The Glow-Worm (Johnny Mercer version)

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"... originally translated into English by Lilla Cayley Robinson, in the early 20th century, the song was used in the 1907 Broadway musical The Girl Behind the Counter.

Mercer later expanded and greatly revised Robinson's lyrics, for the 1952 recording by the Mills Brothers. His version was a hit for the Mills Brothers, and it has been performed by several others. The tune is also quite popular as an orchestral instrumental."

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composer:Paul Lincke
additional lyricist:Johnny Mercer
translator:Lilla Cayley Robinson
Wikipedia:en: The Glow-Worm [info]
translated version of:Das Glühwürmchen (Glühwürmchen-Idyll)


1946-02-11The Glow WormSpike Jones and His City Slickers3:07
Glow WormThe Mills Brothers2:41
Glow WormThe Mills Brothers2:08
Glow WormThe Mills Brothers2:13
Glow WormThe Mills Brothers2:11
Glow WormCount Basie & The Mills Brothers2:26
Glow WormJohnny Mercer2:54
Glow-WormcoverSpike Jones and His City Slickers3:12
The Glow WormcoverSpike Jones and His City Slickers3:10
The Glow WormcoverJon Rauhouse2:51
The Glow-WormThe Mills Brothers4:04
The Glow-WormThe Mills Brothers2:38
The Glow-WormRobert Clary2:27
The Glow-WormCanadian Brass1:11