composer:Roger Waters
lyricist:Roger Waters
publisher:Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.
World Copyrights Ltd.
World Music (publisher)
Wikidata:Q2615627 [info]


1969-04-14Afternoon (live, 1969-04-14: Royal Festival Hall, London, UK)livePink Floyd5:25
1969-04-14Afternoon (Biding My Time) (live, 1969-04-14: The Man and The Journey (rehearsal), Royal Festival Hall, London)livePink Floyd4:22
1969-07-09Bidin' My TimePink Floyd5:14
1969-07Biding My TimePink Floyd5:17
1969-09-17Afternoon (live, 1969-09-17: The Man, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands)livePink Floyd6:39
1969-09-17Afternoon (live, 1969-09-17: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands)livePink Floyd5:13
Biding My TimePink Floyd5:15
Biding My TimePink Floyd5:16
Biding My TimePink Floyd5:15
Biding My TimelivePink Floyd5:06
Biding My TimelivePink Floyd5:23
Biding My TimelivePink Floyd?:??
Biding My TimePink Floyd5:14
Biding My TimePink Floyd5:03
Biding My TimePink Floyd5:23
Biding My TimePink Floyd?:??
Biding My TimePink Floyd5:18
Biding My TimelivePink Floyd4:37
Biding My TimelivePink Floyd6:06
Biding My Time (Work)Pink Floyd5:06