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writer:Christina Aguilera
Linda Perry (rock singer‐songwriter & producer)
Mark Ronson (UK pop & hip hop producer)


2007-07-17 – 2007-07-18Hurt (live, 2007-07-17–2007-07-18: Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, Australia)liveChristina Aguilera4:36
HurtcoverDJ Jump4:01
HurtChristina Aguilera4:02
HurtcoverSarah Engels4:01
HurtChristina Aguilera4:03
HurtChristina Aguilera4:02
HurtChristina Aguilera4:04
HurtChristina Aguilera?:??
HurtChristina Aguilera4:01
HurtChristina Aguilera4:00
HurtChristina Aguilera3:59
HurtChristina Aguilera4:06
HurtChristina Aguilera4:00
HurtChristina Aguilera4:02
HurtChristina Aguilera4:03
HurtChristina Aguilera4:03
HurtChristina Aguilera?:??
HurtChristina Aguilera4:01
HurtChristina Aguilera4:32
HurtChristina Aguilera4:02
HurtChristina Aguilera4:02
Hurt (Chris Cox Anthem edit)Christina Aguilera4:47
Hurt (Chris Cox club anthem)Christina Aguilera9:56
Hurt (Deeper-Mindset Full on club mix)Christina Aguilera9:30
Hurt (Deeper-Mindset Full On club mix)Christina Aguilera6:31
Hurt (Deeper-Mindset Full On club) (part of “Ultra.Weekend 3” DJ-mix)Christina Aguilera5:45
Hurt (Deeper-Mindset mix)Christina Aguilera4:10
Hurt (Deeper-Mindset mixshow)Christina Aguilera5:48
Hurt (Deeper-Mindset pad-a-pella)Christina Aguilera7:16
Hurt (Deeper-Mindset radio mix)Christina Aguilera4:08
Hurt (Deeper-Mindset Tight mix)Christina Aguilera7:07
Hurt (instrumental)cover and instrumental[unknown]4:04
Hurt (Jack Shaft dub-a-pella)Christina Aguilera1:53
Hurt (Jack Shaft dub)Christina Aguilera6:32
Hurt (Jack Shaft extended mix)Christina Aguilera8:30
Hurt (Jack Shaft main mix)Christina Aguilera7:01
Hurt (Jack Shaft mixshow)Christina Aguilera5:41
Hurt (Jake Ridley chillout mix)Christina Aguilera5:46
Hurt (Jonathan Peters & Tony Coluccio Electro mix)Christina Aguilera6:04
Hurt (Jonathan Peters classic mix)Christina Aguilera9:30
Hurt (Jonathan Peters Deeper-Mindset vocal remix)Christina Aguilera4:47
Hurt (JP & BSOD Electro mix)Christina Aguilera6:01
Hurt (Jps Deeper Mindset radio edit)Christina Aguilera4:08
Hurt (Snowflake radio mix)Christina Aguilera4:05
Hurt (The Voice Performance)cover and liveIndia Carney3:43
Hurt (The Voice Performance)cover and liveBryan Bautista3:27