Laura (1945 song)

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this was preceded by the instrumental title theme that Raksin composed for the 1944 film of the same name.

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composer:David Raksin (1944)
lyricist:Johnny Mercer (1945)
publisher:EMI United Partnership Ltd.
Wikidata:Q3827723 [info]
later translated versions:Laura (french lyrics)
Souvenir de Laura (French version of "Laura")
version of:Laura (original 1944 film theme)


1945-05-06 – 1946-05-06LauraSpike Jones and His Other Orchestra3:01
1945-09-06LaurainstrumentalDon Byas Quartet2:50
1946-05-06LauraSpike Jones and His Other Orchestra2:59
1947-10-22LauraFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra3:15
1947-10-22Laura (1947 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:14
1949LauracoverErroll Garner2:52
1950-07-05LaurainstrumentalCharlie Charlie Parker Big Band2:57
1950-07Lauracover and instrumentalCharlie Parker3:00
1951LauraStan Kenton3:20
1952-04-10Laura (1952-04-10)instrumentalDon Byas4:16
1952-07-18LauracoverNat King Cole2:45
1952-07-18LaurainstrumentalThe Nat King Cole Trio2:45
1954-02-08 – 1954-07-08Laura (stereo)coverPete Rugolo And His Orchestra2:44
1954-04-13 – 1954-07-20LauraJutta Hipp3:18
1954-06-07Laurainstrumental and liveGerry Mulligan Quartet4:15
1954-08-10LaurainstrumentalBuddy DeFranco Quartet4:08
1955-01-18LauraClifford Brown3:28
1955-06-10LaurainstrumentalBennie Green6:16
1955-08LauraJulie London1:44
1956-11-12LaurainstrumentalTeddy Charles Quartet5:01
1956-12-04LaurainstrumentalBarney Kessel3:26
1957-04-29LauraFrank Sinatra3:27
1957-07-09Laura (studio, NYC, July 9, 1957, trio)instrumentalCharles Mingus6:31
1960-09-05 – 1960-09-08LaurainstrumentalHumair, Urtreger, Michelot7:02
1961-08LaurainstrumentalDorothy Ashby2:59
1961-09-04Laurainstrumental and liveEric Dolphy6:56
1962-09-04LaurainstrumentalKen McIntyre3:28
1962LaurainstrumentalEddie Harris3:08
1964-11-07Lauracover, instrumental and liveErroll Garner5:21
1964LauracoverElla Fitzgerald3:43
1965-11-04 – 1965-11-08Laura (stereo)coverThe Paul Horn Quintet3:15
1965LaurainstrumentalThe Paul Smith Trio2:50
1966-10-04Lauracover and instrumentalBill Evans4:20
1966-12-14Laura (From "Laura")instrumentalCount Basie & His Orchestra2:25
1973-07-04Laurainstrumental and liveBarney Kessel5:36
1973-07-15LaurainstrumentalEugen Cicero?:??
1976-04-21LaurainstrumentalFrank Rosolino10:08
1977-03LaurainstrumentalChet Baker5:01
1978-08-12Laura / Embraceable Youinstrumental, live and medleyFrank Rosolino & Carl Fontana9:33
1979-04Laurainstrumental and liveGeorge Coleman23:11
1981-09Laurainstrumental and liveSonny Stitt4:12
1983-05-30LaurainstrumentalCharlie Shoemake Sextet featuring Phil Woods & Mike Wofford8:24
1985-07-08Laurainstrumental and liveMike Melillo & Chet Baker12:50
1986-03LauracoverHelen Merrill, Gordon Beck, Stéphane Grappelli & Steve Lacy4:30
1989-12LaurainstrumentalClifford Jordan, Ran Blake2:49
1990-11-11 – 1990-11-12Laurainstrumental and liveGary Bartz13:27
1992-04-03 – 1992-04-04Alone Together / Laura / Wild Is the Windcover, instrumental, live, medley and partialAhmad Jamal7:09
1992-08LaurainstrumentalEric Alexander, Harold Mabern8:02
1992-09-30 – 1992-10-01LaurainstrumentalThe Walter Norris Trio6:18
1993-06-18LauraJoe Lovano4:32
1993-10LaurainstrumentalAnthony Braxton8:43
1993-12Laura (live, 1993-12-24/25: Kirin Plaza, Osaka, Japan)instrumental and liveJimmy Smith Trio featuring Kenny Burrell7:01
1994-08-16LauracoverThe Hal Galper Trio With Jerry Bergonzi11:00
1995-08-31LaurainstrumentalGuido Manusardi4:00
1995-08-31Laura (Take 1)instrumentalGuido Manusardi4:35
1996-06-26LaurainstrumentalGene DiNovi meets Spike Robinson3:11
1998-06-01LaurainstrumentalHouston Person7:30
2002-09-29LauraliveJoe Lovano Nonet5:26
2004-04-10 – 2004-04-12LauracoverStefano di Battista6:47
2006-01-26 – 2006-01-27LaurainstrumentalRené Urtreger4:56
2006-03LaurainstrumentalBruno Angelini7:05
2007-03-26LaurainstrumentalHerb Geller5:03
2008-03-06Lauracover and instrumentalJoe Locke8:21
2011-10LauracoverAhmad Jamal6:30
LaurainstrumentalErroll Garner2:45
LaurainstrumentalErroll Garner2:47
LauracoverMichel Legrand & His Orchestra4:26
LaurainstrumentalBoston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler2:55
LauraMatt Monro2:30
Lauracover and instrumental[unknown]3:32
LauraDave Brubeck2:44
LauraDave Brubeck2:11
LauracoverFrank Sinatra3:21
LauraRosemary Clooney4:49
LauracoverAbraham Burton5:00
LauraDick Haymes & Victor Young and His Orchestra3:10
LauraBilly Eckstine3:18
LauraTony Martin2:57
LauraFrank Sinatra3:27
LaurainstrumentalJohnny Costa5:12
LaurainstrumentalThe Dave Brubeck Trio2:46
LauracoverKevin Mahogany4:50
LauraRobert Goulet3:03
LaurainstrumentalMel Rhyne6:24
LaurainstrumentalErroll Garner2:46
LaurainstrumentalErroll Garner2:47
LauraBilly Eckstine3:13
LauraCarroll Gibbons3:13
LauracoverNana Mouskouri3:30
LaurainstrumentalRay Bryant4:32
LauracoverLee Towers?:??
Lauracover and liveThe Mat Mathews Orchestra Featuring Lee Towers?:??
LaurainstrumentalBarney Kessel3:26
LaurainstrumentalBilly Taylor3:50
LaurainstrumentalGeorge Shearing2:56
LauracoverSeth MacFarlane5:28
LauraDick Haymes3:08
LauraFrank Sinatra3:24
LauraFrank Sinatra3:07
LauraFrank Sinatra?:??
LauraFrank Sinatra3:09
LauraFrank Sinatra3:25
LauraFrank Sinatra3:26
LauraFrank Sinatra3:24
LauraFrank Sinatra3:13
LauraFrank Sinatra3:28
LauraFrank Sinatra with Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra?:??
LauraFrank Sinatra3:16
LauraFrank Sinatra3:16
LauraFrank Sinatra3:26
LauraFrank Sinatra3:27
LauraFrank Sinatra3:20
LauraFrank Sinatra?:??
LauraFrank Sinatra3:08
LauraFrank Sinatra3:15
LauraFrank Sinatra3:26
LauraFrank Sinatra3:20
LauraFrank Sinatra3:15
LauracoverJohnny Mathis4:39
LauracoverMarilena Paradisi4:41
LauracoverGerry Mulligan4:14
LauraTerry Pollard3:56
LauraThe Glenn Miller Orchestra2:46
LauraStan Kenton3:20
LauraGordon MacRae3:17
LauraWoody Herman & His Orchestra3:22
LauracoverNat King Cole2:45
LauracoverNat King Cole2:45
LauracoverNat King Cole2:45
LauracoverNat King Cole3:13
LauracoverNat King Cole3:10
LauracoverNat King Cole2:43
LauracoverNat King Cole3:10
LauracoverNat King Cole3:10
LauracoverNat King Cole2:45
LauraRay Anthony2:52
LaurainstrumentalYehudi Menuhin & Stéphane Grappelli4:33
LaurainstrumentalRay Conniff and His Orchestra3:01
LaurainstrumentalLes Baxter2:20
LauracoverTony Bennett3:02
LauracoverMantovani and His Orchestra3:15
LauraThe Nat King Cole Trio3:11
LauraJeanne Lee & Ran Blake5:12
LauraVic Damone2:24
LaurainstrumentalWoody Herman3:20
LaurainstrumentalErroll Garner2:44
LauraNat King Cole2:43
LauraCharlie Parker2:51
LauracoverSpike Jones and His City Slickers3:00
LauraWoody Herman and His Orchestra3:23
LauraSergio Franchi4:15
Lauracover and instrumentalRay Conniff2:59
LauraThe Romantic Strings and Twin Pianos3:32
Lauracover and instrumentalCharlie Parker3:43
Laura (live, 1953-06-20: RAI Radio Club, Italy)liveFrank Sinatra2:13
Laura (New York, Summer 1950)Charlie Parker3:01
Medley: I Cover the Waterfront; Laura; Everything Happens to Meinstrumental and medleyRolf Ericson And His All American Stars?:??
Medley: Stella by Starlight / Nancy (with the Laughing Face) / Laurainstrumental and medley[unknown]3:49