writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:Northern Songs Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (1995-2020)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC
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referred to in medleys:Come Together / Dear Prudence / Cry Baby Cry (Love version) (order: 2)
later parody versions:Dear Derpy
later translated versions:Ti prusa (Dear Prudence)
is the basis for:Dear Dinosaur


1968-05Dear Prudence (Esher demo)The Beatles4:47
1968-08-28 – 1968-08-30Dear Prudence (2018 stereo mix)The Beatles3:55
1968-08-28 – 1968-08-30Dear Prudence (original mono studio mix)The Beatles3:54
1968-08-28 – 1968-08-30Dear Prudence (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles3:56
1968-08-28 – 1968-08-30Dear Prudence (5.1 mix)The Beatles3:55
1968-08-28 – 1968-08-30Dear Prudence (vocal, guitar & drums)The Beatles4:00
1969-01-10Dear Prudence 10.83partialThe Beatles1:33
1979-02Dear PrudencecoverJerry Garcia5:56
1979-07-08Dear Prudencecover and liveGrateful Dead11:48
1979Dear Prudencecover and liveReconstruction11:40
1980-02-29Dear Prudencecover and liveJerry Garcia Band10:30
1980-03-01Dear Prudencecover and liveJerry Garcia Band10:22
1981-06-26Dear Prudencecover and liveJerry Garcia Band9:56
1983Dear Prudence (live, 1983: Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK)cover and liveSiouxsie and the Banshees4:01
1987-10-31Dear Prudencecover and liveJerry Garcia Band12:04
1989-09-06Dear Prudencecover and liveJerry Garcia Band10:37
1989-09-16Dear Prudencecover and liveJerry Garcia Band11:05
1990-08-08Dear Prudencecover and liveJerry Garcia Band11:41
1993-11-11Dear Prudencecover and liveJerry Garcia Band11:38
1994-10-31Dear Prudencecover and livePhish4:02
1995-09-13Dear Prudence (live, 1995-09-13: Manny’s Car Wash, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveHiram Bullock Band11:27
2000-12 – 2001-01Dear PrudencecoverRudy Rotta Band4:24
2008-12Dear PrudencecoverLau4:29
2014-04-03Dear Prudencecover and liveJavier Navas, José Carra, Cuarteto Granada6:17
2016-06-22Dear Prudencecover and livePhish4:55
2016-06-23Dear Prudencecover and liveDead & Company8:25
2016-06-29Dear Prudencecover and livePhish3:59
2016-07-07Dear Prudencecover and liveDead & Company8:55
2016-07-22Dear Prudencecover and liveDead & Company9:07
2017-03-24Dear Prudence (live, 2017-03-24: Big Ears Festival, The Standard, Knoxville, TN, USA)cover and liveRobyn Hitchcock & Yo La Tengo4:25
2021-06-22Dear Prudence (solo ukulele, released 2021-06-24)cover and instrumentalGerald Ross2:56
Champagne Supernova / Dear Prudence (Oasis / Beatles cover)cover and medleyThe Pretty Reckless4:22
Dear Prudencecover and liveSamm Bennett and Chunk3:22
Dear Prudence (part of “The Trip” DJ-mix)coverSiouxsie and the Banshees?:??
Dear PrudencecoverCarpet Frogs3:49
Dear Prudencecover and instrumentalMario DaSilva4:02
Dear PrudencecoverOHN4:04
Dear PrudenceSiouxsie and the Banshees3:49
Dear PrudencecoverSiouxsie and the Banshees3:49
Dear PrudencecoverWill Taylor4:25
Dear PrudencecoverCecily Pearce3:56
Dear PrudencecoverEnuff Z’Nuff6:16
Dear PrudenceFury in the Slaughterhouse4:20
Dear PrudencecoverCobody5:31
Dear Prudencecover and liveSiouxsie4:24
Dear PrudencecoverSiouxsie and the Banshees4:03
Dear PrudencecoverThe Carpet Frogs4:06
Dear PrudenceRab Howat3:56
Dear PrudencecoverFury in the Slaughterhouse4:21
Dear PrudencecoverJohn A. Roberts4:21
Dear Prudence (live, 2003/2004: various venues in the Southeast, USA)cover and liveIndecision8:47
Dear PrudencecoverSiouxsie and the Banshees3:38
Dear Prudencecover and liveSiouxsie and the Banshees4:12
Dear Prudencecover and instrumentalRamsey Lewis?:??
Dear PrudencecoverZé Ramalho5:20
Dear PrudencecoverRamsey Lewis4:54
Dear PrudencecoverCaspar Babypants2:23
Dear PrudencecoverLisa Lauren6:20
Dear PrudencecoverJohn Fremgen7:08
Dear Prudencecover and instrumentalLes Boréades de Montréal4:05
Dear PrudencecoverThe Honeydogs4:27
Dear PrudencecoverFive Stairsteps3:32
Dear PrudencecoverAd Libitum, Anne-Lie Rydé4:12
Dear PrudencecoverJahdan Blakkamoore4:47
Dear PrudencecoverLe Griser feat. Dew4:28
Dear PrudencecoverSaigon Kick3:40
Dear PrudencecoverMorgan James3:54
Dear PrudencecoverHiram Bullock6:03
Dear PrudencecoverJeff Lorber4:55
Dear PrudencecoverClaus Hempler6:03
Dear PrudencecoverTok Tok Tok4:15
Dear PrudencecoverSongs of Green Pheasant5:28
Dear PrudencecoverTrouble Tribe4:08
Dear PrudencecoverAlanis Morissette5:22
Dear PrudencecoverLarry Graham & Graham Central Station4:33
Dear PrudencecoverBrad Mehldau5:23
Dear PrudencecoverFury in the Slaughterhouse4:08
Dear PrudencecoverColeco Music4:04
Dear PrudencecoverSiouxsie and the Banshees4:12
Dear PrudencecoverSiouxsie and the Banshees3:46
Dear PrudencecoverSiouxsie and the Banshees3:39
Dear PrudencecoverSiouxsie and the Banshees3:46
Dear PrudencecoverSiouxsie and the Banshees4:27
Dear PrudencecoverThe Nutopians4:43
Dear PrudencecoverDoug Parkinson in Focus4:19
Dear PrudencecoverTahkus Ekedal4:56
Dear PrudencecoverFloss4:38
Dear Prudencecover and liveMontezuma’s Revenge2:31
Dear PrudenceThe Wooks5:42
Dear PrudenceThe Beatles3:50
Dear PrudenceJohn Lennon?:??
Dear PrudenceJohn Lennon4:39
Dear PrudenceJohn Lennon3:59
Dear PrudenceJohn Lennon3:59
Dear PrudenceJohn Lennon4:44
Dear PrudenceJohn Lennon4:44
Dear PrudenceJohn Lennon4:43
Dear PrudenceJohn Lennon4:36
Dear PrudenceJohn Lennon4:45
Dear PrudencecoverB For Bang6:23
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