writer:Patrick Leonard (american producer, songwriter and pianist)
Madonna (American singer-songwriter, actress, businesswoman, “Queen of Pop”)
publisher:Warner / Chappell Music Publishing
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Johnny Yuma Music (in 1988)
Webo Girl Publishing, Inc. (in 1988)
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Wikidata:Q1420677 [info]
referred to in medleys:Feels Like a Prayer


1996-07-15Like a Prayer / Is Chicago, Is Not Chicagocover and liveSoul Coughing4:44
2005-05-07Like a Prayercover and liveTori Amos?:??
2005-06-04Like a Prayer (live, 2005-06-04: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK)cover and liveTori Amos5:08
2008-01I Want to Know What Love Is (live, 2008-01: Zénith, Strasbourg)live and medleyLes Enfoirés5:08
2010-01-22Like a PrayerliveMadonna3:29
2012-11-19 – 2012-11-20Like a Prayer (live, MDNA World Tour)liveMadonna6:10
2012Like a Prayer (live, 2012: Aleksanterin teatteri, Helsinki, Finland)cover and liveFORK5:54
Like a PrayercoverMad’House3:38
Like a PrayercoverMad’House?:??
Like a Prayercover and instrumentalThe Da Capo Players5:14
Like a PrayercoverIda Sand4:00
Like a PrayercoverMad'House16:44
Like a PrayercoverScott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox3:21
Like a PrayercoverAll Saints3:32
Like a PrayerMadonna5:41
Like a PrayercoverMad’House?:??
Like a Prayer (part of “Grandmaster 2005, Part 1: The DJ Set” DJ‐mix)coverMad’House?:??
Like a PrayercoverMad’House3:39
Like a PrayercoverMad’House4:24
Like a PrayercoverMad’House4:21
Like a PrayerliveMadonna7:04
Like a PrayerMadonna3:38
Like a Prayer (part of "Grandmaster Party 6: School Disco" DJ-mix)Madonna2:59
Like a PrayerMadonna5:30
Like a PrayerliveMadonna7:03
Like a PrayerMadonna5:10
Like a PrayerMadonna5:43
Like a PrayerMadonna5:33
Like a PrayerliveMadonna8:10
Like a PrayerMadonna8:42
Like a Prayer (12″ extended remix)Madonna7:25
Like a PrayerMadonna5:32
Like a PrayercoverStudio 995:29
Like a PrayercoverVoisix5:42
Like a PrayercoverMad'House1:30
Like a PrayercoverMad'House4:23
Like a PrayercoverMad'House2:47
Like a Prayer (part of “Party Mix Canada” DJ‐mix)coverMad'House4:03
Like a PrayercoverMad'House2:53
Like a PrayercoverMad'House3:33
Like a PrayercoverMad'House3:38
Like a Prayer (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 32” DJ‐mix)coverMad'House3:54
Like a PrayercoverMad'House?:??
Like a PrayercoverMad'House?:??
Like a PrayercoverMad'House4:01
Like a PrayercoverMad'House3:35
Like a Prayer (part of a “Grandmix 2002” DJ‐mix)coverMad'House1:30
Like a PrayercoverMad'House1:58
Like a Prayer (part of “Groove Station 8” DJ‐mix)coverMad'House4:09
Like a Prayer (part of “De Après Skihut 8” DJ‐mix)coverMadhouse1:40
Like a Prayer (part of “Ministry of Sound: 21st Century Disco 2003” DJ-mix)coverMad'House3:59
Like a PrayercoverMad'House4:16
Like a PrayercoverMad'House3:01
Like a PrayercoverMad'House4:02
Like a Prayer (part of “Breakdown: The Very Best of Euphoric Dance, Volume 5” DJ-mix)coverMad'House3:16
Like a PrayercoverCoffee Zombie Collective3:34
Like a PrayercoverLimelight3:51
Like a Prayer (part of a “Trance Nation 2002” DJ‐mix)coverLimelight3:37
Like a PrayercoverThe Collective3:30
Like a PrayercoverDale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.5:37
Like a PrayercoverSpin‐Up3:32
Like a PrayercoverJay Smith3:32
Like a PrayercoverThe Pigs3:25
Like a PrayercoverARDOR3:47
Like a PrayercoverWho's That Girl6:02
Like a PrayercoverOsmo's Cosmos4:38
Like a Prayercover and instrumentalLondon Twilight Orchestra5:36
Like a PrayercoverThe Mysterious Girl3:40
Like a Prayer (part of “N.Y.C. Underground Party, Volume 5” DJ-mix)coverMad'House3:41
Like a PrayercoverMad'House3:38
Like a PrayercoverMad'House3:38
Like a PrayercoverMad'House4:24
Like a PrayercoverMad'House3:37
Like a PrayercoverMad'House4:24
Like a PrayerliveMadonna?:??
Like a PrayercoverPomplamoose3:14
Like a PrayercoverFaith & Harmony4:18
Like a Prayercover and instrumentalMidnite String Quartet4:38
Like a Prayer (part of “Mastermix: DJ Beats, Volume 4” DJ‐mix)Madonna?:??
Like a Prayercoverwirebox?:??
Like a PrayerliveMadonna7:20
Like a PrayercoverOut of the Blue?:??
Like a Prayer (Immaculate Collection remix)Madonna5:51
Like a PrayerliveMadonna4:12
Like a Prayer (live, 1990: USA)liveMadonna7:40
Like a PrayerMadonna8:40
Like a PrayerliveMadonna7:05
Like a PrayerMadonna5:37
Like a PrayerMadonna4:26
Like a PrayercoverHot Wire?:??
Like a Prayercover and liveThe Lady Killers5:24
Like a PrayercoverRockabye Baby!4:00
Like a PrayercoverSusan Boyle3:23
Like a PrayercoverLeo Moracchioli4:35
Like a Prayer (part of “Hit Mania Dance Estate 2002” DJ-mix)coverMad'House3:18
Like a Prayer (part of “80’s Now” DJ-mix)coverMad'House3:21
Like a PrayercoverMad’House4:26
Like a PrayercoverMad’House3:44
Like a PrayercoverMad'House4:04
Like a PrayercoverMad'House3:34
Like a PrayerMadonna5:23
Like a PrayercoverRufio3:49
Like a PrayercoverMarc Almond6:11
Like a PrayercoverGeorgetown University Phantoms4:11
Like a PrayercoverRed Hot Blue4:52
Like a PrayercoverRaffa4:35
Like a Prayer (part of Peroxide Megamix)coverRaffa3:17
Like a PrayercoverGlee Cast feat. Jonathan Groff5:15
Like a Prayer (live, Reinvention Tour)liveMadonna5:22
Like a PrayercoverThe Rondelles2:45
Like a PrayercoverNick Adams & Company1:11
Like a PrayercoverDepp Jones4:04
Like a Prayer (DJ‐mix from “DJ Convention: Code Thirteen”)coverMad'House2:47
Like a Prayer (DJ mix from “Deejay Parade Estate 2002”)coverMad'House4:06
Like a PrayercoverWho's That Girl5:19
Like a PrayercoverBigod 204:01
Like a PrayercoverWho's That Girl4:29
Like a PrayercoverLoleatta Holloway4:03
Like a PrayercoverLavender Diamond4:53
Like a PrayercoverWho's That Girl7:05
Like a Prayercover and liveRufio?:??
Like a PrayercoverDemolition String Band3:01
Like a PrayercoverDanni Carlos4:12
Like a PrayercoverH₂O5:25
Like a Prayercover and liveGrace Potter & The Nocturnals6:22
Like a PrayercoverThe Lost Fingers3:52
Like a PrayercoverJohn Wesley Harding3:34
Like a Prayer (part of “Dancemania Speed 2” DJ-mix)coverSound Assassins2:29
Like a PrayercoverWe Are the Fallen4:22
Like A PrayercoverMad’House3:37
Like A PrayercoverLiv Moon4:29
Like a Prayer (7" dance edit)Madonna5:20
Like a Prayer (7" remix / edit)Madonna5:43
Like a Prayer (7" version)Madonna5:03
Like a Prayer (7″ remix/edit)Madonna5:45
Like a Prayer (7″ remix/edit)Madonna5:41
Like a Prayer (12" club version)Madonna6:36
Like a Prayer (12" dance mix)Madonna7:50
Like a Prayer (12″ club version)Madonna6:38
Like a Prayer (12″ club version)Madonna6:35
Like a Prayer (12″ dance mix)Madonna7:56
Like a Prayer (album version with fade)Madonna5:10
Like a Prayer (Almighty mix)coverMad'House7:57
Like a Prayer (Almighty radio edit)coverMad'House6:29
Like a Prayer (Almighty radio edit)coverMad'House3:58
Like a Prayer (Bass dub)Madonna5:48
Like a Prayer (Bootleg mix)coverMad’House?:??
Like a Prayer (Churchapella)Madonna6:09
Like a Prayer (club version)Madonna6:37
Like a Prayer (dance mix)coverRaffa4:30
Like a Prayer (dub Beats)Madonna4:40
Like a Prayer (extended mix) (part of “MoS: The Annual 2003” DJ-mix)coverMad'House3:50
Like a Prayer (extended remix)coverMad'House5:14
Like a Prayer (Funk Freaks mix) (part of “Clubmix Ibiza, 2002” DJ-mix)coverMad'House4:09
Like a Prayer (Instra dub)Madonna6:11
Like a Prayer (live)liveMadonna7:07
Like a Prayer (live)cover and liveΈλενα Παπαρίζου4:06
Like a Prayer (live)coverΈλενα Παπαρίζου4:06
Like a Prayer (live)liveMadonna4:12
Like a Prayer (main mix edit)coverHit Mix presents Mad 'House3:16
Like a Prayer (main mix)coverMad'House4:00
Like a Prayer (main mix) (part of “Le Beat, Volume 4” DJ mix)coverMad'House4:18
Like a Prayer (main mix) (part of “MoS: Clubber’s Guide to… Ibiza 2002” DJ-mix)coverMad'House3:13
Like a Prayer (main mix)coverMad'House4:25
Like a Prayer (main mix)coverMad'House4:26
Like a Prayer (main mix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2003: America” DJ‐mix)coverMad'House3:57
Like a Prayer (main mix) (part of “Manumission: Ibiza Classics Collection” DJ-mix)coverMad'House3:49
Like a Prayer (main mix) (part of “MoS: Clubber’s Guide to… Ibiza 2002” DJ-mix)coverMad'House3:58
Like a Prayer (main mix) (DJ‐mix from “Dance Essentials, Volume 03”)coverMad'House4:27
Like a Prayer (main mix)coverMad'House4:24
Like a Prayer (main mix)coverMad'House3:56
Like a Prayer (main mix) (DJ‐mix from “Ultra. Dance 02”)coverMad House3:44
Like a Prayer (main mix)coverMad'House4:24
Like A Prayer (Main Mix)coverMad'House4:25
Like a Prayer (MLK mix)Madonna6:54
Like a Prayer (radio edit)coverLimelight3:51
Like a Prayer (radio edit)Mad’House3:37
Like a Prayer (radio edit)coverMad'House3:39
Like a Prayer (radio edit)coverMad'house3:37
Like a Prayer (radio edit)coverMad'House3:18
Like a Prayer (radio mix)coverMad'House1:00
Like a Prayer 2002coverLimelight3:48
Like a Prayer 2002 (original mix)coverLimelight5:03
Like a Prayer 2002 (radio edit)coverLimelight3:49
Madonna 'Like a Prayer'coverWalt Ribeiro4:58
Underneath the Flames / Like a PrayercoverH₂O6:42