composer:Billy Idol
lyricist:Billy Idol
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later parody versions:Christ's Wedding
White Wedding (Literal Video Version)


1986White Wedding (live, 1986: USA)liveBilly Idol6:43
1987-08-12White Wedding (live, 1987-08-12: Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA, USA)liveBilly Idol6:54
1987White Wedding (live, 1987-08-12: Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA, USA)liveBilly Idol6:54
1993White Wedding (live, 1993)liveBilly Idol4:49
2001-04-01White Wedding (live, 2001-04-01: VH1 Storytellers, VH1 Studios, New York, NY, USA)liveBilly Idol3:48
2001-04-01White Wedding (live, 2001-04-01: VH1 Storytellers, VH1 Studios, New York, NY, USA)liveBilly Idol3:47
2001-10-03White Wedding (live, 2001-10-03: Ulm, Germany)cover and liveDoro4:34
2004-12-09White Wedding (live, 2004-12-09: Sessions@AOL, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBilly Idol4:17
A neiches LebncoverZart Bitter4:08
Billy Idol 'White Wedding'coverWalt Ribeiro4:13
Rebel WeddingcoverEric Fish & Friends3:23
White Wedding (live, 1984-02, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBilly Idol6:59
White Wedding (live: USA)liveBilly Idol6:35
White WeddingcoverDartmouth College Aires4:15
White Wedding (live, 1990: CA, USA)liveBilly Idol4:41
White Wedding (single version)Billy Idol3:34
White WeddingcoverLeo Moracchioli3:54
White WeddingcoverMajorVoice3:48
White WeddingcoverHitboutique?:??
White WeddingcoverUnion Avenue3:41
White Weddingcover and instrumentalThe Mighty Bogg?:??
White WeddingcoverAeon Winds3:50
White WeddingcoverDementia4:39
White WeddingcoverTen Masked Men4:00
White WeddingBilly Idol?:??
White WeddingBilly Idol3:24
White Weddingcover and instrumentalScott Williams4:10
White Wedding (live, 1990-11-29, Palarussardi, Milan, Italy)liveBilly Idol4:35
White WeddingcoverDoro4:37
White WeddingcoverAxxis3:26
White WeddingcoverHerman’s Hermits4:32
White WeddingcoverMurderdolls3:18
White WeddingcoverDeathstars3:32
White WeddingcoverDevlin4:00
White WeddingcoverTen Masked Men4:12
White WeddingcoverBattershell2:15
White WeddingcoverSentenced3:24
White WeddingcoverFaderhead?:??
White WeddingcoverAbney Park3:48
White Wedding (part of “Jive Bunny: Ultimate 80s Party” DJ-Mix)Billy Idol2:30
White WeddingBilly Idol?:??
White Wedding (part of a “Hitmania Estate 2005” DJ‐mix)cover and partialJoe T. Vannelli feat. Pheel2:58
White WeddingcoverKBO!3:13
White WeddingcoverThe Brown Derbies4:19
White WeddingcoverLexa3:44
White WeddingcoverThe Twang4:05
White Wedding (live, 2005-06-05: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Nuremberg, Germany)liveBilly Idol5:04
White Wedding (live)liveBilly Idol4:36
White WeddingliveBilly Idol?:??
White WeddingcoverUmbra et Imago4:05
White Wedding (live, 1990: Pacific Theatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USA)liveBilly Idol6:34
White Wedding (part of “FetenMix: 80 Party-Klassiker im Megamix” DJ-mix)Billy Idol1:10
White Wedding (live: USA)liveBilly Idol7:10
White WeddingcoverPastel Vespa3:42
White WeddingcoverAiden3:31
White WeddingcoverCode 693:16
White WeddingcoverQueens of the Stone Age3:50
White WeddingcoverThe Enkindels4:37
White WeddingcoverShower With Goats2:03
White WeddingcoverWhip3:13
White WeddingcoverScott D. Davis3:50
White WeddingcoverRowland S. Howard2:54
White WeddingcoverThee Flanders3:35
White WeddingcoverLisa Engelken5:09
White WeddingcoverThe Young Werewolves3:27
White WeddingcoverJay Smith3:46
White WeddingcoverNear Dark3:17
White WeddingcoverNear Dark3:18
White WeddingBilly Idol4:12
White WeddingBilly Idol3:42
White WeddingBilly Idol4:17
White Wedding (live, 2009: Congress Theater, Chicago, IL, USA)liveBilly Idol?:??
White Wedding (Billy Idol)coverThe Whip?:??
White Wedding (Live at Notting Hill Arts Club)cover and liveClient4:17
White Wedding (Pt.1)Billy Idol3:31
White Wedding (single version)coverDoro3:58
White Wedding (VMM remix)Billy Idol6:48
White Wedding, Parts I & II (Shotgun mix)Billy Idol8:24
White Wedding, Pt. 1Billy Idol4:12
White Wedding, Pt. 1Billy Idol?:??