Good Vibrations (Love/Wilson lyrics, common version)

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lyricist:Mike Love (Beach Boys)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder)
composer:Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder)
publisher:Irving Music, Inc.
Rondor Music (London) Ltd.
Sea of Tunes Publishing Co. (work publisher, NOT the bootleg label)
Universal Music Publishing (Use ONLY if no country-specific information is available)
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referred to in medleys:Beach Boys Medley (order: 1)
Medley: I’ve Got a Crush on You / Too Young / Unchain My Heart / The Joker / Good Vibrations / Je ne regrette rien (order: 5)
version of:Good Vibrations (Tony Asher lyrics)


1966-02-18Good Vibrations: Gold Star 2/18/66 (the Pet Sounds session)The Beach Boys7:27
1966-02-18 – 1966-08-24Good Vibrations (various sessions)The Beach Boys6:55
1966-02 – 1966-06Good Vibrations (stereo)The Beach Boys3:37
1966-04-09Good Vibrations: Gold Star 4/9/66The Beach Boys6:57
1966-05-04Good Vibrations: Western 5/4/66 (first chorus)The Beach Boys2:23
1966-05-04Good Vibrations: Western 5/4/66 (second chorus & fade)The Beach Boys3:27
1966-05-24Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (part 1)The Beach Boys1:19
1966-05-24Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (part 4)The Beach Boys0:47
1966-05-24Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (parts 2 & 3)The Beach Boys1:44
1966-05-27Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (chorus)The Beach Boys3:03
1966-05-27Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (fade sequence)The Beach Boys1:55
1966-05-27Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (part C)The Beach Boys3:31
1966-06-02Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (part 1)The Beach Boys2:25
1966-06-02Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (part 3)The Beach Boys0:57
1966-06-02Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (part 4)The Beach Boys0:48
1966-06-16Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (part 1)The Beach Boys6:23
1966-06-16Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (part 2 & verse)The Beach Boys1:06
1966-06-16Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (part 2 continued)The Beach Boys5:54
1966-06-18Good Vibrations: Western 6/18/66 (part 1)The Beach Boys1:08
1966-06-18Good Vibrations: Western 6/18/66 (part 2)The Beach Boys5:02
1966-08-24Good Vibrations: Alternate Edit 8/24/66The Beach Boys3:35
1966-09-01Good Vibrations: Western 9/1/66 (new bridge)The Beach Boys3:38
1966-10-22Good Vibrations (1966-10-22: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA - alternative source)liveThe Beach Boys4:21
1966-10-22Good Vibrations (live: 1966-10-22: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA)liveThe Beach Boys3:43
1966-10-22Good Vibrations (live 1966)liveThe Beach Boys5:15
1966-10-22Good Vibrations (live at the University of Michigan/1966/show 1)liveThe Beach Boys4:36
1966-10-22Good Vibrations (live at the University of Michigan/1966/show 2)liveThe Beach Boys5:08
1967-09-11Good Vibrations (rehearsal) (1967-09-11)liveThe Beach Boys4:57
1967-09-11 – 1967-09-29Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys4:13
1967-11-19Good VibrationsliveThe Beach Boys4:29
1967-11-19Good Vibrations (Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall, Washington DC, November 19, 1967)liveThe Beach Boys4:29
1968-07-05Good Vibrations (live in Chicago, IL, 1968)liveThe Beach Boys?:??
1968-07-08Good Vibrations (live in Fargo, ND, 1968)liveThe Beach Boys?:??
1968-07-10Good Vibrations (live in Waterloo, Iowa, 1968)liveThe Beach Boys?:??
1968-07-13Good Vibrations (live in Lincoln, NE, 1968)liveThe Beach Boys?:??
1968-07-16Good Vibrations (live in Phoenix, AZ, 1968)liveThe Beach Boys?:??
1968-10-13Good Vibrations (live on The Ed Sullivan Show, 1968)liveThe Beach Boys3:18
1968-12-01Good VibrationsliveThe Beach Boys4:36
1968-12-01Good Vibrations (live at the London Palladium, 1968 / Second Show)liveThe Beach Boys?:??
1968-12-01Good Vibrations (live in the London Palladium, 1968 / First Show)liveThe Beach Boys?:??
1968-12-08Good Vibrations (live at Finsbury Park Astoria, London, 1968 / First Show)liveThe Beach Boys?:??
1968-12-08Good Vibrations (live at Finsbury Park Astoria, London, 1968 / Soundcheck)The Beach Boys?:??
1968-12-08Good Vibrations (live) (1968-12: Astoria, Finsbury Park, London, UK (rehearsal))liveThe Beach Boys3:43
1968Good Vibrations (1968: London, UK)liveThe Beach Boys4:06
1971-04-27Good VibrationsliveThe Beach Boys5:34
1971-06-27Good VibrationsliveThe Beach Boys5:00
1972-11-19Good Vibrations (live, 1972-??-??: Winter Tour)liveThe Beach Boys4:49
1977Good VibrationscoverThe Langley Schools Music Project4:03
1980-06-21Good VibrationsliveThe Beach Boys6:03
1980-06-21Good VibrationsliveThe Beach Boys?:??
1980-06-21Good Vibrations (from ‘Live at Knebworth’ live album)liveThe Beach Boys6:03
1985-07-13Good Vibrations (live, 1985-07-13: Wembley Stadium, London, England, UK)The Beach Boys5:00
1985-07-13Good Vibrations (live, 1985-07-13: Live Aid 1985)liveThe Beach Boys?:??
1991Good VibrationscoverThe King’s Singers3:50
1993-10-31Good Vibrations (live, 1999-10-31: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA)liveBrian Wilson, Neil Young, Eddie Vedder, Roger Daltrey & Emmylou Harris?:??
2000-04-07 – 2000-04-08Good VibrationsliveBrian Wilson6:02
2002-06-03Good Vibrations (live, 2002-06-03: Buckingham Palace, London, UK)liveBrian Wilson feat. Emma Bunton & Atomic Kitten4:22
2012Good Vibrations (from 'Live: The 50th Anniversary Tour' live album)liveThe Beach Boys4:14
Acte IV. Rockollection 008cover and medleyLaurent Voulzy15:43
Beach Boys GoldpartialGidea Park7:41
Beach Boys Gold: California Girls / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / Help Me Rhonda / Little Girl I Once Knew / All Summer Long / Catch a Wave / Surfin’ USA / I Get Around / Little Girl From Pasadena / Fun Fun Fun / Sloop John B / Dance Dance Dance / Good Vibrationscover and medleyGidea Park7:52
Beach Boys MedleymedleyThe Beach Boys6:49
Beach Boys Medley: Good Vibrations / Help Me, Rhonda / I Get Around / Shut Down / Surfin' SafarimedleyThe Beach Boys4:08
Fall Breaks and Back to Winter / Good Vibrationscover, instrumental and medleyGary Usher?:??
Good vibrationsThe Beach Boys6:03
Good Vibrationscover槇原敬之 with 高野寛?:??
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys3:37
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys3:40
Good VibrationscoverGenesis P. Orridge & Psychic TV3:58
Good VibrationscoverTodd Rundgren3:44
Good VibrationscoverHugo Montenegro2:50
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys?:??
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys2:09
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys?:??
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys2:21
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys1:46
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys1:44
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys5:13
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys4:14
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys1:57
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys3:52
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys4:56
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys?:??
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys1:38
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys2:13
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra4:19
Good VibrationsinstrumentalThe Shadows4:25
Good VibrationscoverPapa Doo Run Run3:45
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys?:??
Good Vibrations (1ère version)The Beach Boys3:02
Good VibrationscoverYYY feat. Fort Wilson Riot5:48
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys?:??
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys1:36
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys?:??
Good VibrationscoverThe Gentlemen of St John’s4:00
Good VibrationsNancy Dee4:13
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys1:03
Good Vibrations (mono studio single mix)The Beach Boys3:39
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys?:??
Good VibrationsThe Beach Boys3:34
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