Mamma Mia

~ Song


written in:Lidingö municipality, Stockholms län, Sweden
writer:Stig Anderson
Benny Andersson (ABBA)
Björn Ulvaeus
publisher:Polar Music AB (ended)
Union Songs AB (ended)
EMI Grove Park Music, Inc.
Universal‐Songs of PolyGram International, Inc.
Universal/Union Songs Musikförlag AB
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Wikidata:Q1131308 [info]
referred to in medleys:ABBA Cappella (order: 4)
later parody versions:Mamma Mi-Diorce (Mamma Mia / Dancing Queen)
later translated versions:Mamma Mia (Spanish version)
Mamma Mia (German version)
later versions:Mamma Mia (Musical version)
part of:Mamma Mia!


1975-03-12 – 1975-03-16Mamma MiaABBA3:33
1999Mamma Mia (Mamma Mia! 1999 original London cast)Siobhán McCarthy & Company3:21
2007-09-12ABBA Medley: Gimme Gimme Gimme / SOS / Mamma miacover, instrumental, live and medleyJames Last6:56
ABBA Medleycover, medley and partialMini★Pops?:??
ABBA Megamix: Dancing Queen / Mamma Mia / Waterloocover and medleyStudio 994:59
Dance Megamix 2000medleyABBA15:08
Mama Miacover3Ds3:50
Mama MiacoverHazell Dean4:18
Mama Miacover and instrumentalKlaus Wunderlich3:44
Mama MiacoverSpitfire3:28
Mama MiacoverCarbon 4?:??
Mama MiacoverWing4:01
Mama Mia (part of “Dancemania Party: Best of 90’s Dance Hits” DJ‐mix)coverA★Teens3:09
Mama MiacoverGabba2:37
Mama MiacoverFive Iron Frenzy2:50
Mama MiacoverThe High Class Family Butchers3:02
Mama MiacovermoskovSKAya2:42
Mamma miacoverGolden Quartet3:46
Mamma miacover and instrumentalSweet Little Band3:04
Mamma miacoverPaty Cantú3:32
Mamma MiacoverThe Musicworkers Gang3:40
Mamma MiaABBA3:31
Mamma MiaA★Teens3:43
Mamma MiacoverA★Teens3:43
Mamma MiaA★Teens3:44
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalRichard Clayderman3:10
Mamma MiaRichard Clayderman3:10
Mamma MiaRichard Clayderman3:15
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalThe Synthesizer Rock Orchestra3:00
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalRicardo Caliente4:07
Mamma Mia (Mamma Mia! 1999 original London cast members, 2004 5th Anniversary Special Edition reprise recording)Company1:24
Mamma Miacover and liveJosie Cain & Joanna James3:21
Mamma Miainstrumental and liveJames Last with His Orchestra3:38
Mamma Mia (Sing-A-Long version)cover and instrumentalLily James, Jessica Keenan Wynn & Alexa Davies2:39
Mamma MiaThe Showtime Orchestra & Singers3:09
Mamma MiacoverAbbacadabra4:57
Mamma MiacoverAbbacadabra3:42
Mamma MiacoverAbbacadabra3:57
Mamma MiacoverAbbacadabra7:48
Mamma Miacover[unknown]3:06
Mamma MiacoverCher3:34
Mamma MiacoverReinXeed3:49
Mamma MiacoverLeo Moracchioli3:57
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalRalf Willing and his Multisound-Orchestra3:50
Mamma MiacoverMiniature Tigers?:??
Mamma MiaABBA3:34
Mamma MiacoverThe Quintessentials3:05
Mamma MiacoverMartine McCutcheon3:16
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra2:56
Mamma MiacoverStudio 993:30
Mamma MiacoverABBARATION3:10
Mamma MiacoverJadranko3:44
Mamma MiacoverRajaton3:33
Mamma MiacoverAbbacadabra5:46
Mamma MiacoverAngeleyes3:44
Mamma MiacoverStorm Corp.2:43
Mamma MiacoverRiff/Raff5:02
Mamma MiacoverShana Vanguarde3:12
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalMargus Kappel3:16
Mamma MiacoverKate Hall3:31
Mamma Mia (karaoke version)ABBA3:30
Mamma MiaABBA1:50
Mamma MiaABBA3:44
Mamma Miacover[unknown]3:06
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalRicardo Caliente3:33
Mamma Mia (part of “FetenMix: 80 Party-Klassiker im Megamix, Vol. 2”)coverA★Teens1:14
Mamma MiacoverA★Teens3:24
Mamma MiacoverA★Teens?:??
Mamma MiacoverA★Teens3:45
Mamma MiaABBA3:32
Mamma MiaABBA5:21
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalLondon Twilight Orchestra3:12
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalElectroshock3:00
Mamma MiacoverSymphonic Rock Project3:29
Mamma MiacoverTop of the Poppers3:33
Mamma MiaJames Last3:28
Mamma Miacover and instrumentalRichard Clayderman?:??
Mamma MiaABBA3:31
MAMMA MIAcover and live張惠妹3:46
Mamma Mia ("Mamma Mia!" 1999 original London cast)coverSiobhan McCarthy, Nicolas Colicos, Paul Clarkson & Hilton McRae3:21
Mamma Mia (Almighty 12" Definitive mix)Abbacadabra7:46
Mamma Mia (Almighty 12" Definitive remix)coverAbbacadabra3:15
Mamma Mia (Almighty original mix)coverAbbacadabra5:45
Mamma Mia (Bold & Beautiful Glamourmix edit)coverA★Teens3:46
Mamma Mia (definitive mix)coverAbbacadabra7:49
Mamma Mia (Definitive mix)coverAbbacadabra7:46
Mamma Mia (Definitive mix)coverAbbacadabra4:17
Mamma Mia (demo)coverThe Quintessentials3:17
Mamma Mia (extended version)coverA★Teens5:48
Mamma Mia (extended version)coverA★Teens5:48
Mamma Mia (extended version)coverA★Teens?:??
Mamma Mia (extended version)A★Teens5:48
Mamma Mia (Giuseppe remix)A★Teens5:37
Mamma Mia (Giuseppe remix)coverA★Teens5:37
Mamma Mia (How Can I Resist Ya dub)coverAbbacadabra5:45
Mamma Mia (In the Style of Mamma Mia)coverAvid All Stars3:39
Mamma Mia (karaoke version)A★Teens3:48
Mamma Mia (Mamma Mary's 12" mix)coverAbbacadabra6:49
Mamma Mia (Mamma Mary's radio mix)coverAbbacadabra3:46
Mamma Mia (Mamma Marys radio mix)coverAbbacadabra3:41
Mamma Mia (originally performed by the cast of Mamma Mia)instrumentalVitamin String Quartet?:??
Mamma Mia (Park & Ride mix)ABBA5:08
Mamma Mia (radio version)A★Teens6:16
Mamma Mia (radio version)coverA★Teens3:43
Mamma Mia (radio version)A★Teens3:44
Mamma Mia (radio version)coverA★Teens3:44
Mamma Mia (reprise)coverAbbacadabra2:24
Mamma Mia (The Bold & The Beautiful Glamourmix edit)coverA★Teens3:46
Mamma Mia (Top of the Pops, BBC)liveABBA?:??
Mamma Mia (Trouser Enthusiasts' Undying dub)coverA★Teens9:20
Mamma Mia (Trouser Enthusiasts’ Undying dub)coverA★Teens9:19
Mamma Mia!coverSiobhan McCarthy3:20
Mammia MiacoverHazell Dean4:18
Mammma Mia (Jam Lab remix)A★Teens3:58
Mammma Mia (Jam Lab remix)coverA★Teens3:58
Medley: Mamma Mia / Lady BumpmedleyFranz Lambert3:06
Opening MedleymedleyThe San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus8:42
Thank ABBA for the Musiccover and medleySteps, Cleopatra, Tina Cousins, B*Witched & Billie4:07