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composer:Alexander Coe
Darren Emerson
Charlie May


SchorchioSasha & Emerson4:56
Scorchio (part of “Progression” DJ-mix)Sasha & Emerson4:07
Scorchio (part of a “The History of Trance Euphoria” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson3:34
Scorchio (part of a “Gatecrasher: National Anthems” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson3:30
ScorchioSasha & Emerson9:33
ScorchioSasha & Emerson3:30
Scorchio (part of a “Renaissance Anthems” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson5:32
Scorchio (part of “Rush Hour” DJ-mix)Sasha / Emerson4:12
Scorchio (DJ mix from “MoS: The Annual 2000”)Sasha & Emerson4:10
ScorchioSasha & Emerson3:35
ScorchioSasha & Emerson4:46
ScorchioSasha & Emerson8:37
Scorchio (part of a “MoS: The Rush” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson4:04
ScorchioSasha feat. Darren Emerson8:02
Scorchio (part of a “MoS: Trance Nation: The Collection” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson3:21
Scorchio (part of a “Gatecrasher Forever” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson5:23
Scorchio (part of “Cream Trance Anthems: Ibiza 2009” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson3:27
ScorchioSasha & Emerson2:24
Scorchio (part of “Pacha: Ibiza Classics” DJ-mix)Sasha & Emerson4:20
ScorchioSasha / Emerson3:37
Scorchio (12'' edit) (part of a “Euphoria: Transcendental” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson3:28
Scorchio (12" edit)Sasha & Emerson6:53
Scorchio (12″ remix) (part of “Cream Anthems 2001” DJ-mix)Sasha & Emerson3:18
Scorchio (edit)Sasha & Emerson3:39
Scorchio (edit) (Alex P & Brandon Block DJ-Mix)Sasha & Emerson3:53
Scorchio (edit) (part of a “Clubmix 2000, Volume 2” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson3:26
Scorchio (Emerson's Late Night dub)Sasha & Emerson6:29
Scorchio (Emerson's Late Night dub)Sasha & Emerson9:27
Scorchio (Emerson's Late Night dub) (part of a “Chilled Euphoria” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson2:19
Scorchio (Emerson's Late Night dub)Sasha & Emerson6:29
Scorchio (Emerson's Late Night Dub) (part of “Dreamstates” DJ-mix)Sasha & Emerson2:43
Scorchio (Emerson’s Late Night dub) (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session” DJ-mix)Sasha & Emerson2:34
Scorchio (Emerson’s Late Nite dub)Sasha & Emerson6:28
Scorchio (full length version) (part of a “Euphoric Breakdown” DJ‐mix)Sasha & Emerson4:31
Scorchio (full length version)Sasha & Emerson9:37
Scorchio (Full Length version)Sasha & Emerson9:31
Scorchio (Full Length version)Sasha & Emerson4:45
Scorchio (Full Length version)Sasha & Emerson3:44
Scorchio (S.K.'s Scorched mix) (part of “Pete Tong: Twisted Beats” DJ-mix)Sasha & Emerson7:23
Scorchio (Sander Kleinberg's Scorched mix) (part of “Chris Sheppard: Euphoria” DJ-mix)Sasha & Emerson5:01
Scorchio (Sander Kleinenberg mix) (part of “2001-07-20: A State of Trance #6” DJ-mix)Sasha & Emerson3:45
Scorchio (Sander Kleinenberg remix)Sasha & Emerson7:25
Scorchio (Sander Kleinenberg's Scorched mix)Sasha & Emerson5:05
Scorchio (Sander Kleinenberg's Scorched mix) (part of a "Renaissance Ibiza 2001" DJ mix)Sasha & Emerson6:32
Scorchio (Sander Kleinenberg’s Scorched mix)Sasha & Darren Emerson11:57
Scorchio (Sander Kleinenberg’s Scorched mix) (Cream Ibiza mix)Sasha & Emerson5:12