writer:Jörgen Elofsson (Also known as Shane)
David Kreuger
Per Magnusson (Swedish music producer and songwriter)
Max Martin
publisher:BMG Music Publishing Scandinavia AB
Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc.
Grantsville Publishing Ltd.
Zomba Enterprises
Zomba Songs Inc.
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2001-11-17 – 2001-11-18(You Drive Me) Crazy (live, 2001-11-17/8: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveBritney Spears3:48
(You Drive Me) CrazycoverLeo Moracchioli3:58
(You Drive Me) CrazycoverThe School Girl Allstars3:25
(You Drive Me) Crazycover and instrumentalPiano Dreamers3:16
(You Drive Me) CrazycoverOut of the Blue3:46
(You Drive Me) Crazycover and instrumentalThe Piano Tribute Players3:16
(You Drive Me) CrazyBritney Spears3:19
(You Drive Me) CrazyBritney Spears3:15
(You Drive Me) CrazyBritney Spears4:59
(You Drive Me) CrazycoverSugarComa2:28
(You Drive Me) CrazyliveBritney Spears7:02
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Jazzy Jim's hip-hop mix)Britney Spears3:40
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Spacedust club mix)Britney Spears7:35
(You Drive Me) Crazy (Spacedust dark dub)Britney Spears9:08
(You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop remix!)Britney Spears3:18
(You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!) (instrumental)instrumentalBritney Spears3:19
(You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop remix) (part of DJ-mix “Groove Station 6”)Britney Spears3:18
Britneycover and medleyUniversity of Wisconsin Madhatters5:06
Chris Cox MegamixmedleyBritney Spears4:57
CrazycoverRichard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine1:51
Crazy / U Drive Me CrazymedleyGlee Cast2:22