writer:Peter Brown (70s/80s Miami disco artist/songwriter, "Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me")
Robert Rans
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referred to in medleys:Sparkling Diamonds (Moulin Rouge!) (order: 2)


2008-12-15Material Girl (live, 2008-12-15: Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveAmanda Palmer4:01
2016-03-19Material Girl (live)liveMadonna4:02
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friendlive and partialDarcey Bussell & Katherine Jenkins3:02
Girl Gone Wild (live, MDNA World Tour)partialMadonna3:57
Material Girlcover and instrumentalThe Da Capo Players3:41
Material GirlcoverSweet Vacation3:52
Material GirlEliza Doolittle2:59
Material Girl (live, 1985-05-25: Cobo Center, Detroit, MI, USA)Madonna?:??
Material GirlMadonna6:40
Material GirlMadonna4:22
Material GirlMadonna4:02
Material Girl (live, 1990: USA)Madonna4:28
Material GirlMadonna?:??
Material GirlMadonna6:08
Material GirlMadonna4:22
Material GirlMadonna4:45
Material GirlcoverTGMX feat. Itsco3:40
Material GirlcoverThe Toast?:??
Material GirlliveMadonna6:40
Material GirlliveMadonna4:22
Material GirlcoverElectro Lounge All Stars4:00
Material GirlcoverThe Valiant Thieves4:36
Material GirlliveMadonna4:02
Material Girl (live, 1990: USA)liveMadonna4:28
Material GirlMadonna4:05
Material GirlliveMadonna6:08
Material Girl (Acoustic)cover and liveThe Indelicates3:13
Material GirlMadonna4:00
Material GirlcoverKMFDM4:28
Material Girlcover and instrumentalMidnite String Quartet3:24
Material GirlcoverThe Countdown Singers4:00
Material GirlMadonna4:45
Material GirlMadonna3:57
Material GirlMadonna4:43
Material Girlcover and instrumentalLondon Twilight Orchestra3:50
Material GirlcoverKMFDM4:28
Material GirlliveMadonna?:??
Material Girl (live, 1985-05-25: Cobo Center, Detroit, MI, USA)liveMadonna?:??
Material GirlMadonna?:??
Material GirlcoverCassandra Beck?:??
Material GirlcoverWalk off the Earth3:29
Material GirlcoverKMFDM4:28
Material GirlcoverMarcela Mangabeira3:29
Material GirlcoverSugarpie and The Candymen3:53
Material GirlcoverRockabye Baby!3:53
Material GirlcoverMarco de Falco feat. Vito Porricelli3:41
Material GirlcoverVirginia Da Cunha3:37
Material GirlcoverOdette Telleria?:??
Material Girlcover and liveAchinoam Nini & Gil Dor5:10
Material GirlcoverBloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space2:59
Material Girl (The Immaculate Collection remix)Madonna3:53
Material GirlcoverSwinger Club3:11
Material GirlMadonna4:01
Material GirlcoverKMFDM4:28
Material GirlcoverRichard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine2:03
Material GirlcoverNick Adams & Company2:37
Material GirlcoverRichard Cheese1:47
Material GirlcoverGirl Authority3:51
Material GirlcoverMountain Party3:39
Material GirlcoverUnited Rhythms of Brazil3:22
Material GirlcoverCassandra Beck2:54
Material GirlcoverExhumed4:05
Material GirlcoverAngelina3:48
Material Girl (part of “Jive Bunny: Ultimate 80s Party” DJ-Mix)Madonna2:11
Material GirlMadonna4:42
Material GirlMadonna4:05
Material GirlMadonna4:06
Material GirlliveMadonna4:45
Material GirlliveMadonna4:22
Material GirlcoverThe Countdown Singers3:59
Material GirlcoverThe Countdown Singers4:00
Material Girl (Dollar mix)coverMoon's Girl6:08
Material Girl (Dollar mix) (part of Peroxide Megamix)coverMoon's Girl5:31
Material Girl (extended dance remix)Madonna6:07
Material Girl (Jellybean dance mix)Madonna6:12
Material Girl (Jellybean dance remix)Madonna6:06
Material Girl (live)liveMadonna4:54
Material Girl (live)Madonna4:02
Material Girl (live)Madonna4:54
Material Girls Medleycover and medleyThe Puppini Sisters3:58
Medley (Dress You Up / Material Girl / Like a Virgin) (live, 1987: Italy)live and medleyMadonna?:??