Let It Be

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writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
Maclen Music Ltd.
Music Corporation of America, Inc. (BMI-affiliated music publisher of MCA Records, Inc.?)
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referred to in medleys:4 Chords (Unicante 2013 version)
later parody versions:Let It Be (scab aid)
Little Bees
Set Him Free
later translated parody versions:Les P’tites Bites
later translated versions:Aber wie (Let It Be)
Läd it bi
Let It Be (Japanese version)
Warum I


1968-09-05Let It Be (unnumbered rehearsal)The Beatles1:18
1969-01-03Let It Be 3.15partialThe Beatles1:09
1969-01-25Let It Be (Savile Row session)The Beatles4:05
1969-01-31Let It Be (Let It Be… Naked version)The Beatles3:58
1969-01-31 – 1970-01-04Let It Be (original studio single mix)The Beatles3:52
1969-01-31 – 1970-01-04Let It Be (original studio album mix)The Beatles4:03
1969-01-31 – 1970-01-04Let It Be (2015 remix)The Beatles3:50
1969-01Let It Be (Twickenham Studios 1/69, early rehearsal)The Beatles2:53
1969-07-24Let It Becover and instrumentalHubert Laws3:33
1969Let It BecoverAretha Franklin3:30
1970-03-28Let It Be (live, 1970-03-28 second set: The Fillmore East, New York, US)cover and liveJoe Cocker feat. Claudia Lennear3:56
1970-03-28Let It Be (live, 1970-03-28 first set: The Fillmore East, New York, US)cover and liveJoe Cocker feat. Claudia Lennear3:56
1970-04-14Let It Becover and instrumentalRay Bryant4:01
1970-08-03Let It BecoverClarence Carter3:29
1972-02-26 – 1972-03-05Let It BecoverLeo Wright2:25
1974-06Let It Be (live, 1974-06)cover and liveWigwam7:52
1976-05Let It BecoverKai Warner3:07
1979-12-17Let It Be (live, 1979-12-17: The Apollo, Glasgow, UK)livePaul McCartney & Wings4:18
1979-12-26 – 1979-12-29Let It Be (live, 1979-12-26 – 1979-12-29: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK)liveRockestra4:12
1979-12-29Let It BeliveRockestra4:10
1980 – 1981Let It Be (live, 1980/81: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)cover and liveTom Jones3:13
1982-03Let It Becover and instrumentalDie 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker3:45
1985-07-13Let It Be (live, 1985-07-13: Live Aid 1985)livePaul McCartney?:??
1985-07-13Let It Be (live, 1985-07-13: Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK)livePaul McCartney5:18
1987-03-23Let It Be (7" version)coverFerry Aid6:08
1987-03-23Let It Be (12" version)coverFerry Aid6:00
1987-03-23Let It Be (Mega Message mix)coverFerry Aid6:08
1987-03-23Let It Be (The Gospel Jam mix)coverFerry Aid2:50
1987-08-15Let It Be (live video, 1987-08-15: Sha Tin Racecourse, Hong Kong)cover and live張國榮 / 梅豔芳 / 林子祥 / 譚詠麟?:??
1988Let It Becover and liveJoan Baez3:59
1990-03-07Let It Be (live, 1990-03-07: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)livePaul McCartney?:??
1990-06-23Let It Be (live, 1990-06-23: SEC Centre, Glasgow, UK)livePaul McCartney3:52
1990-06-30Let It Be (live, 1990-06-30: Knebworth, Hertfordshire, UK)livePaul McCartney3:47
1993-06-15Let It Be (live, 1993-06-15: Blockbuster Pavillion, Charlotte, NC, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
1999-06Let It Becover and instrumentalKarumanta3:55
2000-11-17Let It Be (live, 2000-11-17: Bass Brewery Museum, Burton-On-Trent, England, UK)cover and liveMarillion4:51
2000-12-12Let It Be (live, 2000-12-12: Sala Bikini, Barcelona, Spain)cover and liveMarillion4:32
2001-10-20Let It Be (live, 2001-10-20: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)livePaul McCartney5:27
2002Let It Be (live, 2002: USA Tour)livePaul McCartney?:??
2002Let It BelivePaul McCartney3:58
2003-06-01Let It Be (live, 2003-06-01: King's Dock, Liverpool, UK)livePaul McCartney?:??
2004-06-11Donna Summer on Later... with Jools Holland (live, 2004-06-11: Later... with Jools Holland, BBC Television Centre, White City, London, UK)cover and liveDonna Summer6:00
2005-09-22Let It Be (live, 2005-09-22: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2005-10-10Let It Be (live, 2005-10-10: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, CA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2005-10-26Let It Be (live, 2005-10-26: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2008-07-16 – 2008-07-18Finale (Piano Man / Let It Be)live and medleyBilly Joel?:??
2008-07-16 – 2008-07-18Let It Be (live)liveBilly Joel with Paul McCartney4:56
2008-07-16 – 2008-07-18Let It BeliveBilly Joel2:55
2008-07-18Let It Be (live)liveBilly Joel & Paul McCartney5:12
2008-07-20Let It Be (live, 2008‐07‐20: Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, QC, Canada)livePaul McCartney3:59
2009-07Let It Be (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2009-07Let It Be (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)livePaul McCartney3:55
2009-10-05 – 2009-10-06Let It Becover and instrumentalJohn Di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio4:05
2010-01-22Let It Becover and liveJennifer Hudson feat. The Roots3:53
2010-12-12Let It Be (live 2010-12-12: Blue Note, Milan, Italy)cover and liveSteve Hogarth3:32
2010-12-13Let It Be (live, 2010-12-13: Apollo Theater, New York, NY, US)livePaul McCartney3:41
2011Let It BecoverKrystl3:46
2012-09-27 – 2012-09-29Let It Becover and instrumentalJoshua Redman5:12
2012-12-10Let It Be (The Voice Performance)cover and liveTerry McDermott3:54
2014-12-07Let It Becover and instrumentalOrquestra Ouro Preto4:15
2016-11-14 – 2016-11-16Let It Becover and instrumentalGiora Feidman, Rastrelli Cello Quartet2:07
2017-02-24 – 2017-02-26Let It Becover and instrumentalBugge Wesseltoft4:42
2017-12-18 – 2017-12-19Let It BeinstrumentalLynne Arriale Trio6:02
2018-12-05Let It Be (live, 2018-12-05: Wiener Stadthalle, Wien, Austria)livePaul McCartney3:57
Beatles Medley: And I Love Her / Hey Judy / Let It Be / Yesterdaycover and medleyDi Scherling8:59
Déjalo ser (Let It Be)cover and instrumentalAyawaska3:50
Let it becoveryeednoo3:35
Let it BecoverTennessee Ernie Ford4:05
Let it BecoverHelen Merrill4:15
Let it BecoverArtisan Church3:38
Let it BeThe Beatles?:??
Let it Becover and instrumentalAndré Mehmari2:22
Let it BePaul McCartney3:49
Let It BecoverDion3:51
Let It BecoverJourney South3:47
Let It BecoverP.J. Powers4:12
Let It Becover and instrumentalPaul Kuhn and the SFB Big Band3:10
Let It BeThe Beatles?:??
Let It Becover and liveTom Jones3:06
Let It BeThe Beatles3:56
Let It BecoverPaul McCartney0:36
Let It Becover and instrumentalJohn Bayless4:16
Let It Be (live)cover and liveTom Jones?:??
Let It BeGladys Knight & The Pips3:28
Let It BecoverNeri per caso3:16
Let It Be (live: The Tom Jones Show, Vancouver, Canada)cover and liveTom Jones3:00
Let It Becover and instrumentalThomas Illig2:37
Let It BecoverGodfrey Daniel3:16
Let It BelivePaul McCartney4:11
Let It BecoverSylvain Cossette3:48
Let It Becover and instrumentalKing Curtis2:54
Let It Becover and livePeter Gabriel5:20
Let It BelivePaul McCartney3:53
Let It Be (live, 2005)livePaul McCartney?:??
Let It BecoverGlenda Wright?:??
Let It BelivePaul McCartney5:29
Let It BeJohn Lennon & Paul McCartney3:54
Let It BecoverAretha Franklin3:32
Let It BelivePaul McCartney & Elvis Costello3:54
Let It BelivePaul McCartney3:45
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