composer: Дмитрий Дмитриевич Шостакович (composer) (1922)
arrangement of: Two Fables by Krylov, op. 4: No. 1. The Dragonfly and the Ant (for mezzo-soprano, female chorus and chamber orchestra)
part of: Two Fables by Krylov, op. 4a (for mezzo-soprano and piano)


Date Title Artist Length
2002-01-25 Two Fables by Ivan Krylov, op. 4: The Donkey and the Nightingale Liudmila Shkirtil, Yuri Serov 4:54
2011-10-31 – 2011-11-03 Two Fables, op. 4: The Ass and the Nightingale Virpi Räisänen, Marita Viitasalo 4:57