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  • First copyright date: 1988-10-04
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lyricist:Bono (singer of U2) (in 1987-04)
Bob Dylan (in 1987-04)
composer:U2 (Irish rock band)
publisher:Blue Mountain Music (from 1988 to present)
Special Rider Music (from 1988 to present)
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1988-10-16Love Rescue Me (live, 1988-10-16: Smile Jamaica Concert, Dominion Theatre, London, England)liveU2 feat. Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers5:22
1989-12-31Love Rescue MeliveU28:20
All I Want Is You / Love Rescue MeliveU29:57
Love Rescue MecoverPlaying for Change3:48
Love Rescue MeliveU29:31
Love Rescue MeU27:33
Love Rescue MeliveU28:20
Love Rescue Me (live, 1989-12-30: Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland)liveU27:28
Love Rescue MeU25:05
Love Rescue Me (live, 1989-12-26: Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland)liveU2?:??
Love Rescue MeliveU28:20
Love Rescue Me (live, 1988-10-16: Dominion Theater, London, UK)liveU24:00
Love Rescue MeU27:36
Love Rescue MeliveU27:11
Love Rescue MeliveU29:32
Love Rescue MeliveU25:53
Love Rescue MeliveU25:24
Love Rescue Me (live)cover and liveU25:42
Love Rescue MecoverRoesy4:53
Love Rescue MeU2 & Bob Dylan6:25
Love Rescue Me (live)liveU2 feat. Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers5:22
Love Rescue Me (live)liveU25:22