writer:Donald Roeser
Allen Lanier
Sandy Pearlman


1972-04-03Before the Kiss (A Redcap) (live, 1972-04-03: Nugget's Pizza Parlor, Rochester, NY, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1993-03-16Before the Kiss (A Redcap) (live, 1993-03-16: Sun Studios Concert Club, Palm Springs, CA, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1993-03-17Before the Kiss (live, 1993-03-17: The Strand, Redondo Beach, CA, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1993-07-31Before the Kiss (live, 1993-07-31: Pennant Lounge, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
1997-01-26Stairway to the Stars / Before the KissliveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2001-08-18Before the Kiss (A Redcap)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2006-02-09Before the Kiss (A Redcap) (live, 2006-02-09: Denny’s Bar & Banquet, Edinboro, PA, USA)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2008-11-16Before the Kiss (A Redcap)liveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
2008-11-16Before the Kiss, a RedcapliveBlue Öyster Cult?:??
Before the Kiss, a RedcapBlue Öyster Cult4:59