lyricist and composer:Linda Perry (rock singer‐songwriter & producer)
publisher:Sony/ATV Harmony UK
Stuck in the Throat
lyrics page:'s_Up? [info]
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Wikidata:Q2604122 [info]
later parody versions:Best Friends (From Now On)
What's Up, My Dick?
later translated versions:Buten Kluten


2002-08-15LICK IT & WHAT`S UPcover, live and medleyBaby V.O.X?:??
2006-12-04What’s Up (live, 2006-12-04: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)cover and liveP!nk5:54
4 Non Blondes 'What's Going on'coverWalt Ribeiro4:51
HEY! What's Up? (Cover)coverAverage Joey3:03
What's UpcoverDJ Miko3:59
What's Up4 Non Blondes4:13
What's UpcoverDJ Miko5:12
What's UpcoverDJ Miko5:14
What's UpcoverDJ Miko5:14
What's UpcoverDJ Miko4:14
What's UpcoverDJ Miko4:48
What's UpcoverDJ Miko4:32
What's UpcoverDJ Miko3:13
What's UpcoverDJ Miko4:52
What's Up (part of “Hit Mania Dance” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko3:37
What's UpcoverPowered Milk feat. DJ Miko5:32
What's UpcoverDJ Miko4:02
What's Up (part of “Dance Party 2000” DJ-mix)coverDJ Miko3:45
What's UpcoverMax Deejay vs. DJ Miko3:20
What's UpcoverDJ Miko5:12
What's Upcover and liveAl.Hy2:26
What's UpcoverJake H. Concepcion4:53
What's UpcoverVyncent Flaw3:35
What's UpcoverThe Lounge-O-Leers4:01
What's UpcoverPelleK2:21
What's UpcoverOff the Beat?:??
What's UpcoverUnwoman4:47
What's UpcoverJil Is Lucky4:06
What's UpcoverPaRaDoX6:39
What's UpcoverNICOTINE4:03
What's UpcoverAl.Hy2:26
What's UpcoverDanni Carlos4:47
What's UpcoverDJ Miko3:55
What's UpcoverDJ Miko4:54
What's UpcoverDJ Miko4:18
What's UpcoverDJ Miko?:??
What's Up (4 B's mix)coverDJ Miko4:07
What's Up (4B's mix) (part of “Club Mix 95” DJ-mix)coverDJ Miko5:14
What's Up (12" Dance mix)coverMinnesota5:18
What's Up (club edit)coverDJ Miko4:55
What's up (Club Mix) [feat. Charlene]coverMarco van Bassken5:11
What's Up (DJ Ten + Spiral Dirt remix) (part of "Trance Paradise 3" DJ mix)coverDJ Miko3:17
What's Up (feat. Charlene) (Rico NL remix)coverMarco van Bassken7:40
What's Up (Groove Coverage radio edit)coverMax Deejay vs. DJ Miko3:19
What's Up (Groove Coverage remix edit)coverMax Deejay vs. DJ Miko3:18
What's Up (House Pimps mix 1)coverDJ Miko6:01
What's Up (House Pimps mix 2)coverDJ Miko5:58
What's Up (House Pimps remix)coverDJ Miko6:02
What's Up (Night Ground mix)coverDJ Miko4:35
What's Up (original mix)coverDJ Miko5:15
What's Up (Red Monster 2001 mix)coverDJ Miko3:26
What's Up (Solar System & Rockola remix) (part of “Dancemania Trance Z” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko3:46
What's Up 2000coverDJ Miko7:06
What's Up 2000 (part of “Zipmania II” DJ-mix)coverDJ Miko4:29
What's Up 2000 (edit)coverDJ Miko4:32
What's Up 2000 (Instinctive mix)coverDJ Miko6:23
What's Up 2000 (KCP Grandale mix)coverDJ Miko1:52
What's Up 2003coverDJ Miko3:58
What's Up 2004coverDJ Miko?:??
What's Up?coverTrash Pour 44:36
What's Up?4 Non Blondes4:52
What's Up?coverGeorgetown University Phantoms3:36
What's Up?coverDJ Miko5:14
What's Up?coverDJ Miko4:32
What's Up?coverDJ Miko5:10
What's Up? (4 Blondes mix)coverDJ Miko5:13
What's Up?!coverThe Ontherocks?:??
What’s Up (part of “Pirate Radio Sessions, Volume 4” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko4:08
What’s UpcoverDJ Miko4:19
What’s Up (part of “The Best of Dance Mix USA, Vol. 2” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko4:30
What’s Up (part of “Mega Dance Mix 94” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko2:22
What’s UpcoverDJ Miko4:15
What’s UpcoverMax Deejay vs. DJ Miko4:29
What’s Up (part of “Mega Dance Mix” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko2:24
What’s Up (part of “Turn Up the Bass: Mega Mix” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko2:00
What’s UpcoverDJ Miko4:02
What’s UpcoverDJ Miko3:28
What’s UpcoverDanni Carlos4:45
What’s UpcoverDJ Miko4:05
What’s UpcoverUrselle4:41
What’s UpcoverSultry4:02
What’s Up4 Non Blondes4:52
What’s Up (4 B’s remix)coverDJ Miko5:16
What’s Up (4 Blondes mix)coverDJ Miko5:17
What’s Up (club edit) (part of “Dance Machine 2” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko2:36
What’s Up (club mix)coverDJ Miko4:54
What’s Up (extended Clap Attack)coverDJ Miko5:15
What’s Up (Extended Clap Attack)coverDJ Miko5:14
What’s Up (Menthal Kids remix) (part of “Dancemania Speed Evolution Speed G3” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko2:42
What’s Up (Minor Key Version)coverChase Holfelder3:50
What’s Up (radio edit)coverDJ Miko4:07
What’s Up (radio mix)coverMax Deejay vs. DJ Miko?:??
What’s Up (remix) (part of “Maxi Top, Volume 2” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko5:16
What’s Up (remix)coverDJ Miko4:59
What’s Up (Solor System & Rockola remix) (part of “Zipmania 7” DJ-mix)coverDJ Miko3:56
What’s Up (The Voice Performance)cover and liveKimberly Nichole4:01
What’s Up 2000 (part of “ZIP Mania Best” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko2:37
What’s Up 2000 (part of “Dancemania Best Red” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko3:02
What’s Up 2000 (4 B’s mix)coverDJ Miko5:15
What’s Up 2000 (radio edit)coverDJ Miko3:36
What’s Up 2000 (The Instinctive mix) (part of “De Après Skihut 6” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko1:44
What’s Up 2000 (The Instinctive mix) (part of “Dancemania Delux 3” DJ-mix)coverDJ Miko3:58
What’s Up 2000 (The Instinctive mix) (part of “Dancemania Diamond: Millennium Hits Collection” DJ‐mix)coverDJ Miko3:44
What’s Up 2003coverDJ Miko3:41
What’s Up?coverGroove Da Praia5:18
What’s Up?4 Non Blondes4:52
What’s Up?4 Non Blondes4:55
What’s Up? (acoustic - piano version)4 Non Blondes4:20
What’s Up? (drum along edit)4 Non Blondes4:38
What’s Up? (live, 1993-09-04: New York, USA)live4 Non Blondes4:54
What’s Up?coverBen Forster3:27
What’s Up?coverKarizma Duo3:52
What’s Up?coverLeo Moracchioli5:31
What’s Up? (edit)4 Non Blondes4:14
What’s Up?4 Non Blondes4:23
What’s Up? (live)live4 Non Blondes5:27
What’s Up?4 Non Blondes4:51
What’s Up? (piano version)4 Non Blondes4:09
What’s Up? (piano version) (live)live4 Non Blondes4:12
What’s Up? (remix)4 Non Blondes4:53
What’s Up? (without drums)4 Non Blondes4:39
Whats UpcoverDave Stewart4:03
Whats UpcoverDJ Miko4:56