writer:George Harrison (The Beatles)
Phil Spector
publisher:Harrisongs Ltd.
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2003-09-08Try Some, Buy Some (live, 2003-09-08: Hammersmith Riverside Theatre, London, England)cover and liveDavid Bowie5:11
2004-04-22Try Some, Buy Some (live, 2004-04-22: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveDavid Bowie?:??
Try Some Buy SomeRonnie Spector4:13
Try Some Buy SomeGeorge Harrison?:??
Try Some Buy SomeRonnie Spector4:11
Try Some Buy SomeGeorge Harrison4:05
Try Some Buy SomeGeorge Harrison4:06
Try Some Buy Some (original studio mix)George Harrison4:08
Try Some, Buy SomeGeorge Harrison feat. Ronnie Spector4:41
Try Some, Buy SomeRonnie Spector4:08
Try Some, Buy SomeGeorge Harrison4:04
Try Some, Buy SomecoverDavid Bowie4:25
Try Some, Buy SomeRonnie Spector4:13
Try Some, Buy Some (5.1 mix)David Bowie4:25