974-05-25Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:06
1974-05-26Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:07
1974-06-19Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:06
1974-06-21Fevercover and liveElvis Presley?:??
1974-07-01Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:01
1974-08-19Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:36
1974-08-20Fevercover and liveElvis3:53
1974-08-20Fevercover and liveElvis3:07
1974-08-21Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:02
1974-08-24Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:14
1974-10-01Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:39
1974-10-02Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:25
1974-10-07Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:43
1976-01 – 1976-03FevercoverRonnie Laws3:29
1976-05-30Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:32
1976-06-01Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:13
1976-07-03Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:05
1976-07-04Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:09
1976-09-05Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:49
1976-09-06Fevercover and liveElvis Presley4:02
1976-10-14Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:06
1976-10-16Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:02
1976-10-17Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:28
1976-11-29Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:40
1976-11-30Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:30
1976-12-31Fever (live, 1976-12-31: Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley3:04
1977-03-30Fevercover and liveElvis Presley2:57
1977-03-30Fever (03-30 Alexandria)cover and liveElvis Presley3:00
1981-02 – 1981-07Fever (live, 1981: U4, Vienna, Austria)cover and liveWilfried4:45
1982-06-14Fever (live, 1982-06-14: Sun Plazza Hall, Tokyo, Japan)cover and liveThe Jam1:00
1982-07Pity Poor Alfie / FevercoverThe Jam4:41
1985-02-16Fevercover and liveThe Radiators6:06
1989-09-05Fevercover and liveBob Weir & Rob Wasserman4:11
1989-09-06Fevercover and liveBob Weir & Rob Wasserman4:41
1991-09-23 – 1991-09-28FeverBundesjugendorchester & Peter Herbolzheimer4:42
1992-10-24Fever (live, 1992-10-24: Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveBon Jovi?:??
1992-10-24Fever (“live,” 1992-10-24: Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveBon Jovi1:53
1992-10-24 – 1992-10-25Fevercover and liveBon Jovi1:40
1993-09-28Fever (live, Girlie Show, 28th September 1993)cover and liveMadonna4:52
1993Fever (Arsenio Hall Show 1000th Episode 1993)cover and liveMadonna5:12
1993Fever (Saturday Night Live 1993)cover and liveMadonna5:21
1995-05-15 – 1995-05-18FevercoverShirley Horn4:46
1995-08-09Fevercover and liveRatdog4:34
1996-01-03Fever (live, 1996-01-03: Blues Alley, Washington DC)cover and liveEva Cassidy4:10
1996FeverCarol Welsman4:58
1998-01FeverCarol Welsman3:29
2000-03-08(You Give Me) Fever (live, 2000-03-08: Three Stools Tour, Oscar Meyer Theater, Madison Civic Center, Madison, WI, USA)liveAni DiFranco, Greg Brown & Gillian Welch3:34
2004Fever (live, 2004)liveMichael Bublé?:??
2005Fever (live, 2005: Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveMichael Bublé?:??
2006FeverWorldwide Groove Corporation feat. Missi Hale, Venste5:08
2006Fever (More Cowbell mix)Worldwide Groove Corporation feat. Missi Hale, Venste6:40
2008-08FeverCarol Welsman featuring Ken Peplowski and Frank Capp4:02
2009-06FeverCarol Welsman4:12
“Fever” From His WayNana Visitor2:01
Fever (live, 1972-08-11: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley2:56
FevercoverElvis Presley?:??
FevercoverElvis Presley3:33
FevercoverElvis Presley3:32
FevercoverElvis Presley3:33
FevercoverElvis Presley3:34
FevercoverElvis Presley3:30
FevercoverElvis Presley3:33
FevercoverElvis Presley3:32
FevercoverThe Jaded Hearts Club & Matthew Bellamy3:33
FevercoverElvis Presley3:34
FevercoverPrince Fatty featuring Shniece McMenamin3:33
FevercoverElvis Presley3:31
FevercoverElvis Presley3:34
FevercoverElvis Presley3:39
FevercoverElvis Presley3:34
FevercoverElvis Presley3:36
FevercoverElvis Presley3:32
FevercoverElvis Presley3:32
FevercoverElvis Presley3:34
FevercoverElvis Presley3:33
FevercoverElvis Presley3:37
FevercoverElvis Presley3:33
FeverMarc Brandenburg Combo3:20
FevercoverSuzi Quatro3:40
FeverOtis Blackwell3:10
FeverPeggy Lee3:17
FevercoverAmber Leigh Irish3:20
FeverNicki Parrott?:??
FeverTed Heath and His Music3:33
FevercoverLa Lupe2:46
FeverBet.e & Stef3:09
FevercoverTiny Little Bigband3:24
FevercoverRob de Nijs?:??
FevercoverRob de Nijs?:??
FevercoverThe Jingle Jangles1:59
FevercoverThe Boogie Kings?:??
FevercoverGregor Hilden6:58
FevercoverRita Coolidge3:29
FevercoverJoe Cocker3:38
FevercoverBobby Goldsboro?:??
FevercoverChuck Rainey5:02
FevercoverConway Twitty?:??
FevercoverGeorge Gakis?:??
FevercoverCrazy Crackers?:??
FevercoverFreddie Starr?:??
FeverMichael Bublé3:52
FevercoverOld School Basterds3:20
FevercoverThe McCoys2:49
FeverThe Gentlemen of St John’s1:55
FevercoverPeggy Lee3:19
FevercoverPeggy Lee3:15
FeverSophie Milman5:13
FeverLittle Willie John3:13
FeverLittle Willie John2:47
FeverLittle Willie John3:23
FeverLittle Willie John?:??
FeverLittle Willie John?:??
FeverLittle Willie John2:38
FeverLittle Willie John2:40
FeverLittle Willie John2:40
FeverLittle Willie John2:28
FevercoverDion di Muci3:09
FevercoverJames Brown?:??
FevercoverJames Brown3:07
Fever (mono)coverTeddy Robin & The Playboys2:44
FevercoverLiane Foly3:41
Fevercover and instrumentalPaul Brooks3:44
Fevercover and liveGee Gee & Soluna3:25
FeverIlse Huizinga2:52
FeverThe Three Suns3:08
FevercoverGee Gee & Soluna2:54
FevercoverA Fine Frenzy3:27
FeverRay Peterson2:42
FevercoverPatti Drew2:38
Fevercover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:42
Fevercover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:44
Fevercover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:44
Fevercover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:41
Fevercover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:44
FevercoverThe Dynamics5:56
FevercoverEva Cassidy3:56
FevercoverThe Knockouts1:46
FevercoverNina Hagen & Leipzig Big Band4:52
FevercoverCilla Black0:55
Fevercover and liveGrana Louise & Latvian Blues Band8:06
FevercoverRay Charles with Natalie Cole3:31
FevercoverRed Molly3:30
FevercoverElvis Presley3:29
FevercoverElvis Presley3:35
FevercoverElvis Presley3:06
FevercoverElvis Presley3:34
FevercoverElvis Presley2:51
FevercoverElvis Presley3:22
FevercoverMalia & Boris Blank3:28
Fevercover and instrumentalFrauContraBass3:14
FevercoverThe Hassles3:18
FevercoverElvis Presley3:34
FevercoverDick Annegarn3:45
Fever (live)cover and liveBon Jovi1:39
Fever (live)cover and liveBon Jovi1:38
FevercoverKate Ceberano4:03
FeverAlvin Robinson?:??
FevercoverMarine Girls2:15
FevercoverLICIA FOX3:19
FevercoverBon Jovi1:58
Fever (live)cover and liveBon Jovi1:42
FevercoverAaron Sutcliffe5:06
FeverFrances Faye4:23
FeverMusica nuda feat. Jean-Jacques Milteau & Manu Galvin4:56
FevercoverChris Casello & Sue Moreno4:07
Fever (live, 2004)liveMichael Bublé4:08
FevercoverChaka Khan4:15
FevercoverAnne Murray3:23
FevercoverThe Lana Hawkins Jazz Quartet3:22
FevercoverEmile Ford & The Checkmates2:36
FevercoverDaniel Ash4:27
FevercoverSharon Cash2:38
FevercoverLittle Milton2:51
FevercoverThe Hassles3:19
Fevercover and liveCharly García3:37
FevercoverJohnny "Guitar" Watson4:40
FevercoverOtis Blackwell3:46
Fevercover and liveBob Dylan?:??
FevercoverHildegard Knef3:21
FevercoverFrankfurter Kurorchester1:51
FevercoverPatti Drew2:44
FevercoverQuincy Jones2:39
FevercoverThe Manhattans2:39
FevercoverBuddy Greco2:29
FevercoverJames Brown3:05
FevercoverVeda Brown3:10
FeverinstrumentalTed Heath & His Music3:03
FevercoverMichael Bublé3:52
Fevercover and liveMadonna4:52
FevercoverDon Williams3:41
FevercoverElvis Presley2:02
Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:01
Fever (live)coverElvis Presley3:20
FevercoverElvis Presley3:32
FevercoverElvis Presley3:34
FevercoverElvis Presley3:32
Fever (live)cover and liveElvis Presley2:57
FevercoverElvis Presley3:33
Fevercover and liveElvis Presley3:41
FevercoverElvis Presley3:34
FevercoverElvis Presley3:36
FevercoverElvis Presley3:36
Fever (live, 1970-08-26: Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley3:01
FevercoverElvis Presley3:33
Fever (live)cover and liveElvis Presley3:43
FevercoverElvis Presley3:32
FevercoverElvis Presley3:33
FevercoverElvis Presley3:32
FevercoverElvis Presley3:35
FevercoverLa Lupe2:45
FevercoverThe Cramps4:17
FevercoverJunior Byles2:52
Fever (live)cover and liveBon Jovi1:44
Fever (live, 2003-06-17: Ostseehalle, Kiel, Germany)cover and liveBon Jovi1:40
Fever (live, 1992: NY, USA)cover and liveBon Jovi1:40
FevercoverThe Bobs3:27
FevercoverRebecca Gibney2:48
FevercoverChuck Brown and Eva Cassidy4:16
Fevercover and liveCarmen Gomes Inc.5:11
FevercoverDon Williams3:42
FevercoverPeggy Lee2:29
FevercoverHoward Johnson & Gravity2:49
FevercoverMarla Glen4:04
FevercoverTimi Yuro3:04
Fever (1960)coverElvis Presley3:35
Fever (Adam Freeland remix)coverSarah Vaughan4:38
Fever (album edit)coverMadonna4:30
Fever (album version)coverMadonna5:02
Fever (alternative take)instrumentalKenny Burrell & Jimmy Smith3:08
Fever (BIG BAND JAZZ LIVE Ver.)cover and liveJUJU3:41
Fever (Classic mix)coverAaron Sutcliffe3:32
Fever (corporate remix)coverAaron Sutcliffe4:39
Fever (Edit One)coverMadonna4:05
Fever (elvis remix)coverAaron Sutcliffe9:17
Fever (excerpt)Cilla Black0:55
Fever (extended 12″ mix)coverMadonna6:08
Fever (Hot Sweat 12″ mix)coverMadonna7:55
Fever (Hot Sweat 12″)coverMadonna7:58
Fever (In the Band 5.1 mix)coverRay Charles with Natalie Cole3:31
Fever (Late-Night mix)coverMadonna2:12
Fever (live 5-7-76)cover and liveElvis Presley3:46
Fever (Murk Boys Deep South mix)coverMadonna6:29
Fever (Murk Boys Miami dub)coverMadonna7:12
Fever (Murk Boys Miami mix)coverMadonna7:10
Fever (original mix)coverAaron Sutcliffe5:05
Fever (Oscar G’s Dope dub)Madonna4:29
Fever (Oscar G’s Dope mix)coverMadonna4:56
Fever (radio edit)coverAaron Sutcliffe3:32
Fever (Shep’s Remedy dub)coverMadonna4:29
Fever (take 1)coverElvis Presley3:50
Fever (takes 2 & 3)coverElvis Presley4:00
Fever (With String Overdub)Little Willie John2:47
Fever (yod remix)coverAaron Sutcliffe4:28
Fever / It's My Life / We Gotta Get Out of This Place (live)cover, live and medleyBon Jovi8:24
Fever / This City Never SleepsmedleyLiane Carroll5:00
Medley: Hot in Herre / Fevercover and medleyUrban Method2:24
Pity Poor Alfie / Fevercover and medleyThe Jam4:41
Pity Poor Alfie / FeverThe Jam4:41