writer:Yann Peifer
Manuel Reuter


(I Need a) Miracle (Icarus extended mix)Cascada2:19
(I Need a) Miracle (original club mix)Cascada6:07
(I Need a) Miracle (radio mix)Cascada3:37
(I Need a) Miracle (Red Monster mix)Cascada2:11
(I Need a) Miracle (S.A.D. extended remix)Cascade7:08
(I Need a) Miracle (S.A.D. radio mix)Cascade3:26
(I Need a) Miracle (S.A.D. remix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Ibiza Annual 2006” DJ‐mix)Cascada3:27
(I Need a) Miracle (USA club mix)Cascada3:42
I Need a Miracle (part of “Ministry of Sound: Bigtunes Living for the Weekend” DJ-mix)Cascada4:14
I Need a Miracle (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2007” DJ‐mix)Cascada4:41
I Need a Miracle (S.A.D. mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Bigtunes X-Rated” DJ‐mix)Cascada4:24
I Need a Miracle (Socialties mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Clubbers Guide 2007” DJ‐mix)Cascada4:51
Miracle (part of “Decade: 2000–2009” DJ‐mix)Cascada5:26
Miracle (Icarus mix)Cascada7:00