writer:Carter Stanley
Ralph Stanley


1950-11-03The Lonesome RiverThe Stanley Brothers2:45
1996-03-28The Lonesome RiverRalph Stanley II & John Rigsby2:59
Lonesome RiverThe Stanley Brothers?:??
Lonesome RivercoverJoe Val and The New England Bluegrass Boys2:45
Lonesome RiverCharlie Moore & the Dixie Partners2:37
Lonesome RiverAl Wood & The Smokey Ridge Boys4:10
Lonesome RivercoverHere Today feat. Vince Gill, David Grisman & Herb Pedersen4:07
Lonesome RivercoverDavid Grisman, Vince Gill, Herb Pedersen, Jim Buchanan & Emory Gordy, Jr.4:05
Lonesome RiverNewFound Road3:50
The Lonesome RivercoverWarrior River Boys3:05
The Lonesome RiverThe Stanley Brothers3:30
The Lonesome RiverRalph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys2:53
The Lonesome RiverThe Stanley Brothers2:47
The Lonesome RivercoverRalph Stanley feat. Bob Dylan3:04
The Lonesome RivercoverRalph Stanley feat. Bob Dylan3:05