lyricist:Floyd Brown (Floyd Brown)
Mario Lavell Johnson (90s US rapper)
Vanilla Ice
composer:David Bowie (English singer‐songwriter)
Floyd Brown (Floyd Brown)
John R. Deacon
Mario Lavell Johnson (90s US rapper)
Brian May (Queen guitarist)
Freddie Mercury
Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)
Vanilla Ice
publisher:Aftershock Music
EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (1989-07-24–present)
Fernhill Publishing
Ice Baby Music
Knightlife Productions
QPM Music Inc.
Queen Music Ltd.
Sony/ATV Songs LLC
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referred to in medleys:Polka Your Eyes Out (order: 15)
later parody versions:A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire
Nice Iced Pavement
White, White, Baby (In Living Color parody)
is based on:Under Pressure
is the basis for:Кабак
has revision:Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)


1998-04-07Ice Ice Baby (live, 1998-04-07: Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon, Portugal)cover and liveFaith No More?:??
Anniversary Medley Part 1cover, live, medley and partialFORK3:36
Can't a LoopmedleyFORK5:22
Ice CubeBig T6:04
Ice Ice AlvincoverThe Chipmunks3:18
Ice Ice Baby (radio edit)Vanilla Ice3:47
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice3:47
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:31
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice?:??
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice3:44
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:29
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:31
Ice Ice BabycoverKacey Baker feat. Tamarra Jabor?:??
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:31
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:28
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice3:50
Ice Ice Baby (2014 Sera Ryu partial cover)cover and partialSera Ryu2:28
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice3:42
Ice Ice BabycoverHerringbone Brick5:33
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice3:44
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice3:49
Ice Ice BabycoverLeo Moracchioli3:51
Ice Ice BabycoverMarty Ray Project4:11
Ice Ice BabycoverScream Machine3:52
Ice Ice BabycoverPostmodern Jukebox feat. Aubrey Logan2:47
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice5:20
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:21
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice?:??
Ice Ice Baby (part of “The Mix of the Century” DJ‐mix)Vanilla Ice1:38
Ice Ice Baby (part of “Much Dance 90s” DJ-mix)Vanilla Ice3:13
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:10
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:16
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice3:39
Ice Ice Baby (part of “Jimmy Z prestens… 4PLAY: Anthems, Vol. 1” DJ‐mix)Vanilla Ice3:19
Ice Ice BabycoverMambo Kurt3:53
Ice Ice BabycoverThe WFG All-Stars3:54
Ice Ice BabycoverScream Machine3:52
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice5:02
Ice Ice BabycoverRichard Cheese2:37
Ice Ice BabycoverMy Gay Uncle4:17
Ice Ice BabycoverGlee Cast3:25
Ice Ice BabycoverBig Daddy2:19
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice5:03
Ice Ice Baby (part of “Jimmy Z: 4Play, Volume 1” DJ-mix)Vanilla Ice4:20
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:15
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice3:42
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice5:02
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice2:05
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice5:01
Ice Ice BabycoverCrazy Frog4:01
ICE ICE BABYVanilla Ice1:50
Ice Ice Baby (a cappella mix)Vanilla Ice3:51
Ice Ice Baby (Club Crasher mix)Vanilla Ice4:27
Ice Ice Baby (club mix)Vanilla Ice5:02
Ice Ice Baby (club mix)Vanilla Ice5:04
Ice Ice Baby (clubmix) (part of “Dance Mix ’91” DJ‐mix)Vanilla Ice4:46
Ice Ice Baby (country style)coverHerringbone Brick14:40
Ice Ice Baby (Dance Remix)Vanilla Ice3:41
Ice Ice Baby (edit)Vanilla Ice3:42
Ice Ice Baby (Ghislain Poirier remix)Vanilla Ice3:50
Ice Ice Baby (Gigi D’Aostino remix-edit) (part of a “Bump 8” DJ‐mix)Reanimator feat. Vanilla Ice4:24
Ice Ice Baby (MadHatter's Dorky European Dancehall mix)Vanilla Ice?:??
Ice Ice Baby (Miami Drop mix instrumental)instrumentalVanilla Ice5:01
Ice Ice Baby (Miami Drop mix)Vanilla Ice5:00
Ice Ice Baby (Miami Drop mix)Vanilla Ice5:03
Ice Ice Baby (New Romantic mix)Vanilla Ice4:54
Ice Ice Baby (Pressure mix)Vanilla Ice5:37
Ice Ice Baby (radio edit)Vanilla Ice3:44
Ice Ice Baby (radio edit)Vanilla Ice4:12
Ice Ice Baby (radio edit);Vanilla Ice3:47
Ice Ice Baby (radio mix edit)Vanilla Ice3:47
Ice Ice Baby (radio mix)Vanilla Ice4:32
Ice Ice Baby (radio mix)Vanilla Ice4:42
Ice Ice Baby (Reanimator Deejay Bass Up! electro mix) (part of “Clubbers Guide Poland” DJ-mix)Vanilla Ice3:00
Ice Ice Baby (remix)Vanilla Ice feat. Korn3:26
Ice Ice Baby (revised edition)Vanilla Ice4:30
Ice Ice Baby (Revised version)Vanilla Ice4:29
Ice Ice Baby (Rock Hero mix)Vanilla Ice4:10
Ice Ice Baby (Salsa)Reanimator feat. Big Daddi & Vanilla Ice4:08
Ice Ice Baby (Salsa) (Mendezz & Andrew remix) (part of “Dancemix Summer Anthems” DJ-mix)Reanimator & Big Daddi / Vanilla Ice2:58
Ice Ice Baby (The Miami Drop mix)liveVanilla Ice9:21
Ice Ice Baby (Wunderbros dubstep remix)Vanilla Ice4:07
Ice Ice Baby (Zumba remix)Vanilla Ice3:42
Ice Ice Baby 2008 (radio & video edit)coverReAnimator feat. Big Daddi & Vanilla Ice3:30
Ice Ice Baby Under Pressure (Two Tracker): Ice Ice Baby / Under PressureQueen vs Vanilla Ice6:57
Ice, Ice BabyVanilla Ice4:31
Queen Medleycover, live and partialButch Walker8:38
Too ColdVanilla Ice3:24