writer:Gordon Mills (60s/70s UK producer)
Les Reed
publisher:Valley Music Ltd
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Wikidata:Q2330770 [info]


1969It's Not Unusual (live, 1969: The Flamingo Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveTom Jones2:29
1971-04-10Hit Medley: I'll Never Fall in Love Again/Daughter of Darkness/Love Me Tonight/It's Not Unusual (live, 1971-04-10: Circus Maximus at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV, USA)cover, live and medleyTom Jones6:43
1984-12-13It’s Not Unusual (live, 1984-12-13: Hammersmith Palais. London, UK)cover and liveThe Blow Monkeys3:09
1995-01-13It’s Not Unusual (live; 1995-01-13: The Howard Stern Show: The Trump Plaza, New York, NY, USA)liveTony Bennett with Spin Doctors & Uptown Horns2:14
2001-07-28It's Not Unusual (live, 2001-07-28: Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, Wales)liveTom Jones2:13
2005-02It's Not Unusual (live, 2005-02: Australia)cover and liveTom Jones2:34
It's Not Unusualcover and instrumentalShake Keane2:52
It's Not UnusualcoverCher3:55
It's Not UnusualcoverBarbara Howard1:50
It's Not UnusualThe Wedding Present2:24
It's Not UnusualThe Wedding Present2:09
It's Not UnusualThe Wedding Present2:10
It's Not UnusualliveThe Wedding Present3:37
It's Not UnusualcoverFive Iron Frenzy2:13
It's Not UnusualcoverBelly2:19
It's Not UnusualcoverFive Iron Frenzy2:23
It's Not UnusualcoverBelly2:20
It's Not UnusualcoverThe Impressions2:09
It's Not UnusualcoverGlee Cast2:05
It's Not UnusualcoverD.O.A.2:16
It's Not Unusual (mono version)coverThe Impressions2:20
It's Not UnusualcoverThe Impressions2:10
It's Not UnusualcoverBelly2:21
It's Not UnusualcoverClare Teal3:33
It's Not UnusualcoverClare Teal3:40
It's Not UnusualcoverBelly4:38
It's Not UnusualcoverMathilde Santing3:43
It's Not UnusualcoverWillie Bobo2:30
It's Not Unusualcover and instrumentalWillie Bobo2:21
It's Not Unusualcover and instrumentalThose Darn Accordions!2:08
It's Not UnusualcoverMarvin Gaye2:22
It's Not UnusualcoverChemical People1:57
It's Not UnusualcoverDez Fafara, Bob Kulick, Rudy Sarzo & Simon Wright3:46
It's Not UnusualcoverFlorence Ballard2:18
It's Not UnusualcoverThe Supremes2:24
It's Not Unusual (Bossa version)coverIndiana Nomma3:34
It's Not Unusual (Ivo's version)coverBelly2:20
It's Not Unusual (the usual mix)coverBelly4:39
It's Not Unusual (unusual mix)coverBelly4:42
It's Not Unusual / Land of a Thousand Dances / Unusual (reprise) (live, 1967: The Talk of the Town, Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square, London, UK)live, medley and partialTom Jones?:??
It's Not Unusual / Land of a Thousand Dances / Unusual (reprise) (live, 1967: The Talk of the Town, Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square, London, UK)live and medleyTom Jones?:??
It’s Not UnusualTom Jones?:??
It’s Not Unusual (live, 2002)cover and liveDarius2:39
It’s Not UnusualcoverThe Wedding Present2:07
It’s Not Unusual (part of “Grandmaster Party” dj-mix)Tom Jones1:15
It’s Not UnusualTom Jones2:01
It’s Not UnusualcoverJohn Otway3:20
It’s Not UnusualcoverCher2:18
It’s Not UnusualliveThe Wedding Present3:45
It’s Not UnusualcoverCrazy Crackers?:??
It’s Not Unusual (extended version)Tom Jones?:??
It’s Not Unusual (live)cover and liveThe Blow Monkeys3:12
Mars Attack: It’s Not UnusualinstrumentalThe Starlite Orchestra2:07