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  • Had the temporary working title "Alcatraz to the Fifth Power"
  • First copyright date: 1965-09-30
  • Copyright renewed in 1993
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composer:Bob Dylan (1964-11)
lyricist:Bob Dylan (1964-11)
publisher:Warner/Chappell (1965 – 1993)
Special Rider Music (1993 –)
lyrics page: [info]
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Wikipedia:en: Farewell, Angelina (song) [info]
later translated versions:Adieu Angelina
Adios, Angelina
Adjö Angelina
Farväl Angelina


1965-01-13Farewell Angelina (studio: 1965-01-13)Bob Dylan?:??
1969-05-29Farewell Angelinacover and liveJoan Baez3:05
2004-11-06Farewell, Angelinacover and liveJoan Baez3:37
Farewell AngelinacoverBobby Bare3:26
Farewell AngelinaMichel Benita feat. Manu Codjia3:38
Farewell AngelinacoverMarissa Nadler5:10
Farewell AngelinacoverNew Riders of the Purple Sage?:??
Farewell Angelina (live, 1983)coverJoan Baez3:06
Farewell AngelinacoverJoan Baez3:15
Farewell Angelinacover and liveJoan Baez4:11
Farewell AngelinacoverWilliam Fitzsimmons5:13
Farewell AngelinacoverTim O’Brien4:23
Farewell Angelina (mono mix) (1965-01-13: Columbia Recording Studios, Studio A, New York City, NY, USA)Bob Dylan?:??
Farewell Angelina/What Can I Do For You?cover, instrumental and partialJewels and Binoculars7:00
Farewell, AngelinacoverJoan Baez3:16
Farewell, AngelinacoverJoan Baez2:56
Farewell, AngelinaBob Dylan?:??
Farewell, AngelinaBob Dylan5:28
Farewell, AngelinaBob Dylan5:27
Farewell, Angelinacover and liveJoan Baez3:42
Farewell, AngelinacoverNew Riders of the Purple Sage2:39
Farewell, Angelina (take 1, solo acoustic)Bob Dylan5:28