composer:Martin L. Gore
lyricist:Martin L. Gore
publisher:EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
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1993-05-29In Your Room (live, 1993-05-29: Stockholm Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden)liveDepeche Mode7:08
1993-06-01In Your Room (live, 1993-06-01: The Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)liveDepeche Mode6:52
1993-06-21In Your Room (live, 1993-06-21: Olympiahalle, München, Germany)liveDepeche Mode6:32
1993-07-29In Your Room (live video, 1993-07-29: Stade Couvert Régional, Liévin, France)liveDepeche Mode7:27
1993-07-29In Your Room (live, 1993-07-29: Stade Couvert Régional, Liévin, France)liveDepeche Mode6:49
1993-07-31In Your Room (live, 1993-07-31: Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London, England, UK)liveDepeche Mode6:38
1993-09-23In Your Room (live, 1993-09-23: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1993-12-20In Your Room (live, 1993-12-20: Wembley Arena, London, UK)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1994-03-26In Your Room (live, 1994-03-26: Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, HI, USA)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1994-05-14In Your Room (live, 1994-05-14: Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA, USA)liveDepeche Mode6:55
1998-09-13In Your Room (live, 1998-09-13: Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden)liveDepeche Mode5:23
1998-09-18In Your Room (live, 1998-09-18: Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1998-09-25In Your Room (live, 1998-09-25: Zürich, Switzerland)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1998-10-13In Your Room (live, 1998-10-13: Olympiahalle, München, Germany)liveDepeche Mode5:25
1998-11-05In Your Room (live, 1998-11-05: SkyTent, SkyDome, Toronto, Canada)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1998-12-12In Your Room (live, 1998-12-12: KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveDepeche Mode5:23
1998-12-18In Your Room (live, 1998-12-18: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1998-12-19In Your Room (live, 1998-12-19: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1998-12-20In Your Room (live, 1998-12-20: Anaheim, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveDepeche Mode?:??
1998In Your Room (live in L.A. at the CNBS Channel 98)liveDepeche Mode3:38
2001-07-01In Your Room (live, 2001-07-01: Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA, USA)liveDepeche Mode5:17
2001-08-14In Your Room (live, 2001-08-14: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveDepeche Mode5:21
2001-09-02In Your Room (live, 2001-09-02: Tor Służewiec, Warsaw, Poland)liveDepeche Mode?:??
2001-09-02In Your Room (live soundcheck, 2001-09-02: Tor Służewiec, Warsaw, Poland)liveDepeche Mode?:??
2001-09-23In Your Room (live, 2001-09-23: Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark)liveDepeche Mode5:18
2001-09-27In Your Room (live, 2001-09-27: Kölnarena, Cologne, Germany)liveDepeche Mode?:??
2001-09-29In Your Room (live, 2001-09-29: Olympiahalle, München, Germany)liveDepeche Mode5:23
2001-09-30In Your Room (live, 2001-09-30: Olympiahalle, München, Germany)liveDepeche Mode5:25
2001-10In Your Room (live, 2001-10-09/10: Palais Omnisport, Paris Bercy, France)liveDepeche Mode5:32
2001-10In Your Room (live, 2001-10-09/10: Palais Omnisport, Paris Bercy, France)liveDepeche Mode5:27
2001-10The Screening: In Your Room (live, 2001-10-09/10: Palais Omnisport, Paris Bercy, France)liveDepeche Mode5:16
2003-04-24In Your Room (live, 2003-04-24: E-Werk, Cologne, Germany)liveMartin L. Gore?:??
2006-04-27In Your Room (live, 2006-04-27: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA)liveDepeche Mode5:29
2006-04-29In Your Room (live, 2006-04-29: Empire Polo Field, Indio, CA, USA)liveDepeche Mode5:38
2006-04-30In Your Room (live, 2006-04-30: Touring the Angel: Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveDepeche Mode5:22
2006-05-04In Your Room (live, 2006-05-04: Foro Sol Stadium, Mexico City, Mexico)liveDepeche Mode5:24
2006-05-05In Your Room (live, 2006-05-05: Foro Sol Stadium, Mexico City, Mexico)liveDepeche Mode5:25
2006-05-07In Your Room (live, 2006-05-07: Arena, Monterrey, Mexico)liveDepeche Mode5:26
2006-05-21In Your Room (live, 2006-05-21: Nissan Pavillion, Washington, DC, USA)liveDepeche Mode5:25
2006-06-07In Your Room (live, 2006-06-07: Atletion Stadium, Aarhus, Denmark)liveDepeche Mode5:25
2006-06-21In Your Room (live, 2006-06-21: Lokomotiv Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria)liveDepeche Mode5:39
2006-06-26In Your Room (live, 2006-06-26: The Point, Dublin, Ireland)liveDepeche Mode5:29
2006-07-01In Your Room (live, 2006-07-01: Eurockeennes, Belfort, France)liveDepeche Mode5:33
2006-07-02In Your Room (live, 2006-07-02: Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium)liveDepeche Mode5:32
2006-07-07In Your Room (live, 2006-07-07: Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden)liveDepeche Mode5:25
2006-07-13In Your Room (live, 2006-07-13: Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany)liveDepeche Mode5:28
2006-07-15In Your Room (live, 2006-07-15: Festwiese, Leipzig, Germany)liveDepeche Mode5:26
2006-07-20In Your Room (live, 2006-07-20: Antic Arena, Nimes, France)liveDepeche Mode5:31
2006-07-22In Your Room (live, 2006-07-22: Anoeta Stadium, San Sebastian, Spain)liveDepeche Mode5:25
2006-07-26In Your Room (live, 2006-07-26: Plaza de Toros, Granada, Spain)liveDepeche Mode5:35
2006-08-01In Your Room (live, 2006-08-01: Terra Vibe, Athens, Greece)liveDepeche Mode5:32
2009-06-13In Your Room (live, 2009-06-13: Olympiastadion, München, Germany)liveDepeche Mode5:32
2009-06-16In Your Room (live, 2009-06-16: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy)liveDepeche Mode5:33
2009-06-30In Your Room (live, 2009-06-30: Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark)liveDepeche Mode5:27
2009-08-25In Your Room (live, 2009-08-25: E-Center, Salt Lake City, UT, USA)liveDepeche Mode5:23
2009-11In Your Room (live, 2009-11-20/21: Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain)liveDepeche Mode5:26
2009-11In Your Room (live, 2009-11-20/21: Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain)liveDepeche Mode5:29
2009-12-13In Your Room (live, 2009-12-13: LG Arena, Birmingham, UK)liveDepeche Mode5:24
2010-02-17In Your Room (live, 2010-02-17: The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveDepeche Mode5:28
In Your RoomcoverLingua5:46
In Your RoomcoverRed Sparrow5:34
In Your RoomcoverVitamin String Quartet4:38
In Your RoomcoverHarsh Realm5:40
In Your RoomcoverСобаки Табака6:23
In Your RoomcoverIn Dreams4:25
In Your RoomcoverRed Leev6:03
In Your RoomcoverDiesel Christ4:51
In Your RoomcoverSylvain Chauveau & Ensemble Nocturne5:04
In Your RoomcoverImpatt4:05
In Your RoomcoverRob Augino & Bryan McPhail4:53
In Your RoomcoverMicah Stupak4:20
In Your RoomcoverZeraphine5:22
In Your RoomcoverForgotten Sunrise6:38
In Your RoomcoverΟρχήστρα του 5ου Γαλαξία?:??
In Your RoomcoverAyria4:21
In Your Room (remix)Depeche Mode6:15
In Your Room (album version)Depeche Mode6:27
In Your Room (live: Late Show with David Letterman)liveDepeche Mode3:39
In Your RoomcoverREAPERS5:20
In Your RoomcoverDominia4:44
In Your RoomcoverLovelorn Dolls?:??
In Your RoomcoverSoundSequence4:44
In Your RoomcoverDance or Die5:00
In Your Room (album version; 5.1 mix)Depeche Mode6:27
In Your RoomDepeche Mode4:54
In Your RoomcoverDominia?:??
In Your Roomcover and liveMode Reload?:??
In Your RoomcoverCold in May4:37
In Your Room (7" edit)Depeche Mode6:51
In Your Room (Ambient mix)Depeche Mode6:46
In Your Room (Apex mix)Depeche Mode6:45
In Your Room (Dark Vibes mix)Depeche Mode6:39
In Your Room (extended Zephyr mix)Depeche Mode6:44
In Your Room (Favourite Innocence mix)Depeche Mode6:42
In Your Room (Hiroshima mix)Depeche Mode7:05
In Your Room (The Jeep Rock mix)Depeche Mode6:20
In Your Room (Whispered Sex version)Depeche Mode5:37
In Your Room (written by Depeche Mode)coverThe Stompcrash4:21
In Your Room (Zephyr mix) (edit)Depeche Mode4:32
In Your Room (Zephyr mix) (single version)Depeche Mode4:50
In Your Room & Higher Love (Adrenaline mix)Depeche Mode7:52