Lover Man

~ Song


lyricist:Jimmy Davis (songwriter, "Lover Man") (in 1942)
Roger “Ram” Ramirez (Puerto Rican jazz pianist) (in 1942)
Jimmy Sherman (in 1942)
composer:Roger “Ram” Ramirez (Puerto Rican jazz pianist)
Jimmy Davis (songwriter, "Lover Man") (in 1942)
Jimmy Sherman (in 1942)
publisher:MCA Music (not for release label use! this is a music publisher, ASCAP-affiliated)
MCA Music Publishing (renamed since c. 1996 as Universal Music Publishing Group)
Universal Music Corp. (USA, affiliated with ASCAP)
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Wikidata:Q387590 [info]


1944-02-19Lover ManinstrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra3:27
1944-02-19Lover Man No. 2instrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra3:10
1944-03-11Lover ManinstrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra3:31
1944-10-04Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be) (single version) (1944-10-04, 72404-A)Billie Holiday3:17
1944-12-29Lover ManinstrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra2:55
1945-03-23Lover ManinstrumentalGeorgie Auld3:19
1945-03Lover ManGeorgie Auld & His Orchestra3:21
1945-05-11Lover ManDizzy Gillespie's All-Star Quintette3:25
1945-05-11Lover ManSarah Vaughan3:23
1945-05-11Lover ManSarah Vaughan3:20
1946-06-03Lover ManinstrumentalMel Powell and His Orchestra4:29
1946-06-03Lover Man No. 2Mel Powell and His Orchestra4:34
1946-07-19Lover ManStan Kenton3:27
1946-07-29Lover ManinstrumentalCharlie Parker Quintet3:21
1946-07-29Lover ManCharlie Parker Quintet3:17
1946-07-29Lover ManCharlie Parker3:21
1946-07-29Lover MancoverCharlie Parker3:20
1946-07-29Lover Man (1946-07-29)Howard McGhee Quintet3:22
1946-07-31Lover ManJune Christy3:29
1946-08-26Love ManDuke Ellington and His Orchestra3:20
1946-08-26Lover ManDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:22
1946-08-26Lover ManDuke Ellington and His Orchestra3:16
1946-08-26Lover Man (take 1)Duke Ellington & His Orchestra3:20
1946-08-26Lover Man (take 2)Duke Ellington & His Orchestra3:19
1947-03-26Lover Man (1947-03-26)instrumentalQuintette du Hot Club de France3:20
1947-03-26Lover ManStéphane Grappelli & Django Reinhardt3:14
1947-09-29Lover ManElla Fitzgerald with the Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra4:30
1949-01-05Lover ManinstrumentalDon Byas2:35
1949Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be)Django Reinhardt3:12
1950-03-16Lover ManinstrumentalBengt Hallberg Trio3:19
1950-07-10Lover ManJess Stacy3:21
1950-11-22Lover Maninstrumental and liveCharlie Parker1:58
1951-08-08Lover Man (1951-08-08)cover and instrumentalCharlie Parker3:24
1951-12Lover ManinstrumentalWardell Gray2:23
1952-01-21Lover Mancover and instrumentalWardell Gray2:21
1952-01-21Lover ManinstrumentalWardell Gray2:22
1952-10-18Lover ManBill Coleman3:16
1953-01-28Lover ManinstrumentalStan Kenton and His Orchestra2:49
1953-01-28Lover ManStan Kenton and His Orchestra2:49
1953-01Lover Maninstrumental and liveGerry Mulligan Quartet3:04
1953-06-22Lover ManinstrumentalJ.J. Johnson3:55
1953-09-16Lover ManinstrumentalStan Kenton4:21
1953-11-24Lover ManinstrumentalDon Byas Quartet3:58
1953-11-24Lover Man (1953-11-24: Paris, France – VG LD 222)instrumentalDon Byas4:03
1953-11-24Lover ManDon Byas3:58
1953-11-24Lover ManinstrumentalDon Byas?:??
1954-03Loverman (Ramirez-Davis-Sherman)instrumentalStan Kenton and His Orchestra4:22
1954-04-07Lover ManinstrumentalSonny Clark and Buddy De Franco Quartet5:16
1954-04-07Lover ManinstrumentalBuddy DeFranco5:20
1954-05-09Lover Maninstrumental and liveChet Baker Quartet6:06
1954-05-09Lover MancoverChet Baker Quartet5:45
1954-11-08Lover Maninstrumental and liveStan Getz5:12
1954-11-08Lover Man (live, 1954-11-08)instrumental and liveStan Getz5:26
1954-11-08Lover ManinstrumentalStan Getz4:40
1954Lover Maninstrumental and liveLionel Hampton?:??
1955-08-01Lover ManinstrumentalArt Tatum, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich Trio6:02
1955-08-17Lover ManinstrumentalConte Candoli & Lou Levy3:36
1955-09-22Lover ManinstrumentalChet Baker4:54
1955-10-15Lover MancoverChet Baker, Jimmy Bond, Lars Gullin, Peter Littman, Dick Twardzik, Chet Baker Quartet5:24
1955-10-22Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)instrumentalHoward McGhee2:47
1955-10-24Lover ManChet Baker Quartet4:53
1955-10-24Lover ManinstrumentalChet Baker Quartet4:53
1956-02-06Lover Mancover and instrumentalThe Art Tatum/Buddy DeFranco Quartet6:38
1956-02-06Lover ManinstrumentalThe Art Tatum/Buddy DeFranco Quartet6:38
1956-02Lover Maninstrumental and liveThe Clifford Brown–Max Roach Quintet6:32
1956-04-17Lover ManinstrumentalJohnny Griffin7:55
1956-06-01Lover Maninstrumental and liveClifford Brown6:01
1956-08-22Lover ManinstrumentalMatthew Gee5:00
1956-09-11 – 1956-09-12Lover ManBlossom Dearie2:48
1956-10-08Lover Maninstrumental and liveJoe Newman Quintet5:55
1956-11-02Lover ManinstrumentalPhil Woods & Donald Byrd5:45
1956-11-26Lover Man (live, 1956-11-26: “Stars of Jazz” #23, KABC-TV, Hollywood, CA, USA)instrumental and liveBud Shank Quartet feat. Claude Williamson2:31
1957-02-14Lover ManSarah Vaughan and Her Trio3:19
1957-04-15Medley: Lover Man / Willow Weep for Me / 'round Midnightcover, instrumental and medleyCal Tjader Quartet7:00
1957-09-29Lover ManLee Morgan6:50
1957-09-30Lover ManinstrumentalErnie Henry2:41
1957-10-10Lover ManinstrumentalYusef Lateef6:37
1957-11-15Lover Maninstrumental and liveJimmy Smith7:29
1957-11Lover Maninstrumental and liveJimmy Smith7:30
1958-02-25Lover ManinstrumentalJimmy Smith7:01
1958-08-03Stardust / I Can't Get Started / Lover Maninstrumental, live and medleyThe Modern Jazz Quartet8:16
1958-09-26Lover Man (live, 1958-09-26: Seven Ages of Jazz Festival, Oakdale Music Theater, Wallingford, CT, USA)liveBillie Holiday3:01
1958-12-19Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be)instrumentalRay Bryant3:57
1958Lover Mancover and instrumentalMikkel Flagstad3:08
1959-08-25Lover Man (live)instrumental and liveKenny Burrell with Art Blakey8:23
1960-03-22Lover Man (live, 1960-03-22: Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden)liveMiles Davis4:18
1960-05-09Lover ManinstrumentalJan Johansson4:11
1960-05-30Lover MancoverMartial Solal3:13
1960-08Lover ManinstrumentalThe Ahmad Jamal Quintet4:07
1960-08Lover ManinstrumentalThe Ahmad Jamal Trio4:04
1960-10-14Lover ManinstrumentalLucky Thompson5:03
1961-01-12Lover ManCount Basie & Sarah Vaughan3:59
1961-05LovermanliveCarmen McRae4:35
1961-07-26Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be)Carmen McRae4:21
1961-11-13Lover Maninstrumental and liveKenny Dorham4:58
1961-11-13Lover Maninstrumental and liveKenny Dorham & Jackie McLean5:01
1961-12-08Lover Man (stereo)instrumentalHerbie Mann & The Bill Evans Trio4:51
1961-12-08Lover Man (mono)cover and instrumentalHerbie Mann & The Bill Evans Trio4:49
1961-12-09Lover ManinstrumentalIke Quebec5:58
1963-01Lover Maninstrumental and liveDon Byas8:21
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