GEMA reports Jürgen Jansen as composer and Peter Spilles as lyricist while the credits of the album Eon:Eon have a generic writing credit for Jansen Scheuber and Spilles and the single I Love Your Dream credits Peter Spilles, Jürgen Jansen, Dirk Scheuber and Yenz Schrader.

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composer: Jürgen Jansen
lyricist: Peter Spilles
writer: Jürgen Jansen
Dirk Scheuber
Peter Spilles
publisher: Budde Zwei Edition
Edition Candyland


Date Title Artist Length
I Live Your Dream Project Pitchfork 3:31
I Live Your Dream (Axel Ermes remix) Project Pitchfork 6:12
I Live Your Dream (extended version) Project Pitchfork 4:38
I Live Your Dream (Gary Numan remix) Project Pitchfork 6:48
I Live Your Dream (radio version) Project Pitchfork 3:34