Oh, What a Lovely War! (stage musical)

~ Musical


librettist:Joan Littlewood
other databases:http://castalbums.org/shows/Oh-What-a-Lovely-War/918/ [info]
parts:1. Row, Row, Row (Ziegfield Follies of 1912)
2. Your King and Country Want You
3. Belgium Put the Kibosh on the Kaiser
4. Are We Downhearted?
5. Hold Your Hand Out, Naughty Boy
6. I’ll Make a Man of You
7. Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag
8. Hitchy Koo
9. Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht
10. Christmas Day in the Cookhouse
11. Good‐bye‐ee!
12. Oh, It’s a Lovely War
13. Gassed Last Night
14. There’s a Long, Long Trail A‐Winding
15. Hush Here Comes a Whizzbang
16. They Were Only Playing Leapfrog (set to the tune of "John Brown’s Body")
17. I Wore a Tunic (When You Wore a Tulip)
18. Forward Joe Soap’s Army (set to the tune of "Onward, Christian Soldiers")
19. When This Lousy War Is Over (set to the tune of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus")
20. Wash Me in the Water
21. I Want to Go Home (from "Oh, What a Lovely War!")
22. The Bells of Hell Go Ting‐a‐ling‐a‐ling
23. Keep the Home Fires Burning
24. La Chanson de Craonne
25. I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier
26. And When They Ask Us (set to the tune of "They Didn't Believe Me")