THE ALFEE are accused of copying this song in their song “CHECK OUT.”

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lyricist and composer:Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel)
publisher:Pattern Music Ltd
Paul Simon Music
Universal/MCA Music Ltd. (not for release label use!)
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Wikidata:Q1281320 [info]
later translated versions:Mevrouw Robinson
Mrs. Robinson (Finnish)


1968-02-02Mrs. Robinson (original stereo mix)Simon & Garfunkel3:56
1968-08-23Mrs. Robinson (live, 1968-08-23: Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel2:58
1968-09Mrs. Robinsoncover and instrumentalRay Bryant2:55
1968Mrs. Robinson (live, 1968: Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel2:57
1969-02-24Mrs. Robinson (original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra2:53
1969-11-11Mrs. RobinsonliveSimon & Garfunkel?:??
1969-11-11Mrs. RobinsonliveSimon & Garfunkel4:51
1969Mrs. RobinsonliveSimon & Garfunkel4:44
1969Mrs. Robinsoncover and instrumentalPaul Desmond2:43
1970-05-01Mrs. Robinson (live, 1970-05-01: Olympia, Paris,France)liveSimon & Garfunkel2:39
1970Mrs. RobinsonliveSimon & Garfunkel2:59
1970Mrs. RobinsonliveSimon & Garfunkel3:17
1981-09-19Mrs. Robinson (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel4:01
1981-09-19Mrs. Robinson (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel4:41
1992-03-04Mrs. RobinsonlivePaul Simon3:30
1993-03-01Mrs. Robinson (live, 1993-03-01: Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel?:??
1999-06-07Mrs. Robinson (live, 1999-06-07: McNichols Arena, Denver, Colorado, United States)livePaul Simon3:58
1999Mrs. Robinson (New York City, 1999)livePaul Simon4:17
2003-12-20Mrs. RobinsonliveSimon & Garfunkel3:27
2003-12-20Mrs. RobinsonliveSimon & Garfunkel5:51
2003-12Mrs. Robinson (live, 2003-12: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel4:32
2005-08-26Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveOver the Rhine4:15
2005-08-27Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveOver the Rhine4:38
2005-09-09Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveOver the Rhine4:51
California Love Generationcover and medleyUnicante6:56
Mrs RobinsoncoverDave Stewart3:47
Mrs Robinsoncover and instrumentalThe Filmscore Orchestra3:49
Mrs RobinsonliveSimon & Garfunkel3:17
Mrs RobinsoncoverAnita Harris?:??
Mrs RobinsoncoverRoch Voisine4:00
Mrs Robinsoncover and liveThurston Lava Tube4:09
Mrs RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel4:00
Mrs RobinsoncoverDave Stewart2:58
Mrs RobinsoncoverThe Lemonheads3:44
Mrs RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel3:45
Mrs RobinsoncoverThe Lemonheads?:??
Mrs Robinson (alternate version)Simon & Garfunkel1:09
Mrs Robinson (live from the Dick Cavett Show on April 4 1970)livePaul Simon4:13
Mrs Robinson (mono)Simon & Garfunkel4:12
Mrs Robinson, from “The Graduate” (Simon)cover and instrumental[unknown]2:36
Mrs. Robinsoncover and instrumentalThe Grassmasters3:15
Mrs. Robinson (version 1)Simon & Garfunkel1:15
Mrs. RobinsoncoverKik Tracee4:33
Mrs. RobinsoncoverBilly Paul4:32
Mrs. RobinsoncoverIndigo Girls3:47
Mrs. RobinsoncoverAgents & Jorma Kääriäinen3:47
Mrs. RobinsoncoverAlan Caddy Orchestra & Singers?:??
Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveEmmerson Nogueira3:15
Mrs. RobinsoncoverEmmerson Nogueira3:55
Mrs. RobinsoncoverEmmerson Nogueira4:21
Mrs. Robinsoncover[unknown]3:20
Mrs. Robinson (live)livePaul Simon3:05
Mrs. Robinson (version 2)Simon & Garfunkel1:13
Mrs. RobinsoncoverRay Conniff2:24
Mrs. RobinsoncoverChet Atkins2:55
Mrs. RobinsoncoverBooker T. & The MG’s3:42
Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveRay Conniff2:28
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Johnny Mann Singers3:12
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel3:38
Mrs. Robinsoncover and instrumentalThe Bruce Baxter Set?:??
Mrs. Robinsoncover and instrumentalPaul Mauriat3:07
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Lemonheads3:44
Mrs. Robinsoncover and instrumentalRicardo Caliente4:05
Mrs. RobinsoncoverDanni Carlos3:36
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel3:52
Mrs. RobinsoncoverOrquesta Strings Clemona, Strings '69, Orquesta Filarmónica Pops de Tokyo?:??
Mrs. RobinsoncoverFrank Sinatra2:54
Mrs. RobinsoncoverGarth Brooks3:55
Mrs. RobinsonliveArt Garfunkel3:24
Mrs. RobinsoncoverStar Academy 43:51
Mrs. Robinson (original mono mix)Simon & Garfunkel4:06
Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveThe Lemonheads3:27
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe BB Band3:45
Mrs. Robinson (live)livePaul Simon3:26
Mrs. RobinsonPaul Simon3:26
Mrs. RobinsonlivePaul Simon2:58
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Crossing?:??
Mrs. RobinsoncoverMike Massé feat. Jeff Hall4:23
Mrs. RobinsoncoverGarth Brooks?:??
Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveGarth Brooks3:06
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Noel Freidline Quintet7:22
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel4:04
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel4:01
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel4:05
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel1:12
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel?:??
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel3:55
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel3:38
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel1:12
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel4:45
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel?:??
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel3:50
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel3:51
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel?:??
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel3:59
Mrs. Robinsoncover and instrumentalPedro Javier González2:59
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel4:08
Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveR.E.M.4:02
Mrs. RobinsoncoverBusted6:31
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Lemonheads3:41
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Lemonheads3:45
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Lemonheads3:42
Mrs. RobinsonSimon & Garfunkel3:59
Mrs. RobinsoncoverDie Singphoniker feat. Ulrich Herkenhoff3:49
Mrs. Robinsoncover and live[unknown]3:09
Mrs. Robinsoncover and instrumental国府弘子4:08
Mrs. RobinsonArt Garfunkel4:08
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Lemonheads3:42
Mrs. Robinsoncover and instrumentalPedro Guasti3:59
Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveThe Cruz Trio +13:27
Mrs. RobinsoncoverWilliam Price King & Eric Sempé4:10
Mrs. RobinsoninstrumentalFrank Chacksfield & His Orchestra2:38
Mrs. Robinson (live, 1996-03-19: TFI Friday TV Show, UK)cover and liveBon Jovi3:21
Mrs. RobinsoncoverHank Marvin4:06
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThurston Lava Tube7:44
Mrs. RobinsoncoverPomplamoose3:58
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe James Taylor Quartet4:11
Mrs. Robinsoncover and liveThe James Taylor Quartet4:31
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Lemonheads3:28
Mrs. RobinsoncoverThe Lemonheads?:??
Mrs. RobinsoncoverLemonheads3:42
Mrs. Robinson (1993‐10‐22, New York City, NY, USA)Simon & Garfunkel3:37
Mrs. Robinson (Album Version)Simon & Garfunkel4:02
Mrs. Robinson (From "The Graduate")Paul Simon1:10
Mrs. Robinson (Jazz.K.Lipa remix)Simon & Garfunkel4:44
Mrs. Robinson (live)liveSimon & Garfunkel3:00
Mrs. Robinson (mix version)coverKris Isak5:30
Mrs. Robinson (mix version)coverKris Isak5:30
Mrs. Robinson (radio edit)coverKris Isak4:50
Mrs. Robinson / Not Fade AwayliveSimon & Garfunkel5:44
Mrs. Robinson From the GraduatecoverStrings '69?:??
The Graduate (Mrs. Robinson)cover and instrumentalThe James Taylor Quartet4:11