writer:Charles Dickens (English novelist)
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A Savage DeedpartialCharles Dickens read by Martin Jarvis18:30
Birth of an OrphanpartialCharles Dickens read by Martin Jarvis15:50
Devilish PlotpartialCharles Dickens read by Martin Jarvis15:35
Honour Amongst Thieves?partialCharles Dickens read by Martin Jarvis17:07
House RobberypartialCharles Dickens read by Martin Jarvis18:47
Just DesertspartialCharles Dickens read by Martin Jarvis21:04
Oliver Twist, Part 1partialCharles Dickens read by David Warner13:55
Oliver Twist, Part 2partialCharles Dickens read by David Warner13:30
Oliver Twist, Part 3partialCharles Dickens read by David Warner13:35
Oliver Twist, Part 4partialCharles Dickens read by David Warner13:30
Oliver Twist, Part 5partialCharles Dickens read by David Warner13:20
Oliver Twist, Part 6partialCharles Dickens read by David Warner13:45
On the RunpartialCharles Dickens read by Martin Jarvis12:47
Street EmploymentpartialCharles Dickens read by Martin Jarvis12:41
Test of CharacterpartialCharles Dickens read by Martin Jarvis7:50