writer:John Jacob Niles (American folklorist and folk musician)


1956-02-15Go 'way From My WindowChris Connor2:54
1964-12-12Go ’Way From My Window (live, 1964-12-12: Queen's Theatre, London)cover and liveMarlene Dietrich3:16
1964Go ’Way From My Windowcover and liveMarlene Dietrich3:16
1965-10Go ’Way From My Window (live, 1965-10: Princess Theatre, Melbourne, Australia)liveMarlene Dietrich3:31
1985-08Go 'way From My WindowMarilyn Horne, English Chamber Orchestra, Carl Davis3:31
Go 'way From My WindowRan Blake3:25
Go 'way From My WindowMarlene Dietrich3:01
Go 'Way From My WindowMarlene Dietrich3:01
Go ’way From My WindowHarry Belafonte3:08
Go ’Way from My WindowMarlene Dietrich2:59
Go ’Way From My WindowMarlene Dietrich3:07
Go Away From My WindowcoverMarlene Dietrich3:24
Go Away From My WindowcoverLuki2:42
Go Way From My WindowcoverSally Jones3:29
Trago 'way From My Window (1960-05-01: The Home Of Karen Wallace, St. Paul, MN, USA)Bob Dylan2:56