The Gnome

~ Song


composer: Syd Barrett
lyricist: Syd Barrett
publisher: Essex Music
Essex Music International
Essex Music, Inc.
Magdalene Music
TRO-Essex Music, Inc.
TRO-Hampshire House Publishing Corp.
Westminster Music Ltd.
Wikidata: Q952583 [info]
lyrics page: [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1967-03-19 The Gnome (original stereo mix) Pink Floyd 2:14
1967-03-19 The Gnome (original mono mix) Pink Floyd 2:14
1968 The Gnome (live, 1968: Maida Vale Studios, London, UK) live Pink Floyd 2:06
2009-01-24 The Gnome live The Polka Floyd Show 2:21
Strangely Strange, but Oddly Normal, Part 4 (Includes: The Gnome) partial Pink Floyd 7:56
The Gnome cover Neil 2:30
The Gnome (Out of Phase Stereo mix) Pink Floyd 2:13
The Gnome live Pink Floyd 2:11