Madama Butterfly (complete standard version)

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references: (the five libretto versions) including the standard version. (first performance: Teatro alla Scala, Milan, 17 February 1904) (italian libretto side-by-side with english translation by R. H. Elkin)

originally written as an opera in two acts, Puccini revised it, splitting the second act into two and making other changes. the standard version (completed in 1907):
(arranged in sequence, but numbering system is arbitrary and does not necessarily correspond to scenes; overlaps between arias is possible)

Act I
1. Introduction - orchestral prelude with a fugal opening theme followed by a second theme leading into the opening scene.
2. "E soffitto... e pareti..." ("And the ceiling and walls…")
part of 2. "Sorride Vostro Onore?" ("Your Honour deigns to smile?")
3. "Dovunque al mondo" ("Throughout the world")
part of 3. "Ed è bella la sposa?" ("Is the bride very pretty?")
4. "Amore o grillo" ("Love or fancy")
part of 4. "Ecco! Son giunte al sommo del pendìo." ("See them! they've mounted the summit of the hill!")
5. "Ancora un passo" ("One step more")
6. "Gran ventura" ("May good fortune attend you")
7. "L'Imperial Commissario" ("The Imperial Commissioner")
8. "Vieni, amor mio!" ("Come, my love!")
9. "Ieri son salita tutta sola" ("Yesterday, I went all alone")
10. "Tutti zitti!" ("Quiet everyone")
11. "Madama Butterfly" ("Madam Butterfly")
part of 11. "O Kami! O Kami!"
12. "Cio-Cio-San!" ("Cio-Cio San")
13. "Bimba, bimba, non piangere" ("Sweetheart, sweetheart, do not weep")
part of 13. "Viene la sera" ("Evening is falling") - (continuation of a long duet)
14. "Bimba dagli occhi" ("Sweetheart, with eyes...")
15. "Vogliatemi bene" ("Love me, please.")

Act II
16. "E Izaghi ed Izanami" ("And Izanagi and Izanami")
17. "Un bel dì, vedremo" ("One fine day, we'll see")
18. "C'è. Entrate." ("She’s there. Go in.")
19. "Yamadori, ancor le pene" ("Yamadori, are you not yet…")
20. "Ora a noi." ("Now for us.")
21. "Due cose potrei far" ("Two things I could do")
22. "Ah! M'ha scordata?" ("Ah! He has forgotten me?")
part of 22. "E questo?… e questo?" ("Look here, then! Look here, then!")
23. "Io scendo al piano." ("I will go now.")
part of 23. "Vespa! Rospo maledetto!" ("Scoundrel! Rascal! Wretched coward!")
part of 23. "Vedrai, piccolo amor, mia pena e mio conforto" ("You'll see, love of my heart, My grief, and yet my comfort")
24. "Il cannone del porto!" ("The cannon at the harbor!", aka The Flower Duet)
part of 24. "Scuoti quella fronda di ciliegio" ("Shake that cherry tree")
25. "Tutti i fior?" ("All the flowers?")
26. "Or vienmi ad adornar" ("Now come to adorn me")
27. Coro a bocca chiusa (aka Humming Chorus)

Act III (originally Act II, Part 2)
28. "Oh eh! Oh eh!" ("Heave-ho! Heave-ho!")
29. "Già il sole!" ("The Sun's come up!")
part of 29. "Chi sia?" ("Who is it?")
30. "Io so che alle sue pene" ("I know that her pain")
part of 30. "Non ve l'avevo detto?" ("Did I not tell you?")
31. "Addio, fiorito asil" ("Farewell, flowery refuge")
part of 31. "Glielo dirai?" ("You going to tell her?")
32. "Suzuki! Suzuki!" ("Suzuki! Suzuki!")
part of 32. "Vespa! Voglio che tu risponda" ("Wasp! I want you to answer")
33. "Come una mosca" ("Like a little fly")
34. "Con onor muore" … "Tu? Tu? Piccolo Iddio!" ("To die with honor" … "You? You? My little god!")

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composer:Giacomo Puccini (Italian composer)
librettist:Giuseppe Giacosa
Luigi Illica (in 1904)
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download score for free:imslp: Madama Butterfly, SC 74 (Puccini, Giacomo) [info]
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Wikidata:Q19005 [info]
parts:1. Madama Butterfly: Atto I (act)
2. Madama Butterfly: Atto II (act)
3. Madama Butterfly: Atto III (act)
is the basis for:Madam Butterfly
Madame Butterfly: Grande fantaisie (arr. Émile Tavan)
Portrait of Madame Butterfly


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